Book Review of Apache Magic

Apache Magic
Apache Magic
Author: Janis Reams Hudson
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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WOW - this is the first book I have read by this author and I cannot wait to read the other 5 books in this series.
Set in 1861, in what would become Arizona, with the backdrop of the unrest between the white men and Apaches led by Cochise and Geronimo, this is a love story with a historical background. Captured by the Apaches, Daniella is adopted by Cochise but not before she is tortured and traumatized. Travis is wounded and left for dead and his son is captured by the same Apaches. After Daniella is released by Cochise and then rejected by her family, she becomes determined to help Travis find his son. A strong, tender and yet passionate love develops between them. How do you heal from the trauma that they have both suffered? A wonderful tale of how such healing occurs.
Ms Hudson did a wonderful job of researching this period of history and incorporates real events and people into fiction. This is one of the best fiction books I have read regarding one of my favorite periods of history. This story captures the true essence of a native people trying to survive against events and odds that were totally against them and how it colored all their interactions with the white man.