Book Review of The Winter Queen (Erast Fandorin, Bk 1)

The Winter Queen (Erast Fandorin, Bk 1)
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What a read! Loved it! This is a book that keeps you wondering what will happen next. The hero, Erast Fandorin, is young, charming, bright and dedicated to solving crime. The tale begins with the suicide of a talented young student from a wealthy family. From there the plot twists and turns as Erast does not believe that the death is as simple as it seems. His investigation leads him to many cities and many places as he investigates the suicide. He meets many people including the beautiful Amalia Kazimirovna who seems to be the center of a group responsible for the young man's death but the plot is not so simple. As it unfolds one begins to wonder if young Erast can survive this investigation. A most exciting read!