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Book Review of The Secret

The Secret
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Miranda grew up among unhappy parents who argued constantly. She vowed never to be like them. So when she marries Stephen, she promptly becomes his adoring doormat. On a whim, Stephen writes a trashy adventure novel using the pen name Forrester. To everyone's surprise, the book is a best seller, and the royalties roll in. One day, Stephen seizes the chance to fake his death and begin a new life, with no wife, and no kids, and no responsibilities: he just takes the hidden money and runs off to write the great American novel he knows is in him. After the memorial service, Miranda discovers that all the money is gone. To survive, she writes another Forrester novel that the critics claim is the best yet, which predictably drives Stephen into a rage.

Most readers will get a vicarious thrill out of seeing the metamorphosis of the heroine turning into a powerful individual while watching the disintegration and descent into madness that overcomes Stephen. Cynthia Victor capitalizes on many a person's fantasy of evening the score with those who hurt them. This book is a delightful reading experience.