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Topic: I need help from the Vamp lovers!!!!

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Subject: I need help from the Vamp lovers!!!!
Date Posted: 3/19/2010 12:58 AM ET
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I have been put in charge of the New Moon midnight release party at my local bookstore and it occurred to me twenty four hours before the event  to ask for help with some of the games.  I am currently working on a quiz game asking the fans questions about YA vampire/werewolf books as well as other famous vamps/wolves.  I want to have twenty and I'm coming up a few short.  I'll post the ones I have, and let me know what you think about those.  If you have one you think I could use, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks!

How well do you know your vamps and werewolves?


This girl is torn between vampire brothers named Stefan and Damon

Elena Vampire Diaries

Extra credit if you can name the werewolf in the book

Tyler Vampire Diaries

A type of marshmallow candy associated with Easter refers to which vampire series?

Peeps by Scott Westerfeld

This author published the most famous undead INTERVIEW

Anne Rice Interview With A Vampire

Name the two Harry Potter werewolves.

Remus Lupin and Fenrir Greyback 

This Jewish vampire can be seen hanging around with his shadowhunter friends in New York City

Simon Mortal Instruments Series:  City of Bones, Ashes, Glass

Cheerleader by day, slayer by night


Zooey Redbird attends which vampire high school?

The House of Night Marked

In L.J. Smith?s Night World Series, what principle is resurfacing, causing all the supernatural creatures to act strangely?

The soulmate principle

Rose and Lissa attend which vampire high school?

Vampire Academy

The author of The Silver Kiss, a vampire novel, is more widely known for a werewolf love story.  What is the story and who is the author?

Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klaus

 This vampire hangs out with an oversized bird on a very famous street

Count Dracula on Sesame Street

These werewolves are all descendent from the Quileute tribe of Native Americans

the Twilight werewolves 

What is the name of the town they live in?

La Push 

Date Posted: 3/19/2010 2:27 AM ET
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Shiver :: Maggie Stiefvater
ISBN-13: 9780545123266 - ISBN-10: 0545123267 is about werewolves.  A question could be: what season of the year is Sam in wolf form? (Winter, the cold transforms him into werewolf until the weather is warm again.)

The Dark Divine :: Bree Despain
ISBN-13: 9781606840573 - ISBN-10: 1606840576 is also about a werewolf.  A question could be about how Daniel became a werewolf. (It's hereditary, his father was one too.)  Or about the character's names (the father is a minister, their last name is Divine, the characters all have religiously significant names, Grace, Jude, Daniel, etc....  Christianity plays into the story a good bit, imo.)

Strange Angels (Strange Angels, Bk 1) :: Lili St. Crow
ISBN-13: 9781595142511 - ISBN-10: 1595142517 has 2 kinds of vampires: good ones that are keeping the bad ones ("suckers") from taking over the world basically.  A great question for this would be what happens to Dru's dad (he becomes a zombie and is sent back to kill her, that's how the book opens and is very terrifying actually) or what happens to her new friend Graves (he becomes a loup-garou, or half werewolf.) 

Bite Me! :: Melissa Francis
ISBN-13: 9780061430985 - ISBN-10: 0061430986 is a very light-hearted and original look at vampire life.  Good questions might include who AJ's stepbrother is (her ex-boyfriend, "ex" only at their parents requirement) or what her "mark" is in the shapre of (a serpent, for the Serpentine clan.)

The Summoning (Darkest Powers, Bk 1) :: Kelley Armstrong ISBN-13: 9780061450549 - ISBN-10: 0061450545  has a werewolf in the story.  A question could be which brother is it? (Derek) or who betrays the kids from Lyle House who are trying to escape (Chloe's Aunt Lauren.)

The Hollow :: Jessica Verday
ISBN-13: 9781416978930 - ISBN-10: 1416978933 has a dead guy/ghost in the story.  You could ask who it is (Caspian) or what the main character does for her hobby (perfume making, very original imo.)

Stray (Werecats, Bk 1) :: Rachel Vincent
ISBN-13: 9780778324218 - ISBN-10: 0778324214 has shapeshifters.  A question could be what animal the clan shifts into (panther.)

The Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs (Moon Called, Blood Bound, Iron Kissed, Bone Crossed) and the Alpha and Omega (Alpha and Omega, Hunting Ground) series by the same author have some of the same characters in them.  Mercy's books deal with the brother Samuel and Alpha and Omega is the story of Samuel's brother Charles.  In both series, the leader of the clan ("The Marrock" which I may have spelled wrong, I can't seem to find the exact spelling) is Bran Cornick.  And in both series, the hometown of all involved is Aspen Creek, Montana.

The Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz is another great series.  A question could be the name of the school (Duchesne School) or how do they become vampires (it's like puberty to them, something they grow into) or how many of them there are (400, hence the Four Hundred Ball they're getting ready for in the 2nd book Masquerade.)

I hope this helps you out some and also does not come too late!  Have fun!!

Date Posted: 3/19/2010 10:11 AM ET
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Thank you!  I actually really wanted to do a Strange Angels question, but I wasn't sure how popular the book actually was.  I personally loved it, and Betrayals.  Shiver has also become really popular recently, but I haven't read it myself.  I will definitely be using that question!