Book Review of The Vanished Man (Lincoln Rhyme, Bk 5)

The Vanished Man (Lincoln Rhyme, Bk 5)
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Think of a real life Master Magician who uses misdirection, illusion, slight of hand, quick changes into other costumes and personna and his ability to escape from any lock in seconds.
Now what if all those skills were used to commit a crime ? How could you figure what he was really up to since anything he did could be to throw you off what he really wants to do ?
And if you "did" catch him how could you hold him if he can get out of any lock in seconds ?
That is the plot of this riveting and fascinating book as we follow the great criminologist Lincoln Rhymes and his sidekick Amelia as they face what may be their most difficult case of all time !
This book is Lot's of Fun and the author obviously did his homework researching the World of Illusion.