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Topic: This was fun last month: What 1 book has been on your Shelf the longest?

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Subject: This was fun last month: What 1 book has been on your Shelf the longest?
Date Posted: 2/5/2008 12:55 PM ET
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Mine is still Snow in April by Rosamunde Pilcher! ORDERED, THANK YOU!

This is from one of the reviews on PBS:  " If you've never read Rosamunde Pilcher, I think this is the best one to start with - it's short and beautiful, typical of her other, longer works. This is a love story with far more depth than your run-of-the-mill paperback romance, reminiscent in tone to _Jane Eyre_. The description of the Scotland countryside she places in your head is one you'll remember for a long time. Put on a pot of tea, grab your comfy blanket, and settle in with this book for a satisfying read. "

I'm so tired of looking at it .... I will offer it free with any order.  Just PM me that you want it.  Of course, if you want to order it, that's fine too!

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Date Posted: 2/5/2008 1:01 PM ET
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Light for My Path: Illuminating Selections from the Bible :: Barbour Publishing

Mine is different this time. I actually had a person request my longest book on shelf last month. I wonder if this thread had anything to do with it?

Date Posted: 2/5/2008 2:27 PM ET
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Someone recently requested my oldest book via BoB. So now the oldest book on my bookshelf is this:

The Moneychangers :: Arthur Hailey

I hope someone likes it. :) I have a 3 for 1 going till 2/10 + 1 unpostable

Date Posted: 2/5/2008 2:31 PM ET
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This thread works!  Both books listed have been taken... Thank you!

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Date Posted: 2/5/2008 2:42 PM ET
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Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Mary Higgins Clark



Book Description:

It's a minor accident that brings prosecutor Kerry McGrath to the plastic surgeon's office with her beloved daughter, Robin. But even as the doctor assures Kerry that her daughter's scars will heal, she spies a familiar-looking beautiful woman in the waiting room and is seized by an overpowering sense of deja vu. When, on a return visit, she sees the same haunting face -- on another woman -- she has an intense flash of recognition: it's the face of Suzanne Reardon, the "Sweetheart Murder" victim, killed more than ten years ago! The case resulted in a guilty verdict and life sentence for Suzanne's husband, Skip. But for what possible reason would Dr. Smith be giving his patients the face of a dead woman?

As Kerry immerses herself in a fresh investigation, she is catapulted into the strange and ominous territory of those so obsessed with beauty they'll kill for it. Each new piece of evidence she unearths reveals a disturbing cache of questions. Not only does everyone involved want to keep the case closed, it's clear somebody will stop at nothing to keep it sealed forever. As she delves deeper she finds she's wrestling with a force so sinister that her own life -- and her daughter's -- is threatened with increasing peril....

Interweaving fascinating characters with deeply daring, staggeringly unpredictable plot twists, Mary Higgins Clark reminds us that she is, indeed, America's Queen of Suspense.


I will be glad to do a deal if you see something else on my shelf you like just pm me

Date Posted: 2/5/2008 3:00 PM ET
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Mine is a trilogy and all three have been hanging out together for far too long. It's L'affaire, Le Mariage, and Le Divorce by Diane Johnson. I'll send all three out for 2 credits. (or if you have a better idea, PM me, they are excellent books that need to be read.)

Someone requested two of them, yeah!

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Date Posted: 2/5/2008 3:16 PM ET
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These are my oldest. All posted on the same day and still sitting there!

Amazon: The Ghost Tribe :: Rob MacGregor, Trish MacGregor

Do You Know How to Flirt? Is Your Crush Crushing Back? What's you Ideal Guy Type? 

 L. A. Woman (Red Dress Ink) :: Cathy Yardley

Nightshade :: John Saul

The Prometheus Deception :: Robert Ludlum

I'm willing to make a deal. Make me an offer. :)

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Date Posted: 2/5/2008 3:30 PM ET
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The Pied Piper by Ridley Pearson - It's a good book, but there are probably a million in the system.  If you order this book, I will send you anything else on my shelf for free.  Please PM me.

TAKEN Thanks!

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Subject: oldest book
Date Posted: 2/5/2008 3:39 PM ET
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My oldest books were posted on the same day and are WIthout Feathers-Woody Allen and Never a Bride-Diane Hamilton. 

I will do a 2 for one on them if anyones interested!!!

Subject: Shelley's Frankenstein
Date Posted: 2/5/2008 3:59 PM ET
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Shelley's Frankenstein (Cliffs Notes)
Samuel J. Umland

Date Posted: 2/5/2008 4:21 PM ET
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If Pied Piper is still lounging on your shelf, I'd like to order it.  I'll take Darkest Fear as my freebie...I've been wanting to try a Harlan Coben for quite some time.  Good chance now!

Thanks for the deal!


Date Posted: 2/5/2008 4:33 PM ET
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LOL Most of them...

Subject: Grisham and Crichton
Date Posted: 2/5/2008 5:03 PM ET
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I've got a tie, since they were both posted my first day on this site, 12/21/06, and are the only two books remaining from that first upload. I hope that counts!

  • The Firm, by John Grisham
  • Disclosure, by Michael Crichton
Subject: oldest book
Date Posted: 2/5/2008 6:01 PM ET
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My oldest book is Devil May  Care by Sheri McInnis. It is humorous, fun book. 

Do you think you could resist temptation? Not a piece of cheesecake. Or another martini. Or a one-night stand. Real temptation. The kind they warn you about in the Bible...

Sally Carpenter is a struggling actress in New York City. She hasn't had a real gig in two years, her agent has stopped returning her phone calls, and she hates her day job. She's just about ready to go home to Wisconsin and finish her psych degree. Then she meets Jack Weaver. Jack's rich, charismatic, gorgeous -- and the president of one of the biggest TV networks in the country. When he starts showing an interest in Sally's career, she's grateful but wary. She's heard rumors about Jack -- he's a bit of a womanizer and ruthless in business. Even so, when he asks her out to dinner, she doesn't say no. Almost immediately, Sally's luck begins to change.  best of all, Sally's falling in love with the most wonderful man she's ever met. For the first time in her life, she is happy. Yet she can't shake the feeling that things seem too good to be true. When a series of bizarre coincidences and grisly accidents start happening, Sally finds herself wondering: Has she really met Mr. Right? Or has she fallen for the Devil himself?

Loaded with dead-on comic timing and pitch-perfect dialogue, Devil May Care stars one of the most exuberantly realized heroines in recent years -- not even Bridget Jones had it this bad. Newcomer Sheri McInnis takes us on a journey that will speak to anyone who's ever had to choose between doing what is right and what feels right.

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Subject: Oldest Book(s)
Date Posted: 2/5/2008 7:28 PM ET
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This is fun!  I thought for sure that I'd have more, but only two:

No Place Like Home, Mary Higgins Clark

Honeymoon, James Patterson

Always up for a deal, just pm me!


Date Posted: 2/5/2008 9:41 PM ET
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A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught was in the first batch of books that I posted, and it's the last of that lot. Order that and choose another as a freebie? Please? :-)


Date Posted: 2/5/2008 10:00 PM ET
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MIne too, from the day I joined. Laws of our Fathers by Scott Turow. Been collecting PBS dust since October 05! I thought it was here too long but then there are 226 posted. Order it and PM me with a freebie. It is a pretty good book, probably why there are so many posted.

Date Posted: 2/6/2008 1:04 AM ET
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First book taken! Here's the oldest books on my shelf now. Same thing, 2 for 1 if you order either of these books!


Reclaiming Friendship: Relating to Each Other in a Frenzied World :: Ajith Fernando



Speaking of Jesus: How to Tell Your Friends the Best News They Will Ever Hear (The Video Series With Book and Discussion Guide) :: J. MacK Stiles

Review from Amazon.com for Speaking of Jesus:  The gospel really is the best news anyone will ever receive. So why do Christians shy away from talking about Jesus outside of church? And, when they do speak of Jesus, why do they often get a disinterested or scornful reponse?Mack Stiles offers a wealth of answers, ideas and stories in this heads-up, hands-on evangelism handbook. His creative strategies for reaching an ethnically, culturally, economically, educationally, geographically and ideologically diverse world with the best news ever are drawn directly from his own work as an evangelist in today's student world. In Speaking of Jesus he shows readers how to keep their eyes open for "divine appointments," how to approach others with a servant spirit, how to cross relational barriers, how to simply tell one's own story of faith, and how to answer questions with honesty and confidence.Speaking of Jesus may well be an Out of the Saltshaker for the 1990s and beyond. With contagious enthusiasm, Stiles stresses that evangelism isn't about exhibiting superhuman courage or perfecting specialized techniques or exercising extraordinary gifts. Instead, he shows that people of faith can use everyday situations and everyday language to pass on the simple--and simply wonderful--news about Jesus.


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Date Posted: 2/6/2008 5:14 AM ET
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Here's my oldest book:          Redemption------Carolyn Davidson


Book Description:

Jake McPherson
Needed a bride . . .

He was a Civil War veteran, wounded in body and soul. And when his wife died unexpectedly, he retreated from life, craving only solitude and his happy memories. But his young son needed a mother's love and guidance -- even if Jake wanted no woman himself. So who better to choose than the town's spinster schoolmarm?

Alicia Merriweather
Wanted so much to love . . .

She had come to warn Jake his son was running wild. But she stayed because beneath his gruff exterior she saw Jake's pain and loneliness. Having borne the brunt of ridicule all her life, tall, plain Alicia understands both all too well. But could Jake ever learn to share his home and his heart?

Date Posted: 2/6/2008 6:23 AM ET
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The books that have been on my shelf the longest:

  • Wild Girls Club: Tales from Below the Belt by Anka Radakovich
  • A Widow for One Year by John Irving

Order either and PM me with a freebie.

Date Posted: 2/6/2008 6:23 AM ET
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The Lakehouse - James Patterson and Seizure by Robin Cook.   Gonna donate them to the library soon.

Date Posted: 2/6/2008 11:54 AM ET
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The Post-College Survival Handbook: The Essential Money Skills You Need to Make It on Your Own :: Jo-Ann Johnson, Jo-Ann Johnston which is surprising since it's basically in new condition

and You Don't Have to Go Home from Work Exhausted! : A Program to Bring Joy, Energy, and Balance to Your Life :: Anne Mcgee-Cooper

They've been up there for over 8 months along with a couple of others

If anyone's interested I'll do a 2 for 1 on any of the adult books on my shelf or a 4 for 1 on the kids books

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Date Posted: 2/6/2008 12:11 PM ET
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I have five all listed the day I first posted books here.

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume

Splinter Cell by Tom Clancy

Simple Truth by David Baldacci

G is for Gumshoe by Sue Grafton

Looking for Peyton Place by Barbara Delinsky

Date Posted: 2/6/2008 12:16 PM ET
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The books that have been on my shelf the longest (since Oct. 06) are

I' d be tickled to mail any two books for one credit! I also have a few Babysitter's Ckubs Books including:

  • Dawn and Impossible Three
  • Dawn on the Coast
  • The Ghost at Dawn's House
  • Kristy and the Snobs
  • Kristy and the Walking Disaster
  • Stacey's Choice

I will send all of these books, plus some unpostable BSC books I have for 1 credit.

Just PM me if interested!

Subject: Nutcraker Princes
Date Posted: 2/6/2008 12:26 PM ET
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Nutcracker Prince (Kids Kisses Christmas) (Harlequin Romance, No 3340)
Winters   has been there for ever it seams.  Just checked Posted my first week with PBS.


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