Book Review of Stolen Nights

Stolen Nights
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In Maizel's follow-up to Infinite Days, the reader is right away thrown into the action. Stolen Nights begins just four days after Lenah performs the ritual on Vicken to make him human and also the night her friend Tony was killed. The ritual does not kill Lenah but instead transforms her back into her human self. The worst is definitely not over. Justin and Lenah witness a vampire killing one of Lenah's friends on the beach and Lenah knows that this vampire is hunting her; someone wants her to pay for what she has done in her past and will make her suffer first. Not only has she discovered this threat but now the Aeris need her to decide her punishment for what she and her soul mate Rhode Lewin have done by performing the rituals that made them human. This choice along with the task of confronting the one hunting her will leave the reader breathless and torn.

Lenah still has many characteristics she had when she was a vampire. She loves hard and many times only thinks of herself. After finding out that Rhode is still alive she literally leaves Justin behind. As a reader we are torn between the undying love she has with Rhode and the fresh human love she had with Justin. But right away we know that Lenah and Justin's relationship is not what it used to be. Until the moment that Lenah makes the ultimate sacrifice we wonder if she has really changed at all.

We learn more about Lenah and Rhode thru flashbacks and we also learn more of Vicken. I have to say Vicken is a great supporting character and I even laughed a few times at his antics. As I said before, Justin's relationship with Lenah has changed. He is now in the backseat and not liking it at all.

Even though the mood of Stolen Nights is definitely darker than it was in Infinite Days we are enlightened and hopeful by the end. Maizel throws the punches without saying sorry to her readers and for that I am thankful. This wouldn't be the book it is if she held back. Refreshing and heartbreaking, Stolen Nights will have you anxiously awaiting a possible third book (please).

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