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Book Review of Hopeless (Hopeless, Bk 1)

Hopeless (Hopeless, Bk 1)
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The moment my lips touch yours, it will be your first kiss. Because if you've never felt anything when someone's kissed you, then no one's ever really kissed you. Not the way I plan on kissing you.

SUMMARY. Sky was adopted thirteen years ago, or thats what her mother, Karen, told her. She didnt remember who her father was and she didnt really had the urge to find out. All of the memories from her childhood were faded away and she didnt feel like exploring any of it. She was happy. She had Six, her amazing best friend, and she was finally going to a real high school after being homeschooled for many years. Her love life has never been very advanced despite anything that she tried because she never felt anything. The only reason why she would make out with guys is because it made her feel numb. One day she goes to get some groceries and meets Holder, beautiful and absolutely hot guy that makes her get butterflies and feel like she cant even remember her own name. It feels like she known him her whole life and his words Its like he always knows how to say the most perfect thing. But its not until she finds out the truth about herself, about Holder, Karen, and even her father who makes her wish she never find out in the first place.

THOUGHTS: O.M.G. I CRIED.I cried so much, I still want to cry just thinking about it. I seriously never thought that just a few words can bring that kind of a twist to the story and makes my heart ache for her. I usually dont tell any of the books to my boyfriend (mostly because he doesnt really care) but I made him listen to this one! After every single twist I would start cussing and crying and had to tell him what was going on! I could tell he liked it as well. But back to the book. I think that I have never seen a more beautiful writing. There were so many kissing scenes and each one of them just made you feel like it was their first kiss. I got blushed a couple of times during the book and it was nothing more than kissing. I love how caring Holder was and how the feelings were expressed all throughout the book. Fascinating! But seriously though. Read this book, it will make you cry and you will love it.