Book Review of American Vaudeville: It's Life and Times

American Vaudeville: It's Life and Times
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From the author's grandson (amazon.com review): Douglas Gilbert, the author of this fine work was a character to say the least. He drank hard and played hard but loved vaudville. My father, George A.Gilbert a journalist, who worked for Variety for 45 years told me his father could play a mean piano and loved to play all sorts of ragtime. Living in New York City and working for every newspaper at one time or another , he was getting constantly fired for his drinking,and writing his "show biz" column meant he had to be out in the forefront of all happenings in the city. So adept at this he landed a major radio show during the depression and was quite the "bon vivant".Like i said he loved broadway and really loved vaudville , sadly my grandfather died in 1948 appropiately at the bar in the Gotham hotel on west 56 st., i never met him .If you like vaudville then read this book ......it's the real deal.see ya grand pa .........larry