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Book Review of Blaze of Memory (Psy-Changeling, Bk 7)

Blaze of Memory (Psy-Changeling, Bk 7)
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Blaze of Memory is the 7th book in the Psy/Changeling Series. It's a great series, but if you haven't read any of the previous ones I don't recomend that you start with this one. Unfortunately you will be lost and will probably not enjoy it as much as you would have with more background information.

For some reason I couldn't connect to this story the way I could to the other books in the series. I felt it had some really interesting points, but on the whole it wasn't what I was hoping for.

I really enjoyed learning more about the Forgotten Psy and Shine. I was intrigued by the differences between their Net and the PsyNet. I can't wait to learn more about them. I also liked seeing the small hints that Nikita Duncan might feel more of a connection to Sascha than we thought. I appreciated the author showing us prior characters in the series without letting them take over the story too much. Although I do have to say that I think Sascha has way too much page time throughout the series.

The relationship between Dev and Katya didn't engage me the way that all the others did. I think it was because it felt so unequal with Katya being so needy. I know she had her mind messed with and wasn't in the best position to come out of her situation on top, but it felt like she leaned on Dev for everything and let him take control. I do have to say that she did try do things her way once, but because Dev stepped in and stopped her without any difficulty at all just made her seem even more helpless.

Dev was also a much different character than I thought he would be. He was way controlling and possessive. He reminded me of the Changelings with their animal instinct but he even took it beyond the point that any of them have. Maybe it's because he was Psy that these things struck me as so off...

I think the author did a good job of keeping the uncertainty going of whether Katya would live or die. I have to be honest and admit that at the end I really couldn't see how Katya could be fixed so she and Dev could have a happy ending. It was a bit convenient how it was solved, but I don't think it would have worked out any other way.

Even though it wasn't my favorite I would recommend it to anyone following the series. We learn a lot of interesting things and the journal entries/letters to her son are great.

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