Book Review of The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld, Bk 11)

The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld, Bk 11)
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Unfortunately, my fellow reviewers are right and this is book can only be described as bloated, convoluted, and just bad. The plot desperately needed some tightening up and better editing. It was way too sloppy. The characters spend a lot of time running around needlessly, popping in and out of situations unnecessarily, and making half-baked decisions that of course blow up in their faces. Both Paris and Sienna make really dumb decisions and I have a hard time believing these are the people who will help rule a new order. Cronus and Rhea also make erratic and illogical decisions that just make me want to scream as I'm reading about them. I want my heroes and my villains to show a modicum of intelligence.

This book was particularly disappointing because one of the reasons I've continued to read The Lords of the Underworld series was because way back in book 2, I became enamored with Paris and Sienna's plight. I have to admit I lost some interest as the series progressed and I found their love story less and less intriguing. But by that time I'd already invested a lot of time in reading the other books, some of which I really found boring as heck (Aeron and Olivia!), and I thought The Darkest Seduction would be a return to Showalter at her best despite the series itself being overlong and having a spotty record with me. Now I'm not so sure I want to continue the series.

If one thing can make me actually keep going it is that I found Galen and Legion's story line compelling FOR NOW. But I fear that, like with Paris and Sienna, Galen and Legion's story will be excruciatingly drawn out through several more books and then culminate in a poorly constructed, padded book that is stuffed with everything and the kitchen sink. I will have to monitor the situation and see how things go, but I doubt I'll be buying anymore of Showalter's books. I'm not even sure they are worth a credit when it's obvious they aren't keepers.