Book Review of Elvis Takes a Back Seat

Elvis Takes a Back Seat
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Claudia husband Stu has been dead for over a year, it is time to get rid of the stuff he left behind that isnt needed. Claudia finds a box with a Large Bust of Elvis and a note that she needs to return this to Memphis. Claudia's Aunt Rae was helping Claudia with Stu, during his dying months, and STU told her many secrets, Vice Versa. Ben, Stu's best friend since college, and the person who introduced Stu and Claudia, has a 15 year old daughter IVY.

Claudia, IVY and Rea, head out to Memphis to find the true owner of the Elvis bust. I read to page 150, about 1/2 way, and little clues screamed at you. Those kind of clues where the author makes you feel smart that you figured it out, and also kind of stupid, cause they made it so easy. Of course the reader can see the clue, not our characters. So I wondered if there would be anything new in the last half of the book, except for the lights going on in the minds of our characters. Well, YES! The book offers more, and the last 1/2 is just as enjoyable as the 1st Half.
The ending wasnt a surprise, you will see it coming from the beginning or maybe the middle. Knowing the ending doesnt make any less of a perfect ending.

Now, for those Christians who like a real strong Jesus, message, with salvation and bible verses, those are just not there. This book has more a faith, and healing, and hope, message. I prefer those kind. It spoke to me right where I was at in my life.

I am not a Elvis Fanatic. This book was full of Elvis everywhere, even the chapter titles were song titles, But it wasnt over kill.