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Book Review of Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist (Left Behind, Bk 3)

Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist (Left Behind, Bk 3)
mellowtraveler avatar reviewed on + 4 more book reviews

So, it is Left Behind 3. The Tribulation Force (fundamentalist terrorist cell) mourns their dead teacher. A nerd builds them all supersecretspystuff. They cry a lot, pray a lot, worry about whether to abort the Antichrist's child, blackmail a closeted lesbian into silence by threatening to out her, fantasize about the mass conversion of Jews to Protestantism, etc. Every fun American city (plus Dallas) is bombed into rubble. A Range Rover almost gets wrecked. A divinely-inspired earthquake happens, and a man who has been locked in an underground bunker comes out and asks someone else, "Was that the great earthquake?" Really! They sold like 12 million of these books. There is no sex (they do kiss a couple times), but there's plenty of spiritual pornography for people who like to imagine their fellow humans slaughtered en masse, for God and stuff. Four and a half stars.

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