Book Reviews of Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1)

Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1)
Evermore - Immortals, Bk 1
Author: Alyson Noel
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ISBN-13: 9780312532758
ISBN-10: 031253275X
Publication Date: 2/3/2009
Pages: 320
Reading Level: Young Adult
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 489 ratings
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Book Type: Paperback
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reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 9 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 14
I had mixed emotions about this book. The first half I was very frustrated because I saw a lot of similarities between Evermore and Twilight. I even began writing down a list of things that were nearly identical. However toward the end when she began to explain things it got much more unique and interesting. I didn't like the 'Mean Girls' trifecta with the goth girl and the gay guy as the best friends. Her writing I found to be very choppy in style. Then the intimacy she tried to project between Damen and Ever seemed forced. So did the effect he seemed to have on her. A large number of scenes she created had no strong point in advancing the story line. Sometimes they didn't have a point at all. She really seemed like a beginning writer, which confuses me since she has already written and published multiple books. I always give grace to the first book in a series (as long as it doesn't bore me- which this one didn't). The ending did leave me intrigued and I do look forward to reading Blue Moon in Aug 09. (Hoping the title is just a coincidence & not a backwards reflection of 'New Moon'). OH- one more thing I just remembered. The conclusion of a certain climactic scene was lame and poorly explained. Sorry to tear the book to shreds, I guess it just rubbed me the wrong way.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 9 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 9
Evermore is very much similar to Twilight. Twilight fans should read this though the plot may be a bit different. Funny how I started reading it...I picked it up at walmart and just sat there reading it. Anyway, this is a really good book. Finished it in 2 days (:
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 93 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 6
I decided to read this one b/c everyone kept comparing it to Twilight, which is one of my fave books. However, I totally failed to see it. Ever, the main character, saw peoples auras & talked to her dead sisters ghost. Bella, from Twilight, had no "abilities". Damen is not a vampire, like Edward from Twilight, but an "immortal" that is not really a vampire (its explained in the book). IMO it was not the same and this booked lacked the very elements that made Twilight so good. The two books dont even compare! It was an OK book. Glad I waited to get it here. No big hurry to read the next one. I agree with others that it was fairly predictable & the characters lacked depth. I was disappointed.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 21 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 5
I loved this book, about a girl named Ever who's family all gets killed, Ever can still see and talk to her sister. She meets boy, falls hard for him(he's got secrets). Ok don't want to give away the plot but I could'nt put it down.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on
Helpful Score: 5
I purchased this book because I did not want to wait for the 100+ people before me. Boy did I wish I waited. The premise of the book drew me and the first few chapters were well written and then it flat lined the book became dull and predictable. The supporting characters were flat and one dimensional the annoying little sister, the troubled attention starving friend and the gay guy were all cliché. Even the main characters were not complex. The story premise was good but the plot got lost and I feel like the book was trying to hard to fit in the vampire romance genre instead of following its own path. Overall this book was disappointing and I am mad that I wasted good money on it. The only redeeming fact is that at least I can trade it quickly and get a better book.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 5 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 4
Absolutely a fantastic book!!!! The only upsetting part is that I have to wait until August for the next book in the series!!! A must read!!!
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 7145 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 3
Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen Queen for

Since the accident that killed her family, Ever can see auras, hear people's thoughts, and know a person's life story just by touch. She also has regular conversations with her dead sister. She didn't ask for these new talents and her efforts to hide her gifts have left her a freak at her high school. But when Damen Auguste enters the picture, everything changes.

Damen is movie-star gorgeous, mysterious, and the one person who can block all the psychic energy Ever keeps trying to avoid. Damen and Ever are drawn to each other, but Ever can't shake the feeling that there is something that he's hiding. He's the only person that Ever can't read anything about. Damen has no aura, Ever can't hear his thoughts, and she has know idea who - or what - he really is.

Every once in awhile, a book comes along that I end up getting sucked into and become addicted. EVERMORE was one of those books. When I wasn't reading, I was thinking about how I could sneak away to read some more. I couldn't put it down. I dreamt about this book. When I finished, I couldn't get it out of my head. This book was simply breathtaking.

Ever is a wonderfully realistic character that grows throughout the novel. The guilt she feels over her family's accident and her grieving process are heart-wrenchingly real, as is her growing acceptance of her new psychic gifts. I also loved the scenes with Riley, Ever's little sister. Who knew a ghost could be so funny and charming? I know she's just waiting to have her own series written about her. And Damen...well, what can I say - I'm in love. If you're looking for a new lit-boy crush, Damen is it.

Alyson Noel knows how to write for and about teens, and this is one of her best books yet. I can't wait to find out more about the mysterious Damen and step into Ever's world again.

Combining mystery and romance, EVERMORE is the beginning of the next must-read paranormal series. Be sure to get your hands on this one - you'll be swept away.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 8 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
This book is a combination of Sookie Stackhouse and the Twilight novels. All the themes are familiar - a teenage lovestory, telepath and immortal, with a couple of twists. It was an good read, but I just kept wondering if the author got her ideas from Charlaine Harris and the Twilight author.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 81 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
I kept reading reviews that this book was a lot like Twilight so of course I was very curious to read it. I was pleasantly surprised on how great of a book it is. I found myself unable to put this book down until the last page. I saw very little similarity between Evermore and Twilight. Evermore might be as good if not better then the Twilight series. I can't wait to read the rest in this series.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 11 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I can see how this book could be compared to Twilight, but I think that it stands out on its own. Ever is the typical teen until her life halts with the death of her family. Her sister returns to her and keeps her company. I really liked her two friends and how she has shut out the world with sweatshirts and loud music. Totally true to being a teenager. Damen is kind of hard to read at first, but his long explaination at the end sort of makes everything make sense. I bought the second installment Blue Moon, and am really looking forward to reading it. What I liked about this book was the take on the afterlife. Very well done.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 40 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
When I first began reading this book, I thought "This is going to be just like Twilight", but it was so much more! I loved Ever...and wish I could meet Damen for myself! Can't wait to read the 2nd book in the series, and the 3rd needs to hurry up and be released so I can read them all together! I just can't put into words all the things I loved about this book without giving anything away, so pick it up and read it soon!
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 504 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Sixteen year old Ever (yes, so sorry thats not a typo) lost her family, her dog, her home and her popularity in a tragic accident. When she awakens she has the ability to read thoughts and see auras. This is not a good thing for Ever and it turns her into a freak. Now living with her wealthy, absent aunt, she shuns people and hides her beauty behind ugly hoodies and big sunglasses.

One gloomy day a new boy arrives at the school where she is now one of the misfit freaky kids. For some reason shes chosen to befriend a gothy bitch and a disinterested in anything but himself boy named Miles instead of the bitchy, self-involved popular kids she used to consider her BFFs. This new kid, Damen, is all smoldering good looks and is interested in MissHoodie and she cant read his thoughts! Ahhh, blessed silence replaces the voices in her head whenever he is near.

Here I stop to let the feelings of Deja freaking Vu wash over me and lament the loss of originality in the YA world.

The rest of the book follows Ever and Damen around as he keeps her in the dark about his dark and mysterious past and generally acts all dark and mysterious but because hes sexysuperhot they fall into an obsessive dysfunctional crazy sort of love. He must really know how to work the smolder because I couldnt for the life of me figure out when or why they were in love or how he jumped straight from wooing to almost getting her out of her panties in a blink. He was a BORING character and no amount of movie star looks is fixing that when I cant see him! She aint no prize either, for that matter. Shes moody and spoiled and acts like a real nut when he finally tells her the truth about himself. I could forgive the moody, hell her family was dead, but the author didnt work that angle to any real emotional effect. The deaths were used as means to get her to where she is, living with an aunt who conveniently works 168 hours a week so she can hook up with Damen. I should know, I lost a parent at thirteen and life was an emotional hell for a very long time. In this book, I felt none of the pain and torment that invades every pore of your being when something so earth shattering happens so many of Evers thoughts were distasteful and shallow to me. All she did was whine about unimportant shit and fret about Damen. Sure she could still talk to her little ghostie sister so I guess that made all the pain go away? To me it was all a bit lazy and not at all clever.

So yeah I admit Im biased but I did finish the book and it didnt get better for me. I dont care how much woo-woo or adventure or paranormal twisties an author throws in, if I find the characters tedious and completely lacking in emotion its a fail. Ever is a fail.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 5 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I saw this on the shelf at Wal-Mart next to the House of Night series and after reading the back of the book I was hooked so I bought it. I had this book completely read in one day!! At first it kind of reminded me a little bit of Twilight but then after I got into it this book doesn't even come close to the Twilight series, which I have read and do own the series, Alyson has taken a complete spin on the immortals from what I have seen on tv and in movies like the Highlander series. I love this series and can't wait to read the second book and for more of them!!
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on
Helpful Score: 1
I loved this book. I read it in about 3 days and I'm looking forward to the next books in the series.

Sometimes the author's descriptions can get a bit repetitive (Like how Ever always "storms" through the class room, never rushing, hurrying, running or walking) and at the end is really when you start to understand why some things happened when earlier they're a little hard to make out.
The villain was a bit monologue-y when they show up, but earlier in the book, they are only there for a few seconds and mentioned here and there. A little strange, but when you read it, it makes a bit more sense that trying to figure out what the heck I'm trying to type here.
Read the book. It's worth it.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 27 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Ok, this book is about as cliche as they come. Loner girl, who is amazingly beautiful under the hoodie, meets hot rich boy who seems really interested in her. He has a secret; she has a secret. They are destined for each other. Oh, and there is magic (sort of).

Read more of my thoughts at:
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on
This is such an Awsum! Book PLESE SOMONE UPLOAD IT!
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 16 more book reviews
while slightly comparable to the 'Twilight' series, it has its own take on teenage love, angst, peer pressure and immortality... I enjoyed it and look forward to reading the rest of the series...
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on
I think this book is absolutely excellent. It grips you from the very first page and doesnt let go. You literally think about it all the time. I myself am a Twilight lover, but I think this series blows it out of the water. Im drooling to find out what happens next. Sometimes I feel like Im the main character.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on
I really disliked this novel. It was slow paced, boring, and has the same plot as every other YA romance. I actually hated the main character. I just couldn't. The ONLY reason I finished the novel was because it's a friends favorite. I just can't with this book.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 60 more book reviews
I liked this because it is different than all the rest of the science fiction books I have read. Its an easy read, nothing spectacular. But for some reason I couldn't put it down.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on
I think that this book was absolutely amazing! I loved it! I love how there are a few twists that made me want to skip to the end and find out what happened. This book was different from all the other books I've read. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes Wicked Lovely, Twilight, House of Night, and others like these series.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 11 more book reviews
I read this book about a year ago. I didn't really care for it, but I think that has more to do with the fact that the writing is geared more toward early teens. If you are a teen I think you would probably like this book and series.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 35 more book reviews
Ok so when I first started this book I was thinking sounds like another twilight look alike but I am glad I continued on it does not go where you think it is going and it is a new twist. I enjoyed reading this book it was well written and very comforting the way the story flowed. I've got book two coming because I can't imagine where it goes from the end but I will soon find out. If you like young adult novels I think you will find this enjoyable.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 41 more book reviews
This is a great read! It's nothing like I expected it to be. Ever & Damen are awesome... At first I didn't like Ever's character at all. But you then get used to her being an idiot. LOL I can't wait to read the rest of the books!
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 33 more book reviews
The story is about a teenage girl, Ever, whose family died in a car crash; she was the only one to survive. Since then she can see other peoples auras and see her dead sister and they have conversations and hang out together because her sister wont cross over. Meanwhile, Ever meets a new boy at school, Damen, who is immortal, which he makes very clear is not the same thing as being a vampire. Whats more, he tells her, shes an immortal, too! Kismet.

Since evermore is a teenage paranormal romance novel, I have obviously have to compare it to Twilight and Twilight was much more believable (and since Twilight isn't very realistic, that's saying something). Both are a great page turner though and I couldnt put it down until I was done. Overall it was a fast reading, mediocre teenage novel.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on
Loved it!!!!!
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on
this book reminded me a lot of twilight. the vampire waiting for the human girl. only this girl has some secrets of her own. she has also a past with this specific vampire only she doesnt know since they were in her many other past lifes.

with this girl you can relate and other times your like ohmygod what are you doing:) i liked and am planning on reading the whole series.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 25 more book reviews
I liked this book. Not like I loved Twilight but I thought it was a good read. Would probably appeal to teens much more than it did to me. Has a nice twist. Something new.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 15 more book reviews
I had my eye on this book for awhile and when I got it I wished I had gotten it sooner. This book was amazing! It is romance and supernatural.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 2 more book reviews
As a fan of scifi and mythical type books, I was excited to read Evermore. I found it to have a good premise and the "twist" at the end wasn't expected. I have not read the following books, because I liked the ending of this one and it left me without a desire to continue the story. I found some of the characters a little stereotypical. I enjoyed the sisters relationship best.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 2 more book reviews
This book was okay. It is YA and definitely read like a juvenile book, there wasn't anything that sucked me in and the plot seemed a bit slow. I finished it, but am not excited to read anymore of the Immortal series.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 36 more book reviews
This book was fun!! I gave it four stars........ It has been compared to Twilight, but that's why I read it...because I like Twilight and wanted more of the same. Though not quite as good as Twilight, I still enjoyed it. Ever's psychic abilities, along with a mysterious good-looking Damen, make for an interesting story. The author could have done without the harsh language. The story totally would have been just as good without it. The ending was slightly cheesy, as I found myself cringing a bit. I wanted to get to know Damen more, but perhaps that will come forth in the sequel, which I can't wait to read!
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 962 more book reviews
After the accident that took her parents' and sister's lives, 16-year-old Ever can see people's auras and read their thoughts. She even has conversations with the annoying ghost of her little sister, Riley. The stimulus she receives from the outside world is overpowering, and so she constantly tries to shut it out by wearing large hoodies and toting an iPod with earphones in everywhere.

Until the new student, Damen Auguste, comes into her life. He's dark, beautiful, talented, and perfect--and Ever is terrified of him, even when she's mysteriously drawn to him as his presence and touch somehow manages to calm the psychic chaos in her head. However, there may be more to Damen than he's admitting, and it involves Ever as well--involves her to the point where it may cost her her life if she doesn't come to turns with who she is and what she can do.

I've tried reading Alyson Noel's other books before, and I didn't get very far into them. Now I remember why. Ever's character is about the only redeeming thing I can find in this book. Her character grows and changes in the course of the novel, from a sullen and frightened trauma victim to a teen beginning to "come into herself," so to speak. I found the other characters flat and annoying. Ever's friends Miles and Haven didn't seem real, and I was especially annoyed that there seemed to be no development to Damen and Ever's romance; it was like one moment they've just met and she's avoiding him, and the next--BOOM!--he's stalking her with red tulips and she's grudgingly admitting to herself that she likes him. Please. Additionally, while the story idea is intriguing, the writing lacks immediacy and there are lots of moments when I wanted to throw the book across the room because I did not understand why insert-your-choice-of-plot-device was thrown in so suddenly and randomly.

Still, it's not hard to see why the Immortals series will have a large fan base. Damen--or at least the idea of him--gives Edward Cullen a run for his money. Fans of Stephenie Meyer may do well to check out Alyson Noel's latest book.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 746 more book reviews
A good read for a winter's day. Though a bit slow in the beginning, the story does quickly pick up and gets to moving at a good page turning pace. Some people say this book is like twilight and though it does mention vampires (as a funny ha ha), and we have a love story of the ages going on, it's not close to Twilight. This is not "forbidden love" of a vampire and a girl, it's two souls who have tried through the ages to be together only to be kept from each other time after time. So no, not Twilight. This is a little bit more toned down.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 13 more book reviews
This was so much like twilight I had to stop and think what I was reading.... and since I just loved twilight this book was a good and short read. Finished in one day.

Although written for teens it has the classic store that anyone of any age would like. Can't wait to get my hands on the next one.
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Product Details

* Pub. Date: February 2009
* Publisher: St. Martin's Press
* Format: Paperback, 320pp
* Sales Rank: 1,339
* Age Range: Young Adult
* Lexile: 940L What's This?// What's This?

* Series: Immortals Series, #1
* ISBN-13: 9780312532758
* ISBN: 031253275X

Ever has found herself psychic, able to see and converse with her dead sister, and an outcast all because of a horrific car accident that killed her family and left her behind. She tries hard to block out all of the thoughts of other people by hiding in sweatshirts and plugging her ears up with the loudest music she can find. She manages to have two friends at school, but as a new kid shows up she finds herself faced with more and more troubles. First, the new kid is super hot and he seems to be completely interested in her. Second, that new boy seems to be a player that has a beautiful girl following him around. Third, that beautiful girl seems to be stealing one of her best friends. Things become stranger when Ever begins to date the new boy, Damen, who disappears often and Ever's friend ends up getting a tattoo that looks like it moves. What is going on? Ever begins to find out more about Damen then she bargained for and needs to save her best friend, but from who? Who does Ever need to give up and who should she keep?
I wasn't completely impressed with this story. It took me about two days to read. I think the part that I didn't like about the story was that I never felt like I understood the characters. I would have liked to get to know Ever, her group of friends, and even her enemies a bit more. Other than Ever's background about why she has her "gifts", what makes her tick? How did she end up becoming friends/enemies with the people who are around her? I felt like I wasn't involved in the story as much as I would have liked to. I wonder slightly if the book was made shorter than it should have been. I would like to explore more and have more descriptions. I like to see everything rather than just be told. It just seemed so rushed.
2/5 stars
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 724 more book reviews
Really enjoyed the plot and the characters.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 17 more book reviews
This review contains Spoilers.

Evermore isnt bad to start off with, though not amazing either, as it smacks with similarities to other stories, most notably "Twilight". The author provides her own twists to the plot, but all in all it boils down to being about a young teenager and an immortal man hundreds of years her senior. I dont mind the main character, Ever, but the relationship she develops with Damen seems to be mostly of his making and influence. Not until the very end does she seem to have a say in any of it and at that point its just been driven home pretty clearly that he is 600 years old and she is a 16 year old child who has just lost her entire family and accidently murdered Damon's 'other' significant other. And its at this point that he deems her ready to choose him over every seeing her family in the afterlife.

Overall, with the exeption of Ever, the character development is weak. The story lacks originality, the writing is only ok and the most of the deeper revelations and developements within the story seem rushed and incomplete.

An easy read and more than adequate to pass your time while trudging your way through a Nyquil-induced wont really want to remember much of it anyways.
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[close] I started reading Evermore convinced that I was in for a pretty blatant Twilight rip-off. Three-quarters of the way through the book, when I realized that my assumptions were wrong and the plot took an unexpected twist, I was more than a little pleasantly surprised. Evermore turned out to be a very good, engrossing story that, at times, I found hard to put down.

Now, don't get me wrong: there are some glaring similarities to Twilight. One of the characters is a telepath. One of the characters is a mysterious, good-at-everything, too-handsome-for-words guy that everyone adores. However, the author seems to realize that Evermore will be compared to Twilight and has a little fun with readers, planting some red herrings pointing in that direction.

Although it didn't immediately grab me, the more I read of the book, the more I grew to like Noel's writing. The story was engaging, the characters were "real" -- not flat, teenage stereotypes -- and the prose had a lot of color. It's also a very quick read -- or maybe that was just because I got so wrapped up in the story, I read it like a maniac. At any rate, I'd call Evermore one of the more pleasant surprises of 2009. I wouldn't say that it's a must-read, but if you enjoyed Twilight, or have a soft spot for love stories with a supernatural twist, I'd definitely recommend checking out the next installment in Noel's series, New Moon -- er, I mean -- Blue Moon.
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I absoutely LOVED this book! I was in a reading slump and this helped break it and I have since put the next 2 in this series on my WL! Perfect & safe for teens to read as well. Really looking forward to the next two! =) (Hoping there is more of Damen's story in the next one!)
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Enjoyable book. The story moves along at a pretty good speed. There are times when it does drag out a bit, but it doesn't take away from the story. Ever and Damen are interesting characters. Looking forward to seeing how Ever grows throughout the series and learning more about Damen's past. I like the authors take on immortality and all that goes with it, the explaination given in the book, but it left me with more questions that I hope will be answered with a little more depth as the series goes on.
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I thought this book got off to a good start with a lot of build up and foreshadowing. However, close to the end, it went from showing and describing to using dialog to tell the reader what was really going on. I found myself irritated, being told how things ended up where they were in the book. It was almost like the author was in a rush to wrap things up and forgot the writers first rule of SHOW do not TELL.

I am not sure I would recommend this book.
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on + 123 more book reviews
I wish I didn't have to do this, but this isn't anything like "Twilight", I Loved this book, and I loved Twilight, but to compare them is WRONG, just like comparing either of them to "Marked"... They are totally different from each other!!!

Now, with that out of the way, I did love the book, but the use of Vodka bothered me a bit as it is a teen book, but other then that, it was great!
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Loved this book. Honestly, it is nothing like Twilight. It may seem like it, like the author is trying to make you think it is, or maybe because you are trying to compare it to Twilight, but it is completely different.

Ever has a sad story, and not only has she lost her family, she is now has the burden of a psychic ability to deal with. I was so pulled into the story, I read it in one day. Such a great book, I hope she keeps it up with the rest of them!
reviewed Evermore (Immortals, Bk 1) on
To much like twilight...
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3.5 stars: evermore provided a fresh twist in the paranormal romance YA genre, and kept me guessing for quite awhile. Is Damen a vampire? Is he some sort of wizard or fairy? The truth of what he is was unique and refreshing.

The romance was sweet with a touch of eroticism that was appropriate for the age level this book is intended for (teens). I found the main character's initial interactions forced and to be honest, rather cliché. For real, people, can we all stop with the love at first sight with a so-gorgious-he-cant-be-real guy? I mean seriously, who wouldnt fall in love with this guy? While the premise that Damen chooses the strange and withdrawn Ever rather than the plastic, bleached mean girls is every awkward teen girls fantasy come true, it does not draw the reader in as hook-line-and-sinker as it could have.

And whats up with all their names? EVERY single name was WAY out therelike NOT NORMAL at all. You just dont find that many unique names in one place!

The high school drama was SO tedious and cliché; so much so I almost put the book down. The optimal word, however, is ALMOST. All that being said, I couldnt actually PUT the book down: it kept me hooked until the end. Ever's journey after the death of her family and her need to connect with people though it causes her physical discomfort was believable. The development of her minor characters was very well done, though I did not find them very likeable, it helped fill in some of what the rest of the story was lacking. The way Haven (the main characters best friend) emerges her self into whoever she is currently involved with was reminiscent of many a teen's dilemma as they struggle to find their own identity.

In spite of the cringe factor in their initial meeting, I did enjoy the way that the main characters relationship developed, and I was able to lose myself in their romance. While there were a lot of similarities with the Twilight series, it was not nearly as developed or emotion-provoking.

In short, evermore was like milk chocolate to me: not as decadent and sinfully good as dark chocolate, but still enjoyable.
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After reading all the wonderful reviews for this book and hearing everyone tout how terrific the series is, I was very disappointed in the story. It seemed to me that the author stole a few ideas from other popular books and wove them badly into a new story. We have Miles, the cliched gay teen just like Damien (?) in P.C. Cast's House of Night series because every YA series just has to have a gay teen. We have the BFF calling dibs on the new cute guy and the heroine (Ever) stealing him away and destroying the friendship just like in Cate Tiernan's Sweep series. We have the new boy "silencing the psychic noise" just by being there, which is stolen from some series that I can't quite put my finger on at the moment. And lastly, we have the heroine completely ignoring the hero just like in Twilight where Edward completely ignores Bella and Bella tries and tries to get his attention. Damen does all he can to spark Ever's interest without result until he touches her then she's all over him. This book was published in 2009, Twilight in 2005, Book of Shadows in 2001 and Marked in 2007.

Having said that, I did enjoy the story sort of. The only thing of any real interest, was Damen and what he is. Once that was revealed, I totally lost interest in the series. I don't like Ever (or Miles for that matter) enough to care what happens next. Other than Damen's hotness, there is nothing to recommend him as a hero. He is arrogant, pushy and secretive. And I totally hated Haven. So this series is done for me.
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This is the first of a new series very similar to the Twighlight series - but not so boring... I'm looking forward to the next book.
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Ever a teenager girl who died in a car accident came back to life as an Immortal.
Not knowing she an Immortal, she can see her decease sister Riley, and read mines and aura. She meet a new classmate name Damen that she felled in love with became confusing. Searching high and low to find out who Damen is and being the journey to her new life as an immortal.

Overall of the book was a little choppy. It was confusing at time. Book is very teenager, mainly for pre teens. It a easy fast read. I enjoy the world building, so detail. Its like an escape to another world when she found out that she an Immortal.
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This book is great! I'm waiting to receive the next one. It is hard to put down.
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My problems with this book were as follows:
The whole time I was reading it I kept thinking about the Twilight series (which I started reading that series because I refused to for so long and wanted to hate it but ended up liking it. . .while this book I was told to read by my sister-in-law who loved this but didn't care too much for the Twilight series. Go figure). Things that it had in common with Twilight were that a character that you could pick up on being able to live forever went to high school and the teen tragic lonely girl trying to hide from her special powers (which is hearing people's thoughts, knowing what people have done, and being all psychic. . like in Twilight but reversed) falls for him and he has loved her for what seems to be forever. Her friend is always trying to be goth and seems to always remind me of Alice from Twilight (but very annoying). Instead of being a vampire, there is "immortals", so they don't feed on people or anything like that, but there are just too many similarities that you will see throughout it. Damen even watches Ever sleep one night.

Another problem was that for the first half of this book you don't really get much out of it. Not enough is revealed. Although she describes a lot, you just feel like it is too slow before the last 80 pages rush through with finally having something worth reading more about.

POSITIVE: The best part of this book was Riley, the little sister who is a ghost who hasn't "crossed over" and is the humorous part of the story. She kept it going until the real action came around.

More negative: I didn't feel enough of an attachment to Damen, though I tried to. Seems like all he wants to do is hold Ever (what kind of a name is that??) in his arms and want to kiss her. He's not too open of a guy considering how much of his life he has lived.

One thing to parents who might actually care what content their kids are reading. . .There is no sex but there is a lot of holding one another and kissing and people about to have sex with panties beginning to be removed, but then she stops him. It is encouraged to play hooky from school here and there too. There is name calling of "freak" and people who have cat fights. There is murder, though not graphic. We see examples of teenage alcoholism and how much she enjoys drinking in a portion of the book. There is confusion between different theories of afterlife and of course not even dying (as an immortal). There is the idea that a girl looks better when she's not as covered up and wearing a white bikini instead of a sweatshirt hoodie. I mean really people, if she likes wearing her comfortable clothes instead of showing off skin, good for her. Why is it always about being sexual in our culture. There is the idea of an affair as well but with some strange explanation for it being "acceptable". There is also swearing a few times in the book, a homosexual teen boy checking guys out and dating them, a girl who doesn't know who she is at all and changes her looks to fit in, drinking in school, and characters being revealed publicly about what they do in secret and how they lied about it.
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I'm a bit tired of the whole so-special-she-doesn't-realize-it h and the better-than-Jesus-and-sexier-than-a-GQ-model H.
Seriously, if this is what young teenaged girls see as a functioning relationship, then I feel very concerned.

So, then, I did not enjoy this book, and would not recommend it to anyone. I am posting the rest of the series without reading them. I can think of better things to do than waste my time with this drivel.
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Good fast entertaining read for those who wish to relive part of their youth and fantasy.
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Reviewed by Jaglvr for

EVERMORE is one of those books I've wanted to read for a while. I even had it sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be moved into my reading rotation. So you can imagine my excitement when a review copy of the audiobook arrived in my mail box unexpectedly.

The cover alone on both the book and audiobook is breathtaking. The red tulips will pull you in. The story will keep you captivated. For the actual content of the story, check out Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen Queen's wonderful Gold Star review at

Listening to EVERMORE rather than reading it gives the story an entirely different feel. I was transported to sunny California, where Ever Bloom has relocated to be with her only living relative, her Aunt Sabine. Listening to Ms. Schorr read the story, I could imagine the smell of the ocean as Ever and Damen ditch school to go to the beach. I felt the fear Ever experienced in the canyons when confronted by Drina. I imagined the almost empty house that Damen called home.

EVERMORE is the first audiobook read by Katie Schorr that I've listened to. I hope that Macmillan uses Ms. Schorr for the sequel, BLUE MOON. Katie was able to convey Ever's hesitance to trust Damen and her slow acceptance of her new life, minus her parents and sister. Ms. Schorr took on the sarcastic character of Ever's friend, Haven, just as convincingly. And she was smooth and mysterious as Damen August. The entire story was woven beautifully by Katie's voice.

Pop in EVERMORE and get drawn into the magical world that surrounds Ever Bloom. You'll be spellbound just as I was.
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good book.
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havent read it yet