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Book Review of The Return of the King (Lord of the Rings, Bk 3)

The Return of the King (Lord of the Rings, Bk 3)
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The end of the trilogy, but really just a part of the world Tolkien created. I'm not going to worry about spoilers here, could there really be anyone left who doesn't know this story? You have to feel elated that the Ring has been destroyed, and that evil has been pushed back a long way, but just like in real life there is a lot of grief too. So many people died. Frodo did not exactly triumph - he got the Ring to where it needed to be, but in the end it overcame him. It wasn't just the wounds he sustained along the journey that drove him to the Grey Havens in the end, I think it was the knowledge that if not for Gollum he would have failed.
Don't just read to the end of the story and ignore the appendixes. There is a lot of geneological and linguistic information you may not be interested in. But there is also a continuation of the story - what the 3 hobbits did for the rest of their lives, how Aragon and Arwen met and what happened when Aragon finally grew old, the meeting of Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield that led to the adventures in The Hobbit.

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