Book Review of Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Immortals After Dark, Bk 5)

Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Immortals After Dark, Bk 5)
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My second book by her and what a great book it was. A definite addition to anyone's TBR list who happens to enjoy a good paranormal romance. This is the story of a fallen vampire who, to everyone's knowledge is beyond redemption. It is also the story of a ghost (Neomi) who has been wandering around her beloved home for 80 years. The vampire, Conrad Wroth, is pretty much kidnapped by his brothers and helded captive while they try to save his life by bringing him back from his fallen status. Never has this been done nor attempted and they risk their own lives by doing this. They take Conrad to an old mansion (Neomi's home) to recover. Conrad is more animal then man and in his crazed state he sees Neomi. After 80 years Neomi is extatic to know someone can finally see and hear her. Together they combat each other, Conrad's insanity, and the possibility of being together without being able to touch.

My feelings for this book are strong. I never really cried nor did I laugh overly much but what I did feel was a compulsion to understand how a HEA ending could happen for such two star crossed lovers. Conrad is one of those emotionally and physically wounded men that I love so much and Neomi...well she is an independent and strong women which I admire much. She was independent during the 1920's when women rarely were and I loved this. A compulsion alone is not enough to keep me reading a book from cover to cover by the way. What does, however, is excellent writing and characters that stand out. Not only are Conrad and Neomi standout characters but the secondary characters are so fascinating that a reader can only hope that each and everyone get their own books.

I don't often administer top ratings but my overall enjoyment of this book was tremendous so I give this book all 5 stars *****. Now I just need to find the rest in the series.