Book Review of Embraced by the Light

Embraced by the Light
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Embraced by the Light is an inspirational map of the afterlife framed in the moment of Eadie's death, and presents a possible answer to the big question, "Why are we here?" An easy read, its subtitle could have been "The Average Person's Guide to Near-Death Experiences." Although heavily filtered through Eadie's Christian worldview, her vision of the afterlife does not include a wrathful deity, but a figure of love and compassion. Some readers may find Eadie's repeated Christian references bothersome, and Embraced by the Light will undoubtedly raise a lot of questions along the lines of "What about reincarnation?" and "What happens to people who are not Christians?"
I don't necessarily disagree with, or discount Ms. Eadie's book, I merely believe we must all reach our own truths....