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Book Review of Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7)

Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7)
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This is my second reading of this novel. (Forgot I had read it but enjoyed it nevertheless.) Harry Dresden is a wizard extradorinaire who lives in Chicago and works hard to protect the people from the nasties of the other world. In this book his friend, Karrin Murphy who is the head of S. I., is off to Hawaii on a romantic. However, her reputation is threatened when Mab blackmails Harry with photos of the two shooting a baddie which could get her dismissed from the police department at best. Mab wants Harry to find the World of Kemmler, a book that will help the owner accumulate such power that it would create chaos and kill hundreds of people. Harry, his brother, Thomas, and his friend, Butters, find themselves fighting all manner of creatures to prevent that from happening.

I truly enjoy the series through Dead Beat. In the last ones I read I felt that the author had changed the character more than I liked. Oh, well others probably liked those changes.