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Book Review of The Road to Gandolfo (Road to, Bk 1)

The Road to Gandolfo (Road to, Bk 1)
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Back cover: A wickedly funny Robert Ludlum you've never met before. All the explosive pacing of "The Bourne Identity", the Byzantine treachery of the "The Parsifal Mosaic, the relentless action of the "The Bourne Ultimatum".

THE PRINCIPAL CAST: General MacKenzie Hawkins, legend, hero, rogue. Sam Devereaux, bright young lawyer from Harvard, now in the army, can't wait to get out. General Hawkin's four ex-wives, a quartet of incredibly endowed ladies who've formed a club: Hawkin's Harem.

THE PREMISE: Kidnap Pope Francesco I, the most beloved pontiff since John XXIII.

RANSOM: One American dollar for every Catholic in the world.

THE PROBLEM: Pope Francesco I says "Gentle souls, why not?"

Fasten your seat belts and prepare for turbulence! and one hell of a good time!