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Topic: Harcover and paperback versions with the SAME ISBN number

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Subject: Harcover and paperback versions with the SAME ISBN number
Date Posted: 5/21/2009 7:14 PM ET
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I just had a situation where I was waiting for the hardback version of a book.  I did not want the paperback of this particular book and was willing to wait. 

When I finally received the book- it was the paperback edition.    I said the book had been received with a problem (I thought wrong ISBN number).  I was composing a pm to the sender and let them know I was waiting for ISBN XXXXX.  I then looked up the ISBN of the version they sent me- and it was the same one!   Yikes! 

Now it deosn't seem like it was the senders- or the receivers fault.  I'll go ahead and give the credit to sender for this unfortunate situation.

Has anyone else had this issue? 

If there are both hardcover and softcover versions of the book I think the system should prompt the user to select which version they have to prevent this problem in the future.

Date Posted: 5/21/2009 7:23 PM ET
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After thinking about this it would seem that the earlier version (probably the HC) is the one that should have the ISBN and the PB should be posted with a PBS generated ISBN.  Of course that is for single books, but I can't think of an alternative.


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Date Posted: 5/21/2009 7:28 PM ET
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This is absolutely the senders fault. They are told during the posting process that the book must match all of the four points - Title, Author, ISBN and binding type. If their book does not match one of them the book must be posted using the no-ISBN process and cannot be posted using the ISBN. The info is in the posting process, its repeated when the book is requested, and its in the Help Center.

It is very common for an ISBN to be reused for HC and PB so people on the site need to make sure to verify they are posting the book correctly.  You are perfectly within you rights to ask for your credit back to reorder the correct book.

Here is the Help Doc:


  • Confirm that your book matches the information in the Book Listing Preview 

    • You will see the text below the Book Listing Preview:

      This is how your book listing will appear in the PBS library. 

      Do the Title, Author, ISBN and Book Type match your book EXACTLY?

      Please note: book cover image shown does NOT need to match your book.

    • If all of the information (ISBN, title, author, booktype) on the Book Listing Preview matches your book EXACTLY click  .   Do not click Refresh on your browser while the button reads "Processing..."  Doing this may cause the book to be Posted twice.

  • If your book does NOT match the information in the Book Listing Preview:

    • If it is a minor difference, such as a misspelled title or the wrong author first name, you can post the book and submit corrections afterward using the Edit Book Data link.
    • If the booktype is different (if your book is a paperback, and the Preview shows hardcover, for example):
      • You will need to post the book without an ISBN
    • If the book title says "(Large Print)" and your book is regular-size font:
      • You will need to post the book without an ISBN


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    Date Posted: 5/21/2009 7:29 PM ET
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    whatever type of book that came up with the isbn should be the the one posted the other version would need to use a generated number Here is what the Help Center says: Problem: You enter the ISBN on your paperback and the book Listing Preview says "hardcover". Explanation: This means one of two things: 1. Your book is an ARC If your book is a paperback, and the ISBN brings up a Book Listing Preview that says "hardcover", please check your book to be sure it is not an ARC. If it is an ARC, it cannot be posted for swapping at PBS. Solution: You can offer this book to others in the Book Bazaar Discussion Forum, but you cannot post it to your PBS bookshelf. 2. The publisher chose to assign the same ISBN to more than one version of this title. Publishers sometimes choose to assign the same ISBN to multiple versions of a book. However, PBS can attach only ONE booktype to the listing for an ISBN. If your book does not have the booktype assigned to the ISBN in the PBS database, you will need to post it with a customized listing, using the Post a Book Without an ISBN link on the Post Books page, so that the booktype matches your book. Solution: You will need to post this book with a customized listing for the book, using the Post Books without an ISBN link on the Post Books page.

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    Date Posted: 5/22/2009 6:28 PM ET
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    I looked and saw that the book is listed in the system as the hardcover.  The sender must not have noticed the the warning that comes up before you post a book that the book type must match EXACTLY (book type : Hardcover).

    Thanks all!


    Date Posted: 5/22/2009 9:27 PM ET
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    Btw, not only should you ask for your credit back, since the person listed it wrong, you should ask to be placed back at the head of the line becasue you wanted an HC not a PB and they will do this. Send in feedback, using the Contact Us/Feedback link at the bottom of the pages.

    Date Posted: 5/22/2009 9:55 PM ET
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    Sherry - as long as a book is marked RWAP, that is now automatic, we don't have to ask anymore :) I think that was a great change and I am sure it saves a lot of emails and time for the people handling that stuff.

    Date Posted: 5/23/2009 2:23 PM ET
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    I can't seem to find a listing that tells me what this means: RWAP.

    Can someone please enlighten me?

    Date Posted: 5/23/2009 2:40 PM ET
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    received with a problem

    Date Posted: 5/23/2009 9:30 PM ET
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    Thanks all!  It does seem there was enough guidance when positng.

    (The requester apologized and  asked that I mail the book back and then they will refund the credit).

    Actually there is also additional detailed guidance (in addition to all the other guidance you all mentioned above when posting) on PBS about problem swaps.  You can get to it through your transaction archive of the problem swap and click on "more details"/ Transaction Status.  App:  

  • Read more in the help topic: "A requestor says there is a problem with a book I sent!"  

      For "Wrong Book Mailed By Sender":

    It says (excerpted as it is a detailed reference that covers many situations):

    What is a problem swap? There are four types of problem options that a requestor can choose from when marking a book received:

                   WRONG BOOK:

      • This means the book did not match the listed item in one or more of the four necessary aspects--ISBN, Author, Title, Booktype (ie, paperback, hardcover, audio) OR that the book was an inappropriate item (such as an ARC) and should not have been Posted for swapping at PBS
      • Wrong booktype/wrong ISBN swaps are NEVER caused by a "glitch" in the system.  If you posted a hardcover using the paperback listing, you made the error. 

    All problem transactions, once they have been marked "Received with a Problem", will be archived in your Transaction Archive.  The sender DOES get credit when the book is marked received with a problem. 

    The credit should be refunded to the requestor if the problem described is accurate.  

    A requestor does NOT have to return the item in a "problem" transaction.

    • if the sender wants the item back, he or she should send postage or a credit to pay for its return.