Book Review of The Champion (Love Inspired Historical, No 99)

The Champion (Love Inspired Historical, No 99)
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This is a good book too. I only have read one of its predecessors, The Protector, I enjoyed both stories.
In these books, Ms. Capshaw gives us a look at a gladiators life. I can't vouch if she is right or wrong but I like her view. I always felt sorry and afraid for them.
Anyway, in The Champion, this gladiator hides a lady of class to protect her from her father who hates her. He eventually ends up rescuing her from her father who found her and brought her home and then beat her so she couldn't stand up.
Neither of these main characters are followers of Jesus but they are very close friends of The Protector and The Guardian, previous books, and they both become saved before the end.
I liked this story. It is full of intrigue, romance, danger, and surprises. This heroine is an archest. Did you know there is archers among the gladiators and in the ring? Its a good story. Glad I found it.