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Book Review of Some Like It Wild (Kincaid Highland, Bk 2)

Some Like It Wild (Kincaid Highland, Bk 2)
Some Like It Wild (Kincaid Highland, Bk 2)
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 3

~ A good read with an absolutely delightful hero and a strong, likable heroine - has some small plot problems (3.5 stars) ~

I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend it to historical romance-lovers, though I did have some problems with parts of the plot and mystery subplot which seemed especially contrived. However, the relationship between Pamela and Connor is great to read and Connor is an *absolutely delicious* hero that I don't see how any woman could not adore!

After their famous actress mother dies in a fire, Pamela Darby and her sister Sophie are left penniless and alone, for they are both illegitimate and the only they have left of their mother's is a letter she gave to her solicitor for safekeeping. When Pamela reads the letter, she begins to suspect that her mother's death was no accident and that someone was trying to keep secret the location of a missing wife and child ... The letter, addressed to Marianne Darby, was written many years ago by the Duchess of Warrick the night before she disappeared and reveals that the Duchess had found her husband in bed with another woman and planned to leave him, taking their son with her to Scotland.

The Duke of Warrick, old and dying, is anxious to find any trace of his only child, offering a reward to anyone who can uncover his heir's whereabouts. Pamela knows that this is the perfect opportunity, for if she is able to deliver the Duke's son, not only will she be able to collect the reward and assure her and Sophie's future, but she will also hopefully be able to expose her mother's murderer. Unfortunately, they learn that apparently the Duchess and her son died not long after arriving in Scotland's cold and harsh climate. When a highwayman stops the sisters' coach in the middle of a deserted road at night, Pamela has an idea that perhaps the duke's son can be ... resurrected.

Connor Kincaid lives outside the law, making his way as he can without any real family or friends to speak of. Spurred by his hatred for the English, who stole his family and home from him, he disguises himself as a masked highwayman and robs Englishmen and women who pass through the area. Little does he know that assuming two unchaperoned and unescorted young Englishwomen will be easy prey might be the biggest mistake - or gift - of his life, for strong and independent Pamela appeals to him in a way that he cannot deny and Connor soon finds himself listening to her ridiculous, but tempting, idea.

After a few very entertaining debacles, the charade is agreed to and the adventure begins, but as Connor, Pamela, and Sophie finagle their way into the Duke's household and put their plan into action, many questions arise and not everything goes as expected ... Who is the murderer? Why does the Duke not seem like the horrible man they imagined, but rather a lonely and regretful one? How will Pamela manage to take the reward and leave to settle in for a life alone and how will Connor bear to let her go - or once he decides not to, finally convince her to stay? This book combines strong and well-matched lead characters, a great cast of supporting ones, many light and funny moments, good sexual tension, and an interesting (if somewhat unsurprising) mystery subplot for an enjoyable weekend read.

~ I always love the unusual/not-belle-of-the-ball heroine and in SOME LIKE IT WILD Pamela is a woman who has often been overshadowed by her beautiful mother and sister who attract(ed) men like bees to honey. However, she finds in Connor a man who only has eyes for her ::sigh:: Pamela is strong, independent, intelligent, kind, and loyal; I was a little unsure of her at first because she's setting out to swindle the Duke, but her real reason is not a monetary one (though it is pretty farfetched, see "Complaints" below).
~ Connor is a to-die-for HERO! Rough around the edges, but tender, sweet and possessive with Pamela; intelligent, ultimately kind, independent, brave, loyal ... I could go on and on ;-)
~ Several laugh out loud moments
~ Great supporting characters in Brodie, Crispin, and the Duke - these last two are interesting, compelling, and realistic
~ Though it's not uncommon to read a historical romance with an illegitimate hero, the heroines usually aren't and I found this to be a nice change

~ I like to know main characters' ages and we are never told either Connor's or Pamela's
~ The whole reason that Pamela sets out to bring the Duke's son back is to uncover her mother's murderer, but I had *huge* problems with that part of the mystery subplot: How would ___ know about the letter the Duchess had written to Marianne Darby (or its contents) and why would ___ decide only years later to try to cover up the information the letter revealed?
~ Connor's back story was not clear, though this may have been because I have yet to read SOME LIKE IT WICKED, which precedes SOME LIKE IT WILD. However, I was confused not only about what had happened to his family, which I'm assuming was explained in the first book, but also about why he left the clan and took to being a highwayman - it seems this happened more because Connor's character had to be a highwayman and meet Pamela that way than anything else.
~ I won't disclose the ending, but let's just say that certain plot twists were not surprising ...
~ I found Sophie to be very annoying and spoiled; there were moments where she was supportive and was a great addition to a scene, but most of the time she got on my nerves. If Medeiros does as she has in the past, Sophie and Crispin will be getting their own book next, but I will be hard-pressed to read it, let alone buy a copy.


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