Book Reviews of The Front (Winston Garano, Bk 2)

The Front (Winston Garano, Bk 2)
The Front - Winston Garano, Bk 2
Author: Patricia Cornwell
ISBN-13: 9780399154188
ISBN-10: 0399154183
Publication Date: 2008
Pages: 192
  • Currently 3.1/5 Stars.

3.1 stars, based on 193 ratings
Publisher: Putnam Adult
Book Type: Hardcover
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Win Garano, still buying used brand name clothes to impress his boss, D. A. Lamont, gets a new assignment: He has to solve the murder of a young British blind girl in Watertown. The case was never solved and Janine Brolin was killed in 1962. District Attorney Monique Lamont smells a huge press spectacle behind this story and already sees herself again rising to be the star in the newspapers. She ties Win into working together with one of the lead investigators of Watertown, and a member of the so called "The FRONT", pretty much independent from the state police. The FRONT are around sixty departments joined in one coalition, sharing their resources and investigation techniques.

When Win's gym bag is stolen from his grandmothers house, he instinctively follows his boss into an empty house and finds evidence that his shoes and the forgotten bottle of wine where used there he doesn't know who to trust. His boss is out of question, his partner from the FRONT seems to follow another agenda: keeping Win away from the case.

He's lost in confusion but still tries to figure out which part belongs to what.


The second book in Cornwell's Win Garano series isn't
much better than the first one, "At Risk". The characters again or still are a mix of wish-wash, though the reader learns a few new things about one of the main characters D. A. Monique Lamont. Unfortunately she still won't get any sympathy, not from me and probably not from other readers. Her character is still a huge question mark and so much unlikeable. Poor Win doesn't get much character either. If it comes after me, his Nana and her neighbor Miss Murphy, which gets a part of half a page, are more memorable than the rest of the book.

However, I found the book slightly better than "At Risk" but still a huge failure and disappointment. Like in "At Risk" the plot just won't get paced and it seems that the reader has to drag oneself from page to page. Also the book description is highly misleading as the so called FRONT doesn't really play the role of a loose association.
The ending well, it's similar, almost the same, as in "At Risk". No surprises there or anywhere.

Overall, "At Risk" was meant to be published for a newspaper series but ended up as a highly priced Hardcover edition. It wasn't worth the money and so is "The Front": 180 pages of an empty blurb.
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It was an okay story. The book is only 180 pages long, so if you are looking for something to "lose yourself" in, forget that. As in the last 2 Cornwell books, I was not thrilled. I really didn't care "who done it" or even care if the characters, who were not very likeable, lived or died.
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This is the first time ever I can say I did not enjoy a Cornwell book. She should have waited until the story could be a novel. I am sooooo glad I did not buy this at the book store. How does one disguise a short story as a novel? It was difficult to complete and not worth the wait. I want to LOVE the characters in a story, I did like At Risk and thought this would develop into a new series that I couldn't wait for the next one but so far no. It also reminds me very much of Alex Cross in James Patterson, with Win living with his Nana. So bottom line I would wait until the next one and read them together.
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Ms Cornwell seems to have had an idea for a story but it just never becomes cohesive. The characters seem to be disjointed and adding lots of space doesn't make a thicker book better. Very disappointing.
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Patricia Cornwall, who brought us the indomitable Kay Scarpetta has brought an even more interesting cast of characters. They were first introduced to us in _At_Risk_. We learn a little more about them in _The_Front_, and go for a thrilling and convoluted mystery adventure. The only drawback for me was the reader, Kate Reading. She has a great many different voice at her disposal, and does a great job, in general, of making the story more like a play. However, she chose a strange voice for our main character, and it was also too close to the narrator, causing a bit of confusing sometimes about what our character, Win, was thinking versus what was actually happening.
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This book continues the story of characters from At Risk. They are still interesting characters, with a poorly developed story. D.A. Monique Lamont sends Win Garano to a declining neighborhood to bring attention to the DA's office by solving an old case. The case becomes more complicated because the neighborhood is also the home for the Front, a group of law enforcement agencies working together. Win becomes friend with one of these cops. He solves the old mystery, but by then you really don't care.
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The Front is a sequel to Patricia Cornwell's book, At Risk. These books are about totally different characters from those in her Scarpetta books. If you liked At Risk, you will most likely enjoy this one, too. The characters are well-developed, and their interaction is well-written. Kate Reading does an excellent job reading the book for this audio version. I enjoyed both books but thought this one was slightly better than the first one in the series. It will be interesting to see if Cornwell continues this series.
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I am a huge fan of Patricia Cornwell and was greatly disappointed in this book. The story really doesn't go anywhere nor does it pull you in. It's deinfintely a quick read but I wouldn't read it again.
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I am a big Patricia Cornwell fan, however this book was horrible. It's as if she needed to get something out to her fans because she has not put anything out in awhile. Characters where weak, story hard to follow. Big disappointment. Michell S.
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Only two stars...Well I would have given three .I is not her best and it is short ,real short,but if you dont have plans for lunch then grab a sandwich and read this one .This one is made for this or for people with short attention spans.
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Are we sure Patricia Cornwell wrote this book? I am a huge fan of the Scarpetta series, but found this book to be lacking in substance on every level.
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Not one of Cornwell's best books.
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This is a bare bones book when it comes to character definition and plot lines. I prefer Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series.
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Better than most of her recent work. Short read, almost a novella.
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A good read! Winston Garano is definitely not Kay Scarpetta, but judged independently, I enjoyed this book and also the first book in the series.
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I would advise you to start reaqding this when you have time. You wont put it down.
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Rather a disappointment and very brief.
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Boring. This is not the typical Cornwell novel. Hopefully she has not started writing just to write.
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This is by far not PAT CORNWELLs best book. The characterization and plot do not seem to be developed enough. I am hoping that she will get back to the style she had before her Jack the Ripper book..It was a huge disappointment.. I will go back to Kathy Reichs...
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Another good Patricia Cornwell book. Fast read and mystery to the end.
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Patricia Cornwell's books have a fast pace without leaving out the little details that make her books such a success. There are excellent reasons this author is read so often!
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Like the first book in this series, the main character, Win Garano, weaves his way through the Boston area, eventually tying up the various plot lines to solve the multi-layered questions about what is going on. Not a terribly complex book, but a good summer read. I still haven't read any of the other series of Cornwell books, so I don't know how this compares in style or substance to her other works.
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I am still trying to figure out the end. I have listened to Chapter 10 twice now and I am still confused. This book was not a good read. Very slow, confusing characters, and a strange ending. I guess I will have to go back a few more chapters to try and figure out the ending. Not a great book by any means. I am glad it was short.
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I think that when authors get very popular they have to start "churning out" books......this is a perfect example of that.....boring, dull characters, not up to her standards at all. Dont waste your time on this one. I have always LOVED her books but this seems to have been written by someone else.
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quick easy read that can be tackled at the beach on a long day...
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very good