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Amazing Gracie
Amazing Gracie
Author: Dan Dye, Mark Beckloff, Three Dog Bakery
ISBN-13: 9780761119371
ISBN-10: 076111937X
Publication Date: 9/11/2000
Pages: 256
  • Currently 4.5/5 Stars.

4.5 stars, based on 24 ratings
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 7
This book is appropriately titled because it is amazing. The story of a deaf and partially blind dog taken in and loved not only by her owners but also buy her community. It will make you laugh and cry.
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Helpful Score: 5
This was such a good book, I about cried. It almost made me wish I had a Great Dane, like Gracie.
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Gracie is a deaf half-blind albino Great Dane and the leader of the trio basis for Three Dog Bakery. This is a delightful telling by the founders of how the Three Dog Bakery happened, and Gracie is a truly wonderful laugh-out-loud dog.
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Amazing Gracie by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff is a heart-warming and humorous quick read about a man and his dog, how they formed a family, and a business. Dan was trying to get over the loss of a relationship, a loving eighteen-year friendship that ended when his dog, Blue, passed away. He wasn't looking to replace Blue, but eight weeks later, Gracie stepped into his life and turned it around. Gracie, an albino Great Dane was deaf and partially blind. But she was also lonely and lovable and fit right into his home with his roommate, Mark, and Mark's "girls," Dottie and Sarah, a Dalmatian and a black lab mix. At first there was an adjustment period with Gracie and the "demonic duo." Dottie and Sarah resented the new little interference, but it wasn't long before little Gracie towered over the girls and found a way into their hearts.

Gracie had always been a finicky eater. She was not gulping down her food like the other dogs and it showed. She was skin and bones and Dan consulted a vet. The vet advised him to try and make food for Gracie instead of using store-bought dog food. His first batches were a mess that looked more like "rock samples from the moon" than the dog cookies he was aiming for. Gracie, however, slurped them up. She loved his homemade cooking with all natural ingredients--and so did other dogs. Three Dog Bakery was born.

In the end Gracie and their business thrived (though it was a long and difficult road). Gracie, Dottie, and Sarah, (oh, and Dan and Mark) became famous. They went on TV shows, had their own show, and toured the country on publicity tours. Three Dog Bakery now is a national chain, and it all started with Gracie. Read other reviews at
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Helpful Score: 3
Very touching story. Any dog lover will enjoy this book.
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Very heart touching book!
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Heart warming book about a special dog. We had a dog that was deaf and she learned several hand signals. A nice reminder of a great dog.
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Wonderful story! Gracie is an albino, deaf Great Dane that changes the lives of all around her. Funny, touching and absolutely a tearjerker. 5 stars!
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If you know and love dogs....especially if you know and love Great Danes....this is a wonderful book!
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true story about a Great Dane --fabulous read
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Great book! Fast read. A story that warms the heart.
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Heartwarming story of how a dog Dan Dye thought he had rescued ended up rescuing him, and changing his life for the better in so many ways. Gracie was a deaf, albino Great Dane that no one wanted. Dan was a young man in search of direction. They found one another and found a way together. Dan and his friend, Mark, founded "Three Dog Bakery" and now help dog lovers around the country to serve healthy, tasty treats to their best friends. This will make you laugh, cry, and go pet your own dog(s).
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A very good story of a rescued pup with slim odds of success and the remarkable bond with the owner. The authors founded Three Dog Bakery in the Midwest. Gracie's snacks are good too if you read more. Charming pics and drawings.
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Easy enjoyable read. A co-worker that I loaned it to read it as quickly as I did and then was looking for a copy to give her mother as a gift. I gave her my copy which she put in a gift basket along with treats from the 3 dog bakery for her mother to treat her Golden Retriever, a therapy dog that visits nursing homes and hospitals.
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A wonderful, warm winner of a book! Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff's story about the amazing dog Gracie will fill your heart, make you laugh and ultimately may make you cry. Gracie, a litter reject, albino, deaf and partially blind with big blue eyes will crawl into your heart, turn around a few times, and finally snuggle down, and that's just the beginning! She not only changed her owners' feelings, she also changed their lives in a huge way. Believe me, if only you leave yourself open to the possibilities, miracles DO happen.

So do yourself a big favor and read this book. You won't be sorry. (Unless you're sorry it eventually ends.) I stayed up until 4:30 this morning so I could finish it. I just couldn't put it down and turn it off for the night.
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Very touching story. Any animal lover can apprechiate the bond between Gracie and Dan.
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This is a sweet little book about a Great Dane puppy who inspired the the start of the Three Dog Bakeries. After adopting the albino pup, her owners discovered that she really didn't like to eat, thus beginning the effort to make wonderful goodies for her which became the international chain of natural dog foods. The story is well told and she comes through as a lovable goof-ball. Dog lovers in particular will enjoy this story.
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Amazing Gracie is a wonderful story about a deaf, partially blind, albino Great Dane. Her story is told with humor by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff, and whimsically illustrated by Meg Cundiff. This book, written sensitively, but without melodrama, will make you laugh, cheer and cry. It is also the story of the beginnings of the wonderful bakery for dogs, Three Dog Bakery. Humorous parts include Gracie's first day in her new home and the cops being called, what the dogs were possibly thinking at stategic moments in the story and Gracie afraid of stepping on marble floors. Since this is a book about Gracie's entire life, it naturally includes the end of her shining light. Be prepared to cry.
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I very much enjoyed this book. I never knew about the 3 dog bakery and it was fascinating to learn about its origins. I loved Gracie and one of the "sisters" Sarah looks just like one of my dogs! Highly recommend.
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An interesting read about the start of Three Dog Bakery.
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Amazing it is! While it's a "rag to riches" story too, if it wasn't for Gracie, it wouldn't have happened! You'll laugh out loud, and shed many tears, but I still smile when I think of Amazing Gracie!
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The author lost me when he started to anthropomorphize the animals.
How can someone that love dogs so much,will put them in a dress?
Gracie is a lovely dog,doing what dog do: loving unconditionally and enjoy the moment.
I didn't hate the book, but I expected more insight than what I get everyday from my own pets.
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I loved this book. Gracie the deaf great dane finds love and respect. A very hardwarmng story.
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When I saw that a good friend had written that this was a favorite of hers I knew I had to read it. One of the biggest things we have in common is a huge love for animals so I knew this had to mean something.
At first, I wasn't so sure. I liked the authors voice, he has an enjoyable sense of humor.
It took just a little getting into for me - not having anything to do with the Gracie really but I wanted to get into the meat of it. Basically, the bakery and baking didn't mean anything to me until Gracie was really a part of it. Which, in a way she was from the beginning, but I mean a real part. Not Dad trying to help his pooch. (This isn't to say there is a bad or boring part to the story - there really isn't - this is just what interests me more and less.)
But once I go into it I really got into it. I shudder to think of what Gracie's - short - life would have been like without Dan and Mark and - initially - Anne. I thank God that these people and Gracie found each other and I wish, so hard, that more people - that everyone - could see what these people saw with Gracie.
It's not just Gracie. Gracie did it for Dan. Dottie and Sarah did it for Mark. Every animal is capable of it if we allow them.
I don't think I'd ever heard of 3 Dog Bakery before this book but I applaud these people for making this work and I'm glad it worked out for them. These are the type of people I like to see make it.
Saving Gracie really is a worthwhile book. I doubt many non-lovers of animals will pick it up but if just one does and changes the way he or she treats an animal it's all worth it.
I normally would would keep this but I'll have to get it again in the future for Julia because this is a bookcrossing book and I'd like it to go on to the next person now. But I do want Julia to read it eventually.
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This is one of the best books I have ever read!
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Great story about when you open your heart to a dog and let it lead you, you can go to usually places. Keep the hearts open.
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Such a nice little book. A very fast read. I actually got this for my son and his wife as they are now the owners of a Great Dane. I read it before I passed it along to them, and so did a few co-workers who are dog lovers. Everyone really enjoyed it. Dan and Mark thought they were doing a good deed by saving the dog but she actually "saved" them.
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Nice book about a guy and his cute doggy.
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A book any one who loves dogs would enjoy.One that will teach you how it is living with a Great Dane who is deaf and yet learns everything any dog can learn, charming, loveable and so much fun.