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Book Review of Sagebrush Brides: Love Rules the Ranch in Four Complete Novels

Sagebrush Brides: Love Rules the Ranch in Four Complete Novels
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It is based on two families: The Bradleys and The Canfields.
Journey Toward Home
the main character is Judith Alder-she travels out west and meets up with the Bradleys and says at their ranch where she tries to discover what she should do next in her life.

The Measure of a Man
this story follows Lizzie Bradley (she was also in the first story as a little girl) as a grown woman growing up and experiencing love and trying to find true love. (This story was my favorite.)

Season of Hope
Rachel is the oldest Canfield sister and when Ike Canfield, her father, the weight of running their farm turns to her and it is up to her to try and keep the farm running and pay off soem debts her father left unpaid and take care of her younger sister Rachel. Along the way, she accepts help from one of her father's friends, and, well...just read it to find out what happens.

Cross my Heart
this story is the final story and ends up drawing the two families together. Willie Bradley was unwilling been volunteered to take three orphaned children to their guadian after their parents have died. He, because of the children, ends up meeting Violet Canfield and they expereince many different trials together.