Book Review of Full House (Max Holt, Bk 1)

Full House (Max Holt, Bk 1)
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Bille is a sixth grade teacher, home for the summer and missing her two children who are off at Disney World with their father. While taking polo lessons she meets this rich, known to be a womanizing man. Thinking she was going to have a summer to herself, he ends up smack in the middle of her life with his relatives to boot.

This book has romance, mystery, some bombs and spiders and a few laughs. The characters are lovable and it's a nice story.

Its hard not to compare any of Janet Evanovich's books to her Stephanie Plum series. Most people who read this have probably read the Plum series as well. If you are expecting the same from this book, you will be disappointed. If you go into it NOT expecting it to be Plum, you may like it.