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Book Review of The Perfect Wife (Lost City, Bk 1)

The Perfect Wife (Lost City, Bk 1)
The Perfect Wife (Lost City, Bk 1)
Author: Victoria Alexander
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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From the back cover:

An ideal spouse, the Earl of Wyldewood had decided, should be pleasant to look at and agreeable to display on his arm. She should have little effect on his well-ordered life, and little to do with his private pursuit of pleasure. After meeting Sabrina Winfield, he thought he had found the woman to fit the bill. Graceful and genteel, the exquisite blonde seemed a perfect match.

But appearances, the Earl was soon to discover, could be deceiving. For beneath Sabrina's delicate beauty lay the most infuriatingly stubborn, wildly adventurous woman he'd ever known. And now his plans for a proper marriage were about to go dreadfully awry. For suddenly all the mighty Earl could think about was silencing her biting repartee with his kisses, diverting her schemes with expert seduction, and forever surrendering his heart and soul to her capable hands.

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