Book Review of Dear John

Dear John
Dear John
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 6

John Tyree was raised by his father, a coin collector who seemed so obsessed by his coins that he couldn't talk about anything else. He was a typical teenage rebel: drinking, fighting, hanging out with a group of like-minded friends. Not enough ambition between them to even get a decent job. One day, realizing that he wasn't happy with a life that was going nowhere, he joined the Army and changed both his attitude and his outlook.

Home on leave, he meets Savannah Lynn Curtis, a college student visiting the area with a group working for Habitat for Humanity. They spend as much time as possible together and quickly fall in love. But they both have other commitments. College for her, the Army life in Germany for him. They write, they call, they e-mail, but its not enough to keep her from falling in love with someone closer to home and inevitably, she writes the Dear John letter.

The second half of the story will both break your heart and restore your belief in humanity. Can you love someone so much that their happiness is more important than your own? Can three people in love ever work it out so that everyone is happy? The ending is such a surprise that you'll never see it coming, unless you cheat and read it first.

I highly recommend this book, but have your tissues ready - you're going to need them.