Book Review of The Book of Joe

The Book of Joe
The Book of Joe
Author: Jonathan Tropper
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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Joe Goffmans existence as a teen living in the small town of Bush Falls isnt exactly ideal but he has one good friend to see him through. Unlike Joe, Wayne is a first rate athlete at their high school, and this offers Joe some safety and slack. At home, however, Joe and dad dont have a good relationship. Dad used to be an athlete at the same high some years back and it seems like he only lives to relieve the glory days with his other son, the athletic one, Brad. Its a bit of a cliché, but Tropper makes it work. Things turn up for Joe as he makes one more friend that summer. Together, he, Wayne and Sammy begin having a great and care-free summer -- until something unjust happens to his friends.

Disgusted by those around him for not doing anything to right the wrongs incurred on his friends, Joe leaves town and doesnt come back until 17 years after (when he is obligated to return due to his dads illness). During his time away from home, Joe has written a scathing fiction based on his hometown and those who live in it. The book becomes a best-seller and is made into a blockbuster film. Having to return to Bush Falls means that Joe will have to confront his demons head on, but so do those who have gotten away with turning their backs on those kids all those years ago. Tropper once again seamlessly eases the reader into the human condition with humor, honesty, and a touch of cheesy 80s John Hughes-like movie backdrops. C'mon, who doesn't like a good 80s John Hughes film?!