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Annie's Song
Annie's Song
Author: Catherine Anderson
ISBN-13: 9780380779611
ISBN-10: 0380779617
Publication Date: 1/1/1996
Pages: 416
  • Currently 4.3/5 Stars.

4.3 stars, based on 239 ratings
Publisher: Avon
Book Type: Paperback
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Sometimes I look at the titles that are put on books and wonder why they're named that. Half the time they have nothing to do with the story at all. Here, the title actually has meaning. Annie is not what people think. No one has made the effort to discover the real her. It takes a special, though regrettable, set of circumstances and a special man to look past the stigma and listen closely enough to hear Annie's song.

The book starts out with a very disturbing event. Annie, the childlike town "idiot", is raped. The worst comes to pass and Annie becomes pregnant. Alex, the brother of the rapist, marries Annie to provide a home and name for the unborn child. He has no expectation of making the marriage a real one. He plans to go on with his life and expects Annie's nurse to keep her out of his way. Before long Alex find his view of Annie shaken. Soon he sees Annie in a new light and finds a love he never expected.

This story was so beautiful. The people in it are not perfect and they don't always do the right thing. I hated some of them at times, but even then, they seemed like real people making real mistakes.

Annie's mother comes off as a harsh, cruel woman. By the time Alex is getting to know the real Annie, you would be pleased if her mom would just die. You won't understand how a mother can treat her daughter like that. We, the reader, see the truth. Why is she denying it? It's frustrating and emotional, but eventually you learn to empathize with Annie's mother (even if you never really like her). That's what's so special about this story. There is no black and white. You find yourself wondering, "would I honestly have done such-and-such differently?" Then no matter what you feel, you can't help but admire her as she moves past her beliefs and tries to help her daughter live her new life.

Alex was a hard man to read at first. He had a view of Annie and a feel of entitlement to her baby that was frightening at times. I'm glad that the things that bothered me the most: his plans for Annie after the baby was born, his contact with his brother, etc. were all discussed eventually with Annie. I thought that was very mature and even though I disliked him at times for his treatment of Annie in the beginning, I also recognize it as a very human reaction. From the moment when he asks her for that first dance I began to love him. The time and care he took with her and the determination to wait for her as long as it took... beautiful.

Annie was an object of pity and heartbreak at times, but by the end of the book you'll realize that no matter her disability, she is the strongest character in the story. Through her life she put up with horrendous things and she still finds it in herself to love her family. She doesn't love blindly, she sees the faults and weaknesses in her parents and loves them despite them. Her love of her father is almost a mirror image of Alex's love of his brother. Through Annie you'll see the things you take for granted in a different light. She has a strong character and she knows what will make her life complete. Even though she knows what she wants, she's willing to bend to another character's view if she thinks it will make them happier.

This was an awesome book and I strongly recommend it.
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This was a fast, suspenseful romance which really kept me turning the pages. Set in turn-of-the century Oregon, the story revolves around Alex Montgomery, a well-to-do rancher, and Annie Trimble, a lovely young girl who is branded as the town's "moron". When Alex's brother rapes Annie and she becomes pregnant, Alex decides to marry her, and discovers some amazing secrets about Annie.

I don't often read romances, but I really enjoyed this one!
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I have just finished this book in 2 days and it is one of the best I have had a chance to read this summer...not your usual girl-guy romance.She is the town idiot and he is trying to right a wrong his 1/2 brother committed.She is expecting after his brother forces himself on her and he is willing to marry her so that he can raise the baby as his.He never dreams that he will find a way into her life and that she will make his life worth living.A very good book...
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What a wonderful book! The story line with the heroine being deaf immediately drew me because I haven't read a romance novel with the heroine like that before. I loved some of the great lines in the book, especially one about her belly button being turned inside out lol. The only thing I wish I could have seen more of towards the end was of her father. I would've loved to see him change towards Annie. I think to date, Annie's Song is one of my favorite historical romances and I will definately be on the lookout for more Catherine Anderson.
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A wonderful love story. Annie is deaf but no one realizes this and considers her the town idiot. A gread read on life with disabilities and how society judges people they do not understand.
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a great read. i enjoyed reading this story very much.
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One of the most beautiful stories I've ever read...
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Everyone considered Annie to be a hard to control idiot. It is not until Alex marries her to give her child conceived from her rape by his brother a name that anyone takes the time to get to know her. Alex soon realizes that Annie is intelligent and he figures out that she is deaf. He falls hopelessly in love with her and his feelings for her make him want to do everything in his power to provide for her even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. A wonderful story full of heart ache and overwhelming love. It is also a statement about how people with disabilities are often misunderstood and/or judged harshly by those around them. I loved this book and highly recommend it.
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I loved this book! Wonderful story, hard to put down.
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I could read it a second time!
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I reqlly enjoyed this book.. my daughter works with disabled people and I could really feel for Annie and how others misjudged her...
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Catherine Anderson never fails to impress me with her stories. I cried, I laughed, I cried, I smiled and still these feelings do not say enough about the characters.
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good book, but not my favorite from this author.
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Awesome story , read it in two days. Couldnt put it down.
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I had never read a romance novel by Catherine Anderson before, but based on the generally good or better reviews her work appears to receive, and particularly based on the glowing reviews for ANNIE'S SONG -- I frankly expected a much better read.

I had no problem with the plot; it's not without its charms. Two people who marry "of convenience" and learn to fall in love afterward are interesting to me (and a lot of other romance readers).

My problem is with the pairing of the cardboard-ish goodness of Alex and the dull-ish "fey" Annie, which simply struck no sparks with me. Alex's physical attraction to Annie happens a little too soon for my taste. Annie's parents are harsh disciplinarians one minute; too sorry over their harsh treatment of her the next - there seemed to be no stability to their characters. The parents' characters seem shallow; manipulated like puppets to serve a brief purpose.

And I have to mention the ease with which Alex finally makes love to the eight-months-pregnant Annie, the PHYSICAL ease, if you get my drift. You'd think Annie was taunt as a gazelle - no awkwardness or discomfort there. I'd thought the consummation would wait until post-birth, but Ms. Anderson surprised me, not too pleasantly... I hasten to add, I've got no problem with pregnant women having sex in or out of a romance novel, but the ultra-romantic, difficulty-free, plus multi-orgasmic scenerio, kind of made me want to laugh.

All in all - I was just not thrilled by the way this story is told, and will probably not read anything else by this author. Character development was neglible and there just wasn't anything especially fresh in her style that would persuade me to read another one of her books.
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one of my all time fav books
love the devotion to each other
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This was a great story. I had a hard time putting it down.
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Another wonderful story from Catherine Anderson. Excellent.
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I really enjoyed this book. Kept me wanting to see what would happen next.
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I really liked this book. It kept me reading to the end. Catherine Anderson is a wonderful author.
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Wonderful book by Catherine Anderson. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
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Published in 1996, one of Catherine Anderson's earlier books about women with special needs. A poignant love story of hope and healing.
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Wonderful book!!! I couldnt put it down!
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Really sweet. Never realized how good Catherine Anderson's books were until i read this one.
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Great read.
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Annie's Song is the Sweetest Romance I have ever read.
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This is an absolutely amazing story about a young woman, Annie Trimble, who is an outcast in her hometown because the citizens (and her parents) do not realize she is deaf, not an idiot. When a wealthy young man rapes Annie, he doesn't believe anyone will understand what has happened, or blame him.

However, one of the other men with Douglas Montgomery tells her parents; Mr. Trimble notifies Alex Montgomery, the older brother. After Alex throws his brother out of the house for his actions, he offers to marry Annie. Her parents reluctantly agree.

Then begins this enthralling story of how Alex falls in love with Annie and learns that she is deaf. Fortunately, Alex is wealthy and can spend the money and time to help Annie come into her own as a person. First class entertainment.
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Annie's Song by Catherine Anderson
The story is about a woman-child the town thinks is daft, but really she is deaf. She is out wondering the country side, and is raped by a man. When it's discovered she is pregnant, the brother of the rapist beats up his brother and sends him away. Then he marries her, a mean woman is hired to look after her, and the new husband catches her abusing the girl, and fires her. He has her checked by the Dr and it is discovered that she is deaf.
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one of a kind
it's worth reading
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Annie is misunderstood but still has a graceful spirit and Alex wants to learn more about her and making her come out of her shell more.
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I think this was an excellent book... showing a wonderful relationship. I have just finished it and have given it over to my daughter to read. I've never given one to her before since our tastes run differently. Then, I will give it over to an elderly friend to read before putting it back up on Paperbackswap. It was great!
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alex montgomery is horrified to learn his wild younger brother forced himself on a helpless "idiot girl". tormented by gilt, alex agrees to marry her and rais the baby as his own. But he never dreams he will grow to chreish his lovely, mute, misjudged Annie. her childlike innocence, her womanly charms, and the wondrous way she views her world. he becomes determined to break through the wall of silence surrounding her--to heal-- and to be healed by annies sweet song of love
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Annie Trimble lives in a solitary world that on one enters or understands. As delicate and beautiful as the tender blossoms of the Oregon spring, she is shunned by a town that misinterprets her affliction. But cruelty cannot destroy the love Annie holds in her heart.

Alex Montgomery is horrified to learn his wild younger brother forced himself on a helpless "idiot girl." Tormented by guilt, Alex agrees to marry her and raise the babe she carries as his own. But he never dreams he will grow to cherish his lovely, mute, misjudged Annieher childlike innocence, her womanly charms and the wondrous way she views her world. And he becomes determined to break through the wall of silence surrounding herto healand to be healed by Annie's sweet song of love.