Book Review of Another Lousy Day in Paradise

Another Lousy Day in Paradise
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Once again, Gierach shows that he may be the best fishing writer around. The school of fishing scribes is bloated with guys who love to tell you why you should use a #20 Blue Dun nymph rather than a #18 Blue-Winged Olive in a particular situation, but Gierach is not interested in any such nonsense. Although he deeply loves catching trout from streams on a fly rod, he is crazy enough to catch carp on a fly, too, and although purists look down on him for this desecration of the holy fly rod, Gierach is just having fun--an attitude he carries into his writing. These tales cover the gamut of his fishing experiences, from salmon in Alaska and brook trout in Canada to splake (a hybrid of lake and brook trout) in Colorado. Like his previous collections, this one is thoroughly entertaining, engaging, and, in the end, just big fun.