Book Review of Under the Dome

Under the Dome
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Darn you Mr. King, I couldn't get anything done once I sat down with the new, 15 pound book, but I love it.
He's done it again!!! I always thought that the early Stephen King books were slow to start and then took off like wildfire, but this one grabbed me from page one!!! A large cast of characters in a small town get locked in by an invisible, unexplainable dome. The main character, who spends much of the book in jail, almost gets out but gets stuck inside a town where the powers that be are not fond of him. At 1074 pages my biggest complaint is that it was hard to hold! I am always sad when one of his books end so I don't mind when he writes a very long one. The last few chapters were sad; he kills more of his characters than he usually does.
I'm sorry he had a terrible accident but I think it has improved his writing skills! I'm so happy his retirement was, apparently, a rumor. I highly recommend this great big book.