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Topic: Damaged by USPS

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Subject: Damaged by USPS
Date Posted: 3/25/2010 8:22 PM ET
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If I send someone a book and it's damaged by the USPS, the receiver tells me about it, I refund the credit... does the transaction always say "Damaged by USPS" forever? Or... does it ever change up to resolved? I don't feel like it's my fault that the book got damaged, but I didn't want a confrontation either. I don't believe I should have this little black mark on my transaction archive. I asked the receiver to mark it resolved but I never got a reply. What's next?

Date Posted: 3/25/2010 8:34 PM ET
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From the help center :


If your book was marked as "Damaged by USPS"

  • This means the book was damaged en route by USPS.
    • USPS has a superb record of delivering packages intact, but accidents do happen. If the package was wrapped properly and this was just bad luck, then you do not need to refund the credit.
    • If the method with which the book was wrapped could have contributed to its damage en route, you should read here for guidance in wrapping a book. The main points are: use plenty of tape (2-inch shipping tape, not Scotch), especially to reinforce corners and seams, and make sure that your shipment is completely enclosed within the packaging (there should be no portion of the book(s) inside exposed).
    • If your book was damaged en route due to poor packaging, you should refund the credit.
Date Posted: 3/25/2010 8:39 PM ET
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If I send someone a book and it's damaged by the USPS, the receiver tells me about it, I refund the credit...

Unless the book was damaged because you did a poor wrapping job, you're not olbiged to refund a credit for P.O. damage. And really, there are very few times the site will refund a credit on your behalf if you don't agree to it. The site doesn't get involved in most of the disputes.

So if you decide the complaint isn't valid, you can still keep your credit. If it wasn't your fault, you can still keep your credit. That's up to you.

Or... does it ever change up to resolved?

It just sits there, AFAIK. But I don't think it really means a lot. I think that if the P.O. did the damage, and you wrapped it well, it's more just a note to the site for them to keep track of P.O. problems than anything against you. If you didn't wrap it well, and refunded the credit, then I also wouldn't worry about it unless you didn't learn and kept sending books out with poor wrapping. You did what you could.

If the PBS team sees a huge pattern, and they can look at the specifics of the complaints and the PM's and will let you know if you've gone too far to the dark side. ;) But I doubt a few here and there will draw their attention.

It may be annoying to have it sitting there staring at you, but I wouldn't sweat it.

Subject: Ok
Date Posted: 3/25/2010 9:50 PM ET
Member Since: 11/4/2009
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Thanks CIndy, that's what I was asking.  I don't know if it was my fault or not.  I know I've mailed out plenty of books before without a problem (since November 2009) and all of a sudden now I am being told the PO messed up a corner of the book.  I felt bad for the person and returned the credit.

I was thanked for the credit and the book because "it's still very readable" but the transaction still says, "Damaged by USPS" It makes me feel like it's my fault by being there even though I lost the book, postage and credit! :)  I think by hitting the "Refund Credit" button that it should automatically resolve, but that is just me!

Anyhow, I guess the best way for me to get rid of it is to order and send lots more books so that ugly mark moves down the list!!! LOL! :)\\

Thanks for your help!