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Book Review of Jacob's Faith (Breeds, Bk 11)

Jacob's Faith (Breeds, Bk 11)
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I been wanting to read this and Aidens story the most and I was not disappointed. Faith has been on her own for six years after their escape from the Labs. Six years with out her mate Jacob by her to help her through her heat. In those years Faith has been doing her job as Wolfe's Liaison between the Packs and their informants but also on the downside she has been doing everything she shouldn't to make her heat more unbearable, and also warning this woman loves, I means LOVES her vibrators, she brings them up A LOT. She has gotten to the point where Wolfe has ordered her to find Jacob to give some paperwork to but that paperwork is about her and when she finds Jacob and gives him the paper her life has just been turned upside down. When Jacob sees Faith in the bar he is at his alpha-ness kicks in and demands her to summit to him or leave, he should have made her leave because the once shy and scared Faith is no longer the girl he remembers and in her place is a hellion and he is in a world of hurt not by his lust but by her heat, her alpha-ness and her need to go against his orders for beer, coffee and her 'toys'. Now she has found his security system lacking in many ways and he is about to paddle her for breaking is orders but thanking her for the advice. Like I said these two will put each other through so much where they will fight over the simplest of things.