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Eat This, Not That!
Eat This Not That
Author: David Zinczenko, Matt Goulding
ISBN-13: 9781594868542
ISBN-10: 1594868549
Publication Date: 12/26/2007
Pages: 304
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 275 ratings
Publisher: Rodale Books
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 21
I went out and bought this book today. I must say...WOW! I am going to carry this book with me EVERYWHERE! From drinks, to going out to eat, to fast food, to even what we buy in the store, it tells you exactly what is and isn't ok. And you'll be amazed as a lot of the stuff you think is healthy, isn't. So trust me, if you want to lose weight, get this book. Carry it with you. Use it. I plan on doing just that and I really do believe that this book will help me make better choices when I go out to eat or to the store or to get a drink, and also that it'll help me lose weight.

Also this book is very easy to understand and it even tells you what to order and how (like at Taco Bell if you want one meal you have to order it fresca..which I never knew that word even, but if you order your taco that way they replace the sauces and cheese with a tomatoe sauce that is healthy for you) So again, GET THIS BOOK! Don't wait up for it on a wish list!
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Helpful Score: 15
This book is great if you still want to eat out and make wise food choices. The majority of the book breaks down choices at many regular restaurants and fast food restaurants. On facing pages you are presented with the "Eat This" choice on one side and "Not That" on the other. It not only shows what the better choice is, but it breaks down the fat and calories from both. Here's one example: Burger King "Eat this" choice is the Whopper Jr. and a Garden Salad for a grand total of 365 calories and 12 grams of fat - the comparison on the facing page for "Not That" is the BK Big Fish Sandwich and a medium order of fries for a grand total of 1,000 calories and 52 grams of fat. You could argue that no one should eat fast food, but if you want to eat out, this book gives you lower fat/calorie alternatives. This is an excellent little book.
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Helpful Score: 7
Fantastic book for almost every restaurant in town. I keep my copy in my purse all the time so it is right there if/when my family and I need guidance.
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Helpful Score: 4
With over 800 people wishing for this book, I broke down and ordered through PBS to Amazon. It arrived today, and I am amazed! Amazed by the amount of current information about eating out and supermarket prepared foods: How much fat grams, sugar, calories. I'm going to place post-a-notes in several places. This is a paperback, every page on glossy pages and photographs of each item. Very recommended, even at the Amazon price of $11.97.
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I saw this book cover and all the members having it on their wish list and thought it has be a good book, plus all the other variations of the same book. I ended up ordering the book through amazon. Boy was I disappointed! Much of the info was common sense. DUH! A burger without cheese compared to a burger with cheese is going to be a better choice. Or a comment about switching out mayo or salad dressing to cut calories, again, another no brainer. The book compared many different restaurants, many of which I don't know, kind of useless if those restaurants aren't available within hundreds of miles from where I live. Some of the comparison were not a good comparison. Of course, a veggie pizza is going to be a healthier option then a meat pizza. The key to weight loss is moderation. The suggestions in general made sense, but I don't believe they are realistic. I found it a little confusing on how they determined one food was better then the next. It seemed many items were based on sugar content or calories. That's fine and dandy but not everybody has the same needs.
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If you are a big fast food eater than this book will work wonders.. However, telling me not to eat a triple Whopper, large fries & a Coke from BK wasn't a big stretch.. I think I kind of knew that??!! Some surprising stuff, but nothing over the top.. Glad I got it from the Library & didn't buy it.. Hopefully, it will work for some.
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Helpful Score: 1
Very informative. Almost wish I could carry it around with me, but I have a lot I carry already.
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Helpful Score: 1
A good book, but not something I ended up taking around with me so it wasn't as useful as it could be for you.
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good book with lots of practical advice. if you have trouble dieting, or 'don't believe' in dieting, this is a good tool for helping you choose foods that are better for your constitution.
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Still learning from it. Very good.
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Helpful Score: 1
The numbers on some of those typical American and restaurant meals are a brutal jolt of reality. Makes me rethink every thing I eat. Excellent.
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i absolutely love this book straight forward and easy to read thank you
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I thought it was very helpful. A picture is worth a thousand words.I got good ideas on what I should eat instead at certain fast food restaurants.
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this book has helped my husband tremendously. Every time he gets the urge to eat something, he grabs the book and looks it up to see if it is ok, or is there a different brand that he should be getting. The book is small enough that we can carry it with us to restaurants and to the grocery store. I am really glad we have it!
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Great little book to look up some of the things we eat without thinking about.
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I like to keep this book in my car so that when I am wanting a healthy option on the go, I can check out what the book says.
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Helpful book, but many of the restaurants listed in here are not in my area. If you live in a small town I would not suggest it. Reposting so someone else can enjoy!
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For the beginning weight watcher or fast food fan, this book is a must.
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Nice, colorful pages make you lose weight just by looking at the pictures! Makes the pact with the devil - eat one fast food item rather than another.
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Fun and easy to read, plus very informative!
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WOW! What an easy way to watch your weight. I made notes about the various restaurants from the information in this book and I carry it with me everywhere I go. It's working too! I would suggest this book for everyone that frequents fast food restaurants. Some of the good and bad choices will surprise you.
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Interesting read with great information. Who knew that a Big Mac is "better" for you than a Whopper?
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This book compares foods in the same food categories in terms of fats, calories, and carbs. It recommends which foods would be healthier choices. I like this book. In the front, it gives general diet recommendations.
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Very interesting and informative. Being a vegan this just reinforced my lifestyle and proves my point that we must be very careful of what we put into our bodies. Full of full color photos and tons of info!
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A simply written, well illustrated, book to help you make healthy choices in what you eat. The book looks at choices you make at home, in the supermarket, and restaurants to include fast food restaurants. Similar to The Hungry Girl Supermarket Survival Guide but in addition to supermarket decisions, this book includes your home and restaurants.
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I really enjoyed looking through this book and comparing the different food choices. I am a life time weight watchers member and that is what I have learned since going to Weight Watcher it is all about making good choices for your health.
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This little gem is brilliant! This book isnt about dieting; its about making better choices. That means choosing foods/drinks that have lower fat, calories and that dont contain as many things that you cant pronounce.

These two guys, associated with the magazine MENS HEALTH, are of the opinion that if you make wise choices most of the time, you will lose weight without having to go on a deprivation diet. We dont put weight on overnight, so we shouldnt expect weight to fall off just because we want it too. All legitimate diet doctors and dieticians harp on the concept that it is better to take weight off slowly this book shows you how.

Ive read most of the books about dieting and yet was in awe of this little tome. On almost every page, I found something I didnt know. Others have talked about the fact that most restaurants, many fast food restaurants and grocery shelves are covered in the book.

Well, there are a few other gems Id like to mention. Theres a menu decoder that takes you through actual menus from a breakfast diner, pizzeria, Mexican restaurant, sports bar, sushi, bbq joint, steakhouse, Indian eatery, tapas café, seafood, Chinese, Thai, salad bar and French bistro. It tells you how items are prepared so you can make better choices.

The final chapter is worth the cost of the book all by itself! What to Eat When you are stressed, you are sad, when you are feeling low on energy, you want to increase metabolism, you want to get some sleep (No, milk isnt suggested. Read why.), when you are hung over, when youre under the weather, and several more.

This little book was such a blockbuster that several more of these books have emerged, including a book specifically for kids, best and worst foods, supermarket survival and others.
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I thought this would be an everyday guide with comparisons for food groups
like eat an apple instead of apple pie or something
It was only a comparison of food for resturants. When eating at McDonald's choose the
quarter pounder instead of the premium grilled chicken club.

not very useful if you don't eat out everyday.
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cute little book, interesting premise and a few really interesting facts.
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very inforrmative
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I wish it had more of an organic section.
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Gave it away to a friend who has diabetes
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Really informative book about the hidden calories, fat etc in some of our most popular fast food and restaurant choices. My copy is new and looks great but the last few pages have very slight water damage so I haven't sent it. If anyone is interested let me know.
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you must be kidding me. No advice no diet plan nothing and I say again nothing helpful. Not worth the point you spend.