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Book Review of Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home
Fly Away Home
Author: Jennifer Weiner
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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What happens to a family when a political figure has an affair? We often see the public side of such actions but do not understand how it affects the family. This author tells a story through their eyes, three women who must continue their lives and protect each other from media exposure. When Senator Richard Woodruff makes the news with a pretty young woman on his arm, his wife and daughters can scarcely believe what they see.

Sylvie, his wife of thirty years, has loved her husband since they met in law school. How can he betray her and their daughters? Diana, the oldest and most determined to succeed, is trapped in a loveless marriage. When a young medical assistant comes on to her, she welcomes the "love" and escape he offers. Lizzie, younger, never met the standards her sister set, has made mistake after mistake including drug use that led to rehabilitation. Now recovered her family members view her actions with doubt.

Each woman views Richard's actions differently. Sylvie needs to think about it. How did she fail when she devoted years to helping achieve his political ambitions? She is strong and finds comfort in living alone and doing things for herself. Diana has her own issues and thus ignores her father. Lizzie is hurt but wants to help him.

This well written tale explores how a seemingly simple public action can damage a family. These interesting women from Richard's family have complex personalities and lives. Even Sylvie's mother, a retired judge, adds much to the story with her crytic takes on the situation.

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