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Book Review of You Suck: A Love Story (Audio CD) (Unabridged)

You Suck: A Love Story (Audio CD) (Unabridged)
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Tommy wakes up to find his gorgeous new vampiric girlfriend Jody has turned him into a vampire so he could be with her all of the time. Tommy is easy-going enough and goes with the flow but he's only 19 and has a lot to learn. Now he has to adjust to a new life, hide his vampirism from his buds (a group called "The Animals") and give up his job at the supermarket. To please Jody, he decides to help her find a minion to do their bidding. This brings Abby Normal, a goth-wanna-be girl, into their lives. With her humorous typical teen journal entries (OMFG, LOL!) and her silly thoughts about goth-ness and vampires, she adds a bit of humor to the book just when I was beginning to get a wee bit bored with a plot that doesn't seem to be going anywhere at all. Moore has a talent for poking fun at stereotypes without ever being cruel. Not my favorite by this author but fun enough.