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Book Review of Ember from the Sun

Ember from the Sun
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Some books are like a journey - a warm, wonderful journey. So this was one for me. I love Ember, a child who grows into a woman like no other in the world. She knows she is different, a fact that is emphasized every day of her life. As she tries to understand her difference and looks for answers her life changes dramatically. An incredible athlete who has special healing powers that she doesn't understand, Ember is a loving and wonderful young woman.

It's been several years since I read a novel like this one but even those I read in the past were quite different. I've put this author on my TBR list so I can see if this enchantment holds with his other books. Ember from the Sun was a joyous journey for me from start to finish. It did not seem like over 500 pages! I can't recommend this read enough.