Book Review of The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
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I saw this book just after it was released, and recommended it to my book club. Last month it was finally chosen, though it seemed every other book club in the area had made the same decision at the same time. All of the library copies have been checked out for months, so I purchased a new copy and passed it around.

The story grabbed me from the beginning. Growing up in Virginia, I've done a lot of camping and hiking in the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains over the years, and I'm always interested in the history of that area. The Kentucky Blues are new to me, as is the Pack-Horse Librarian Project, and I am now inspired to learn more. Thank you for presenting that opportunity.

And the story was great! Cussy Mary lived a hard life, but it paled in comparison to most of her mountain neighbors. She was one of those hidden heroes that brought light into the darkness of others' lives. She provided them with hope and a willingness to push forward, with her spirit, and her books. This is definitely something I will recommend to my friends and community.