Book Review of The 8th Confession (Women's Murder Club, Bk 8)

The 8th Confession (Women's Murder Club, Bk 8)
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Helpful Score: 3

All was going well with this book until Patterson decided to take a sudden left turn that really had nothing to do with the storyline or progression of this book. Sometimes I just don't understand what this author is thinking.

A couple of murders in San Francisco has Lindsey Boxer on the run. What does the curious deaths of a glamorous couple and a homeless man have in common. None of the usual clues seem to add up, that is until a quite by chance discovery leads the investigators to a rather unique murder weapon. But to fully understand why these people were targeted leads to quite a few twists and turns.

The storyline is leading the reader down a very interesting and fast paced path, when out of the blue Patterson throw you a sharp left turn about Suki's new love interest. This part had nothing to do with the storyline and I'm still quite confused as to why it was suddenly thrown in there. What was the point that Patterson was trying to make? I'm still confused over that.

This is one of those series that draws you in and from time to time and even though something will hit you wrong, you keep plowing through. Each character has their own story, each book reveals a little more. I like how Patterson is starting to reveal a little bit more about each character, each person is starting to show a little bit more of themselves and that is what keeps me reading the Women's Murder Club.