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Book Review of Border Bride (Border, Bk 2)

Border Bride (Border, Bk 2)
Border Bride (Border, Bk 2)
Author: Arnette Lamb
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Lady Alpin MacKay despaired at the terms of her late guardian's will. In a sweeping move of tyranny, her childhood nemesis, the Scottish lord Malcolm Kerr, had stolen her property. Fiercely determined to reclaim her home, she stormed Kildalton Castle.
Malcolm Kerr stared at the beautiful woman who dared to invade his sanctuary. Citing Scottish law, she announced she was now his possession, along with her guardian's estate. Gleefully, Malcolm smiled at the scheming little minx. She was right where he wanted her: under his roof, under his thumb, and eventually under him . . in bed.
Malcolm vowed to have his revenge on this alluring lady: Alpin planned to trick this cruel lord into forfeiting her land. Yet together they would learn that a man's long-forgotten needs and a woman's secret yearnings could ignite a love fierce enough to last for all time . .