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Topic: ***JULY 2015 Official Wishlist Multiple Thread***

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Subject: ***JULY 2015 Official Wishlist Multiple Thread***
Date Posted: 6/30/2015 10:49 AM ET
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When you post in this thread, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your books have Wishers at the time of posting here.  Just because it had Wishers when you added it to your list last month (or the month before that!) doesn't mean it still has Wishers this month.  Check them each month so you don't risk getting a message from Mel or myself. 

PLEASE do NOT create "place holder" posts with no books listed.  This has become a trend the last couple of months for various reasons and needs to not happen.  Either list your books or don't...but please don't just create a post to hold your place on the thread.


READ AND FOLLOW THESE RULES BEFORE POSTING IN THIS THREAD (One of us will PM you if we see that you're not following the rules):

~ This will be a monthly thread (meaning a new thread will be started at the beginning of each month). Any books you have remaining from the month before that you still want to offer will be YOUR responsibility to transfer to the new thread. There is to only be ONE Wishlist Mutliples thread (this one) so that we can be assured people are following the rules. (4-27-11) Please do not create your own thread advertising WL Multiples and let Melanie or me (Amanda) know if you see one of these before we do. :)

~ If you have questions about this thread, please contact me (Amanda). If you don’t get an answer from Amanda within 24 hours, please contact  Melanie D. (melanied)(Bazaar Co-Czar). Neither of us (Melanie or I (Amanda)) are responsible for how transactions turn out. Please do things fairly and with honesty so that this thread will not be shut down.

NO ARC's may be offered here. There is a separate thread for these books here. If you have an ARC that is WL'd and is part of a series you have offered here in this thread, you can PM the person requesting them and let them know you have the ARC available and you two can work out the deal. If you offer one in your post, one of us will PM you asking you to remove it and list it in the ARC thread.

NO DAMAGED books are allowed to be listed in this thread. (7-1-11)


For the Sender

~ The goal is to send multiple books to the same home so you can save on shipping...this is NOT intended to bypass the FIFO system. You may combine your books listed here with books from your shelf to create your "multiples" package. However, you are NOT allowed to place requirements on your book orders in any other way than to state the obvious ("wanting to send out packages of 2 or more" or "orders of 3 or more only please"). It is NOT okay to require orders from your Bookshelf in conjunction to ordering these WL'd books. (It's about requiring it, rather than providing that as an option.) So long as you're sending out multiples, this thread is serving its purpose.

~ List what you have available.  **PLEASE** keep your posts updated and current...if people ask you for a book that is no longer available it will be wasted time for you and frustrating for them.

~ You may not ask more than the standard “1 credit for 1 book” in your post.

~All books listed in this thread must be listed in a post. Meaning, you are not allowed to just link to a PBS list or Tagged List. ALL books listed MUST have an accompanying ISBN OR link to PBS to verify WL status (links to PBS are always helpful, since they will immediately tell a person when they look at it if that ISBN is on their WL). If you need help inserting links please ask us-we are happy to assist! (9-18-10)

  • It is *okay* to have links to other portions of PBS within your post so that people can see what you have to offer for deals. You can say something like: "May combine with orders from my Bookshelf, ARC list, and Unpostables list," and then include links to where those lists are located within PBS.

~Please add the number of wishers to each item on your list. (This part is not mandatory, but will certainly help your books move if you can do this and helps the other members when looking through your list.)

DO NOT list books that have "0 Wishers" for it.

~DO NOT list only ONE book in this thread…this thread is for multiples.

If you have a complete SET of books or several books in a series, and some are WL'd and some aren't, you can offer all of these here and offer a deal on them if you wish. It is perfectly understandable that you'd want to keep the set together! The only thing we ask is that a minimum of 2 books out of the series you are posting be WL'd. (This means that if there are only 2 books in the series, they must both be WL'd.)  And remember, none of them can be damaged and must all meet PBS Posting Criteria.

~ This thread does NOT give the go ahead to being requiring a "minimum order" on your normal PBS account. If you have a book posted, you are agreeing to send out that book when it is requested. This thread (where we have people asking for a 2 or 3 book order minimum) is okay ONLY because it is in the Book Bazaar!! This type of requirement is NOT okay within the general PBS bookshelves and orders.

~ Books MUST meet PBS guidelines in order to be listed there for credit. NO DAMAGED books are allowed to be listed.

~ If someone asks you to only send one book, please know that you are not obligated to accept this request. If you, as the sender, would like to keep the package as a multiple, you have the right to decline this request (nicely!). (Please do not ignore a PM asking for this, though....a simply "no, but thanks" in a reply PM is all that is needed.)

~One tip (but not required!): several people still have dial-up, which makes viewing threads with images a very slow process. It would be nice (for those members) if you didn't put images in your posts when you're listing your books. Just having a link and the number of wishers makes it easier for these members. If you are putting images, you may be losing orders and/or causing lost orders for other members in this thread.

Link Your Post for Updates

Each month just create one post and keep it updated. When you do update your post, link to it and post a reply to the thread stating you’ve updated your original post. To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. 1. Go to your My Profile page, click on the blue link under Forum Posts.
  2. 2. Find your specific post for your list of books here and click "View Inline"
  3. 3. Once at that page, right click and copy the link for it. Then come here to paste that link into a new post. (if you need further help on creating links, please ask! :))

For the Requestor

~ Please be aware that if you have Requestor Conditions on your account, you and the person offering the deal need to work that out *before* the book is posted to your Wish List, so that you can remove your RC's if needed!! If the book is declined due to RC's, it is then passed on to the next person in line for that WL book through the FIFO system...thus making that book no longer eligible for a "multiples" deal.

~ Be sure that in your Settings (under Privacy Controls) you click to allow your Wish List to be public. This will allow the person who is listing these books to be able to post books directly to your Wishlist. If you don't do this, it will make it harder for people to do things with you.

~You are allowed to ask (nicely!) if the person offering the books is willing to just send out 1 book (instead of multiples). But the sender has the right to decline this request.


New Suggestions for those who post in this thread:  (added 11-14-13)

Good afternoon everyone!  I wanted to offer a few thoughts for your consideration.  :)  There have been some suggestions made in order to make this thread more user-friendly for those who peruse it each month.  Mind you, these are suggestsions and not rules that Melanie and I have come up with.  Take them and do with them what you will.  ;)

~~ When you ask for orders of 4 or more (and sometimes 3 or more) you are often causing people to bypass your entire listing.  Some people can (and do) request the number you're asking for, but there are many who have tried and simply can't find enough books to come up with that large of an order.  If you're willing to make other considerations on deals, please state this in your offering.  If they don't know you're willing to do an order of 2, they won't ask.  Or simply don't ask for the order of 4 or more.  Just ask for 2 or more and let it go at that.  :-D

~~ List your books by genre.  I know that it is time-consuming and seems like "one more thing" to do for the thread, but it might help your books go faster.  Think of it this way:  you go to the mall and you see a few shops where things look neat and tidy and are organized.  Then there is a shop where you glance in and see that nothing is organized and items seems to be thrown willy-nilly everywhere.  Which store would you go into?

~~ When you post a reply to the thread stating that you have added books to your post on page 2 (or where ever) provide a link to that particular post.  (If you aren't sure how to do this, please contact me and I will help you with it!)  Some people have mentioned scrolling right past the "update" posts that don't include a link to the original post because they don't want to have to scroll through an entire page of posts to find yours.

Date Posted: 6/30/2015 11:04 AM ET
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Orders of 2 or more - may be combined with my shelf. Smoke free home.
Love Anthony :: Lisa Genova
ISBN-13: 9781439164693 - ISBN-10: 143916469X   WL = 69
The Star Garden (Sarah Agnes Prine, Bk 2) :: Nancy E. Turner
ISBN-13: 9780312363178 - ISBN-10: 0312363176   WL - 37
The Hour of Dust and Ashes (Charlie Madigan, Bk 3) :: Kelly Gay
ISBN-13: 9781451625479 - ISBN-10: 1451625472   WL = 22
Web of Lies (Elemental Assassin, Bk 2) :: Jennifer Estep
ISBN-13: 9781439147993 - ISBN-10: 143914799X   WL = 18
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (Millennium, Bk 3) :: Stieg Larsson
ISBN-13: 9781849162746 - ISBN-10: 1849162743   WL = 5
Claimed by the Wolf (Shadow Guardians, Bk 1) :: Charlene Teglia
ISBN-13: 9780312537425 - ISBN-10: 0312537425   WL = 41
Date Posted: 6/30/2015 11:05 AM ET
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Orders of 2 or more, please. May combine with bookshelf or ARCs.

Dragonsblood (Dragonriders of Pern) by Todd McCaffrey  (1 Wishing)

The Thief (Queen's Thief, Book 1) by Megan Whalen Turner  (5 Wishing)

The Practical Entomologist by Rick Imes  (2 Wishing)

The World Guide to Gnomes, Faeries, Elves and Other Little People by Thomas Keightley  (11 Wishing)

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (Discworld, Book 28) by Terry Pratchett  (5 Wishing)

A Ring of Endless Light (Austin Family Chronicles, Book 4) by Madeleine L'Engle  (1 Wishing)

Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder  (7 Wishing)

The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After (Regency Magic - Kate & Cecelia, Book 3) by Caroline Stevermer & Patricia Wrede (27 Wishing)

Master/Slave edited by N.T. Morely  (13 Wishing)

Undead and Unfinished by MaryJanice Davidson  (7 Wishing)  *ADDED 7/28*

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Subject: sorry duplicate!
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Subject: sorry.
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Orders of two or more, please. WL books may be combined with books from my shelf to complete an order.

I smoke and recently had a cat. Please turn off any RCs regarding those before ordering and please have any WL books on your WL and on auto-request.


Born Wicked: The Cahill Witch Chronicles, Book One
Author: Jessica Spotswood
27 Wishers

Night of the Soul Stealer (Last Apprentice, Bk 3)
Author: Joseph Delaney
8 Wishers

Changeless (Parasol Protectorate, Bk 2)
Author: Gail Carriger
5 Wishers

Dragonquest (Dragonkeepers Chronicles, Bk 2)
Author: Donita K. Paul
5 Wishers

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #6: Ghost Hunter
Author: Michelle Paver
Hardcover  6 Wishers

Guardian of the Gate (Prophecy of the Sisters, Book 2)
Author: Michelle Zink
22 Wishers


Out of This Furnace
Author: Thomas Bell
2 Wishers

A Skeleton in the Family (Family Skeleton, Bk 1)
Author: Leigh Perry
7 Wishers

Crave the Moon (Nightcreature, Bk 11)
Author: Lori Handeland
5 Wishers

Foul Play at the Fair (Celebration Bay, Bk 1)
Author: Shelley Freydont
7 Wishers


Autobiography of a Fat Bride : True Tales of a Pretend Adulthood
Author: Laurie Notaro
1 Wisher

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Author: Rebecca Skloot
5 Wishers

Dirty German: Everyday Slang from What's Up? to F*%# Off! (Dirty Everyday Slang)
Author: Daniel Chaffey
1 Wisher

A Nightmare's Prayer: A Marine Harrier Pilot's War in Afghanistan
Author: Michael Franzak
1 Wisher

China's Wings: War, Intrigue, Romance, and Adventure in the Middle Kingdom During the Golden Age of Flight
Author: Gregory Crouch
Hardcover 5 Wishers

American Sphinx : The Character of Thomas Jefferson
Author: Joseph J. Ellis
4 Wishers

Spitfires, Thunderbolts, and Warm Beer: An American Fighter Pilot over Europe
Author: Philip D. Caine
1 Wisher

Killer Elite: Completely Revised and Updated: The Inside Story of America's Most Secret Special Operations Team
Author: Michael Smith
2 Wishers

The Finest Hours: The True Story of the U.S. Coast Guard's Most Daring Sea Rescue
Author: Michael J. Tougias, Casey Sherman
14 Wishers Hardcover

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Tammy K. (tk942) - ,
Date Posted: 6/30/2015 12:27 PM ET
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Asking for a minimum order of 3 and can be combined with my bookshelf or my SwapaDVD WL multiples or DVD Tower. Please let me know about any RCs you might have when ordering. Ours is a non-smoking 2 cat household.


Alexandra's Legacy (Legacy, Bk 1) by N. J. Walters (21w) - Added 7/5

Angelina [Orchidea: Love on the Bayou 5] (Siren Publishing Lovextreme Forever) by Dixie Lynn Dwyer (3w)

Beast Warriors: Bad Moon Rising / Ghost in My Heart by Autumn Dawn (8w)

Bit by the Bug by Michelle M. Pillow (15w)

Ellora's Cavemen: Tales From the Temple I by Jaid Black (Editor) (36w)

Ellora's Cavemen: Tales From the Temple II by Jaid Black (Editor) (4w)

Ellora's Cavemen: Tales From the Temple III by Jaid Black (Editor (16w) -  Have 2.

Exposed: The Erotic Fiction of Alison Tyler by Alison Tyler (6w)

A Forever Thing (Three Magic Words, Bk 1) by Carolyn Brown (5w) - Added 7/25

Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye  (23w) Has a crease down the middle of the front cover.

Meant To Be by Donna Marie Rogers (1w)

Merry Christmas, Paige by MacKenzie McKade (4w)

Red Hot Holidays: Holiday Inn / His Christmas Cara / Unwrapped by Lacey Alexander/Shiloh Walker/Shelby Reed (1w)

Shards of the Mind by Theolyn Boese (14w)  - Added 7/6

The Strength of the Wolf (Northern Shifters, Bk 2) by Jorrie Spencer (6w)

Take Me Again (Wild Oats, Bk 2) by MacKenzie McKade (84w) - Added 7/6

Texas Heat by Lynne Connolly (4w)

Who's Your Daddy: Direct Deposit / Strategic Withdrawal / Playing the Ace by Summer Devon/Alexis Fleming/Lyn Cash (4w)  - Added 7/25


Feint of Art (Art Lover's Mystery, Bk 1) by Hailey Lind (6w) - Anyone ordering both the Hailey Lind books can choose a freebie from my shelf.

*Shooting Gallery (Annie Kincaid, Bk 2) by Hailey Lind (1w) - Added 7/5

Peach Pies and Alibis (Charmed Pie Shoppe, Bk 2) by Ellery Adams (15w)

Pecan Pies and Homicides (Charmed Pie Shoppe, Bk 3) by Ellery Adams (48w) - Added 7/5


The Black Book of Secrets by F. E. Higgins (1w)

A Captain and a Corset (Steam Guardians, Bk 2) by Mary Wine (21w) - Added 7/25

Infinity (Chronicles of Nick, Bk 1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon (1w)

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2+ please. May combine with bookshelf or  0 copies/0 wishers list (http://www.paperbackswap.com/0-Copies-Wishers/list/19338/). Preference given to larger orders. Must PM me, have on auto and turn off RCs please.  Thank you.

The Heavy: A Mother A Daughter A Diet--A Memoir
Author: Dara-Lynn Weiss (2 Wishers)


How Not to Die Surprising Lessons on Living Longer Safer and Healthier from America's Favorite Medical Examiner
Author: Jan Garavaglia MD  (1 Wisher)


Wards of Faerie Dark Legacy of Shannara, Bk 1  (18 Wishers)

Author: Terry Brooks


The Shadow Tracer  (6 Wishers)
Author: Meg Gardiner


Battle of the Network Zombies Amanda Feral, Book 3

Author: Mark Henry  (3 Wishers)


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Subject: WL Multiples Literature, Fiction incl. Atwood, Hoffman, Quick,Woods,
Date Posted: 6/30/2015 1:35 PM ET
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This month I'm taking orders of 3 books (or more) at a time. Naturally, you can combine anything from the list below with anything you find on my Bookshelf. (Which has over 280 books at the moment.)

Please note: Items on my Bookshelf tend to average about one-third falling under the umbrella of "Science Fiction & Fantasy," and about one-third falling under "Mystery, Thriller & Suspense." If you like those genres, you should have a decent chance of finding something to suit your tastes. (And, of course, the remainder of my shelf is a mishmash of other stuff.) 

Please have Auto-Request set for anything you want, before you send me a PM listing the 3 (or more) books which you would like to receive in one package.

P.S. To save you the trouble of asking: I have lived alone for several years; I've never smoked; I've never kept any pets. Many of my books are things I acquired secondhand, but I've never noticed a tobacco odor coming from anything I'm offering here on PBS.


Science Fiction:

Cryoburn (Miles Vorkosigan, Bk 14) by Lois McMaster Bujold (mass-market paperback, 24 wishing)

Babel-17 / Empire Star by Samuel R. Delany (paperback, 17 wishing)

Star Wars: Darth Bane, Dynasty of Evil: A Novel of the Old Republic by Drew Karpyshyn (mass-market paperback, 15 wishing)

Like a Mighty Army by David Weber (hardback, 22 wishing)

On Blue's Waters (Book of the Short Sun, Vol. 1)  by Gene Wolfe (hardback, 4 wishing)

In Green's Jungles (The Book of the Short Sun, Bk 2)  by Gene Wolfe (hardback, 1 wishing)




Bronze Gods (Apparatus Infernum, Bk 1) by A. A. Aguirre (mass-market paperback, 25 wishing)

Killbox (Sirantha Jax, Bk 4) by Ann Aguirre (mass-market paperback, 26 wishing)

Shady Lady (Corine Solomon, Bk 3) by Ann Aguirre (mass-market paperback, 7 wishing)

Bridge of Dreams (Ephemera, Bk 3) by Anne Bishop (hardback, 15 wishing)

Wake of the Bloody Angel (Eddie LaCrosse, Bk 4) by Alex Bledsoe (paperback, 11 wishers)

Two Weeks's Notice (Revivalist, Bk 2) by Rachel Caine (mass-market paperback, 29 wishing)

Naamah's Curse (Kushiel's Legacy, Bk 8) by Jacqueline Carey (hardback, 10 wishing)

Naamah's Blessing (Kushiel's Legacy, Bk 9) by Jacqueline Carey (hardback, 41 wishing)

Circle of Enemies (Twenty Palaces, Bk 3) by Harry Connolly (mass-market paperback, 15 wishing)

Casket of Souls (Nightrunner, Bk 6) by Lynn Flewelling (mass-market paperback, 20 wishing)

Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, Bk 12) by Charlaine Harris (hardback, 87 wishing)

Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse, Bk 13) by Charlaine Harris (hardback, 148 wishing)

Burned (Void City, Bk 4) by J.F. Lewis (mass-market paperback, 22 wishing)

Darkening Skies (The Hadrumal Crisis, Bk 2) by Juliet E. McKenna (mass-market paperback, 3 wishing)

Defiant Peaks (The Hadrumal Crisis, Bk 3) by Juliet E. McKenna (mass-market paperback, 4 wishing)

Shadow Chaser (Chronicles of Siala, Bk 2) by Alexey Pehov (hardback, 2 wishing)

Shadow Blizzard (Chronicles of Siala, Bk 3) by Alexey Pehov (hardback, 2 wishing)

Chicory Up: The Pixie Chronicles by Irene Radford (mass-market paperback, 2 wishing)

The Alloy of Law (Mistborn, Bk 4) by Brandon Sanderson (hardback, 64 wishing)

The Night Life of the Gods by Thorne Smith (mass-market paperback, 6 wishing)



Mystery, Thriller & Suspense:

Frozen Heat (Nikki Heat, Bk 4) by Richard Castle (hardback, 54 wishing)

Mrs. Pollifax: Three Complete Mysteries: A Palm for Mrs. Pollifax / Mrs. Pollifax on Safari / Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station (Bks 4, 5, 6) by Dorothy Gilman (hardback, 3 wishing)

The Language of Bees (Mary Russell, Bk 9) by Laurie R. King (hardback, 1 wishing)

Pirate King (Mary Russell, Bk 11) by Laurie R. King (hardback, 17 wishing)

The Devil's Madonna by Sharon Potts (hardback, 1 wishing)

Concealed in Death (In Death, Bk 38) by J.D. Robb (hardback, 17 wishing)

Cop Town: A Novel by Karin Slaughter (hardback, 69 wishing)



Fall of Giants (Century, Bk 1) by Ken Follett (hardback, 88 wishing)

Three Novels: The House of Mirth, the Custom of the Country, Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton (hardback, 2 wishing)



Rose Hip Zero Volume 3 by Tohru Fujisawa (paperback, 1 wishing)

The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors, Bk 3) by Ashlyn Chase (mass-market paperback, 20 wishing)
Deadly Games (Dante Johnson, Bk 3) by Gate Noble (mass-market paperback, 1 wishing)
Children's Books:
Read It and Weep (You're Invited to a Creepover, Bk 13) by P.J. Night (paperback, 1 wishing)
Teen & Young Adult:
Betsy's Wedding (last of the Betsy-Tacy series) by Maud Hart Lovelace (paperback, 11 wishing)

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Preference given to larger orders - please have on auto request. Non-smoking home - no pets.  Also ARC's.  Most are in good to almost new condition. 

Zoo ~ James Patterson ~ 9780446571791 ~ 5 wishers

All the Single Ladies ~ Dorothea Benton Frank ~ 9780062132567 ~ 78 wishers

Every 15 Minutes ~ Lisa Scottoline ~ 9781250010117 ~ 201 wishers

Sonoma Rose ~ Jennifer Chiaverini ~ 9780525952640 ~ 24 wishers

Where'd You Go Bernadette ~ Maria Semple ~ 9780316204262 ~ 37 wishers

The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon ~ Alexander McCall Smith ~ 9780307473004 (#1 Ladies Detective Agency) 28 wishers

The Good, the Bad, and the Emus ~ Donna Andrews ~ 9781250009500 ~ 40 wishers

Dismantled ~ Jennifer McMahon ~ 9780061689345 ~ 8 wishers

175 Best Babycakes ~ 9780778802839 ~ great condition ~ 13 wishers

Mediterranean Prescription: Meal Plans & Recipes to Help You Stay Slim and Healthy...~ 9780345479242 ~ 14 wishers

The Accounting ~ William Lashner ~ 9781611099355 ~ 5 wishers

The Best American Short Stories 2012 ~ Tom Perrotta, Editor ~ 9780547242101 ~ 14 wishers

The Friends We Keep ~ Holly Chamberlain ~ 9780758214010 ~ 2 wishers

On The Rocks ~ Erin Duffy ~ 9780062205766 ~ 6 wishers

If You Were Here ~ Jen Lancaster ~ 9780451234384 ~ 55 wishers

King’s Deception ~ Steve Berry ~ 9780345526540 ~ 5 wishers

Lunch in Paris ~ Elizabeth Bard ~ 9780316340816 ~ 10 wishers

The Giving Quilt ~ Jennifer Chiaverini ~ 9780142180242 ~ 44 wishers

41 A Portrait of My Father ~ George W. Bush ~ 9780553447781 ~ 27 wishers








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Ok! I'm looking for order of 2 or more! (Preference will be given to larger orders!) Your order can combine book from here and my Bookshelf. I don't smoke but I do have a fluffy cat, so please keep that in mind!


Also! I'm not on the internet much on the weekends, so if I'm slow getting back to you, don't panic! It's first come, first serve.


Please make sure you have the books you're requesting on your wishlist.


  • Young Adult:



-The Last Exit to Normal  Author: Michael Harmon  ISBN-13: 9780375840982  (WL 1)


-Dirty Little Secret  Author: Jennifer Echols  ISBN-13: 9781451658040   (WL 14)


-Such a Rush  Author: Jennifer Echols  ISBN-13: 9781451658026  (WL 14)  ADDED 6/8


-Bad Habits: A Love Story   Author: Cristy C. Road  ISBN-13: 9781593762155  (WL 1)  ADDED 6/29


-City of Flowers (Stravaganza, Bk 3)  Author: Mary Hoffman  ISBN-13: 9781582347493  (WL 2)   ADDED 7/22


  • Fiction/Literature:



-Secret Daughter: A Novel  Author: Shilpi Somaya Gowder  ISBN-13: 9780061974304  (WL 10)


-Falling Together   Author: Marisa De Los Santos  ISBN-13: 9780061670879  (WL 39)


-The Write Match (Avalon Romance)  Author: Margaret Carroll  ISBN-13: 9780803497740  (WL 1)


-The Widower's Tale  Author: Julia Glass  ISBN-13: 9780307456106  (WL 78)


-Jana Bibi's Excellent Fortunes (Jana Bibi, Bk 1)  Author: Betsy Woodman  ISBN-13: 9780805093490  (WL 1)


-Brilliance of the Moon (Tales of the Otori, Bk 3)  Author: Lian Hearn  ISBN-13: 9781594480867  (WL 2) 


-Stillwater   Author: Nicole Lea Helget  ISBN-13: 9780547898209   (WL 14)  


-Never Let Me Go   Author: Kazuo Ishiguro   ISBN-13: 9780571224135  (WL 4)  


-The Unbearable Lightness of Being  Author: Milan KunderaMichael Henry Heim (Translator)  ISBN-13: 9780571135394  (WL 1) 


-The Blue Flower  Author: Penelope Fitzgerald  ISBN-13: 9780395859971  (WL 6)  ADDED 6/8


-My Sweet Valentine  Author: Annie Groves  Author: Annie Groves  (WL 3)  ADDED 6/8


-The God of Nightmares  Author: Paula Fox  ISBN-13: 9780393322873  (WL 1)  ADDED 6/8


-Down Where My Love Lives  Author: Charles Martin  ISBN-13: 9781595546098  (WL 40)  ADDED 6/8


-Sword Song: The Battle for London  Author: Bernard Cornwell  ISBN-13: 9780061379741  (WL 3)  ADDED 6/9


-Sense of An Ending  Author: Julian Barnes  ISBN-13: 9780099570332  (WL 29)  ADDED 7/13


  • CD AudioBooks:



-Frankenstein (Classic Literature with Classical Music)   Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley  ISBN-10: 9626340037 (WL 1)  


-Mr. Muo's Travelling Couch  Author: Dai Sijie  ISBN-13: 9780739320549  (WL 1)  ADDED 6/9


-Empress Orchid (Audio CD) (Abridged)  Author: Anchee MinPik-Sen Lim (Narrator)  (WL 3)  ADDED 6/22


-There's a (Slight) Chance I Might Be Going to Hell: A Novel of Sewer Pipes, Pageant Queens, and Big Trouble [CD] (Audiobook)  Author: Laurie Notaro  ISBN-13: 9781415940426  (WL 3)  ADDED 6/29


-A Visit from the Goon Squad  Author: Jennifer Egan  ISBN-13: 9781602839151  (WL 13)   ADDED 7/13


-Sense of An Ending (BBC Audio)  Author: Julian Barnes  ISBN-13: 9781408470787   (WL 11)  ADDED 7/13


  • Mysteries/Thrillers



-The Sanibel Sunset Detective Returns  Author: Ron Base  ISBN-13: 9780973695557  (WL 1)


-Afterwards  Author: Rosamund Lupton   ISBN-13: 9780749942168   (WL 61)


-To Love and to Perish (Broken Vows, Bk 4)  Author: Lisa Bork  ISBN-13: 9780738723372   (WL 11)


-Shot  Author: Sarah Quigley  ISBN-13: 9781844080144   (WL 1)   


-Unto the Breach (The Ghost)  Author: John Ringo  ISBN-13: 9781416555353  (WL 1)  ADDED 6/8


-The Confession (Ian Rutledge, Bk 14)  Author: Charles Todd  ISBN-13: 9780062015679  ADDED 6/8


-Under the Bright Lights  Author: Daniel Woodrell  ISBN-13: 9780712623339   (WL 1)   ADDED 6/8


-Alpha (Jad Bell, Bk 1)   Author: Greg Rucka  ISBN-13: 9780316182270   (WL 1)   ADDED 6/9


-The Last Victim in Glen Ross (Sergeant Mornay, Bk 1)  Author: M. G. Kincaid  ISBN-13: 9780743467568  (WL 1) ADDED 6/9


-Wings of Fire (Inspector Ian Rutledge, Bk 2)  Author: Charles Todd  ISBN-13: 9780312965686  (WL 1) ADDED 6/9


-Brooklyn Noir  Author: Tim McLoughlin  ISBN-13: 9781888451580  (WL 3) ADDED 6/9


-A Corpse's Nightmare (Fever Devilin, Bk 6)  Author: Phillip DePoy  ISBN-13: 9780312699468  (WL 9)  ADDED 6/16


-At the Drop of a Hat (Hat Shop, Bk 3)  Author: Jenn McKinlay  ISBN-13: 9780425258910   (WL 69)   ADDED 7/27


  • Children: 



-Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Novelization  Author: T. T. Sutherland  ISBN-13: 9781423128861  (WL 1) 


-The One and Only Ivan  Author: Katherine Applegate  ISBN-13: 9780545849135  (WL 1)  ADDED 6/8


-Clemency Pogue : Fairy Killer   Author: J. T. Petty  ISBN-13: 9780689872365  (WL 2)   ADDED 6/9


-The Diamond of Darkhold (Ember, Bk 4)  Author: Jeanne Duprau  ISBN-13: 9780375855719  (WL 12)  ADDED 6/9



  • Poetry:


-Revival: Spoken Work from Lollapalooza 94   Author: Nicole BlackmanJuliette Torrez  ISBN-13: 9780916397418  (WL 1)


-Staying Alive : Real Poems for Unreal Times  Author: Neil Astley  ISBN-13: 9781401359263   (WL 1)



  • History/Politics/Social Sciences:



-The Language of Flowers: Symbols and Myths  Author: Marina Heilmeyer  ISBN-13: 9783791323961   (WL 1) 


-Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania  Author: Charles H. Browning  ISBN-13: 9780788410635   (WL 1)  ADDED 7/13


-The Extraordinary Catalog of Peculiar Inventions: The Curious World of the Demoulin Brothers and Their Fraternal Lodge Prank Machines - from Human Centipedes and Revolving Goats to ElectricCarpets and  Author: Julia Suits  ISBN-13: 9780399536939  (WL 4)   ADDED 7/29


  • Biographies & Memoirs:



-Don't Kill the Birthday Girl: Tales from an Allergic Life  Author: Sandra Beasley  ISBN-13: 9780307588111  (WL 27)


-The Heart and the Fist: The Education of a Humanitarian, the Making of a Navy SEAL  Author: Eric Greitens  ISBN-13:9780547750385   (WL 16)  


-A Week at the Airport (Vintage International Original)  Author: Alain De Botton  ISBN-13: 9780307739674  (WL 13)  


-The Kabbalah Code: A True Adventure   Author: James F. TwymanPhilip Gruber  ISBN-13: 9781401924041  (WL 6)  ADDED 7/29

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This is a continuation from the post above:



  • Science Fiction & Fantasy & Occult:



-Dragonfire (Dragonkeepers Chronicles, Bk 4)  Author: Donita K. Paul  ISBN-13: 9781400072514   (WL 2)


-Shardik  Author: Richard Adams  ISBN-13: 9780671220150   (WL 1)


-The Grass King's Concubine  Author: Kari Sperring  ISBN-13: 9780756407551   (WL 2)


-Behold a Pale Horse  Author: A Prophetic Novel by Joe Musser  ISBN-13: 265914   (WL 6) 


The Death of the Necromancer  Author: Martha Wells  ISBN-13: 9780380788149   (WL 1)  ADDED 6/9


-Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communications  Author: Penelope Smith  ISBN-13: 9780936552033  (WL 2)  ADDED 6/16


-Casually Cursed (Southern Witch, Bk 5  Author: Kimberly Frost  ISBN-13: 9780425267837  (WL 32)  ADDED 7/27



  • Interior Design/Architecture--- Arts/Photography--- Cookbooks:



-Inheriting Beauty   by Roger Moenks (Photographer)    ISBN-13: 9781576874301   (WL 1) 


-Meatloaf: Recipes for Everyone's Favorite  Author: Maryana Vollstedt  ISBN-13: 9780811847179  (WL 1)  ADDED 6/9


-How to Draw and Paint Fairyland: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the World of Fairies  Author: Linda Ravenscroft  ISBN-13: 9780764139536  (WL 11)  ADDED 7/29



  • Graphic Novels:



-The 120 Days Of Simon   Author: Simon Gardenfors  ISBN-13: 9781603090506  (WL 2) 


-Hall of Best Knowledge  Author: Ray Fenwick  ISBN-13: 9781560979104   (WL 1)  



  • Manga:



-Red River, Vol. 6  Author: Chie Shinohara  ISBN-13: 9781591167808  (WL 1)  ADDED 6/22


-Countdown 7 Days Volume 1  Author: Kemuri Karakara  ISBN-13: 9781569701942  (WL 1) ADDED 6/22


-Countdown 7 Days Volume 2  Author: Kemuri Karakara  ISBN-13: 9781569702635  (WL 1)  ADDED 6/22


-Countdown 7 Days, Vol 3  Author: Kemuri Karakara  ISBN-13: 9781569702642  (WL 2)  ADDED 6/22


[More to come! Feel free to ask for the full list in the meantime!]


There will be more, but I have to finish digging them out! ;)


AND!! I have other Manga/Graphic novels. You're welcome to ask for the full list.


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Orders of at least three (3) ...Selections from my bookshelf may also be used.

Non-Smoking Home.

Please have Auto Request ON with Requestor Conditions OFF.  Thanks!


Shiloh Walker's Secrets & Shadows series-   Prefer not to break up the set: 

Deeper than Need  (WL30)

Sweeter than Sin  (WL26)

Darker than Desire  (WL30)


Prefer to send together:

Broken Open by Lauren Dane  (WL17)

Back to You by Lauren Dane  (WL59)


I also have a couple of books on the last page of the Unpostable Wishlist thread.


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Subject: Cozies
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Subject: Eclectic Wishlist Multiples
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I will accept orders of two, but would appreciate three or more. Most of these books were purchased new.  may also include my bookshelf, ARC's near the top of pg. 84 of that forum.  Non-smoking home.  I ship quickly. 

Please put on  your wishlist auto request and PM me.  thank you


Akhtar, Ayad   American Dervish: A Novel   WL 24, other HB version has WL 49

Barnes, Linda  The Perfect Ghost  WL 19

Hainey, Michael  After Visiting Friends: A Son's Story  WL 42

Hawley, Noah   The Good Father: A Novel   WL 28

Homes, A.M.  May We Be Forgiven: A Novel  WL 43

Lowe, Rob  Love Life  WL 99

Richman, Alyson  The Garden of Letters  WL 44

Samarasan, Preeta Evening Is the Whole Day: A Novel   WL 7

Taylor, Patrick An Irish Country Wedding (Irish Country, Bk 7)   WL 21

Vardalos, Nia  Instant Mom  WL 29

Warren, Dianne  Juliet in August  WL 6

Flirt Skirts: Learn How to Sew, Customize, and Style Your Very Own Skirts WL 12

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Please order 2 or more books. May be combined with a book from my shelf. Please have RCs turned off and books on auto request. We don’t smoke nor do we have any pets. Thanks. Pat

Mysteries/Cozy Mysteries

The Alpine Xanadu: An Emma Lord Mystery :: Mary Daheim
ISBN-13: 9780345535344 - ISBN-10: 0345535340    20  Wishers     

Dead Level (Home Repair Is Homicide, Bk 15) :: Sarah Graves
ISBN-13: 9780553593433 - ISBN-10: 0553593439     10 wishers

The Mapping of Love and Death (Maisie Dobbs, Bk 7) :: Jacqueline Winspear
ISBN-13: 9780061727689 - ISBN-10: 0061727687       11 Wishers

Widow's Tears (China Bayles, Bk 21) :: Susan Wittig Albert (ex-library)
ISBN-13: 9780425255728 - ISBN-10: 0425255727 –25 Wishers


An Encounter at Hyde Park :: Ava Stone, Karen Hawkins, Deb Marlowe, Claudia Dain
ISBN-13: 9781500736323 - ISBN-10: 1500736325   8 Wishers

Miss Lavigne's Little White Lie (Beau Monde Bachelor, Bk 3) :: Samantha Grace
ISBN-13: 9781402258374 - ISBN-10: 1402258372 – 11 Wishers

Romancing the Duke (Castles Ever After, Bk 1) :: Tessa Dare
ISBN-13: 9780062240194 - ISBN-10: 0062240196     4 Wishers – 2 copies

To Conquer a Highlander (Highlander, Bk 1) :: Mary Wine
ISBN-13: 9781402237379 - ISBN-10: 1402237375 – 3 Wishers

Widow's Tears (China Bayles, Bk 21) :: Susan Wittig Albert
ISBN-13: 9780425255728 - ISBN-10: 0425255727 – 34 Wishers


The Dark Rose: A Novel :: Erin Kelly
ISBN-13: 9780670023288 - ISBN-10: 0670023280  22 wishers

Die a Stranger (Alex McKnight, Bk 9) :: Steve Hamilton
ISBN-13: 9780312640217 - ISBN-10: 0312640218  11 Wishers

A Hard Day's Fright (Pepper Martin, Bk 7) :: Casey Daniels
ISBN-13: 9780425240564 - ISBN-10: 0425240568 – 10 Wishers

Love Irresistibly (FBI / U.S. Attorney, Bk 4) :: Julie James
ISBN-13: 9780425251195 - ISBN-10: 0425251195   8 Wishers

Misery Bay (Alex McKnight, Bk 8) :: Steve Hamilton
ISBN-13: 9780312380434 - ISBN-10: 0312380437 – 9 Wishers

A Perfect Death (Wesley Peterson Crime Series) :: Kate Ellis
ISBN-13: 9780749909260 - ISBN-10: 0749909269  - 4 Wishers



Inferno (Robert Langdon, Bk 4) :: Dan Brown
ISBN-13: 9780385537858 - ISBN-10: 0385537859 – 141 Wishers

Twilight (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Bk 5) :: Erin Hunter
ISBN-13: 9780060827670 - ISBN-10: 006082767X – 4 Wishers

The following are Guidepost books, which do not have regular ISBNs so have to be posted under PBS ‘fake’ ISBNs. They are all wishlisted:

A Thousand Generations – Traci Depree – ISBN 462226 – 14 Wishers             

To Have and to Hold – Sunni Jeffers – ISBN – 462222 - 8 Wishers

For the Least of These – 462221 – 9 Wishers

The Best is Yet to Be – ISBN 462225 – 1 wisher for a paperback version – This is a hardback version

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Must take at least 2 books, you can use my bookshelf.  Please make sure books you chose from below are on your wish list.  All books are hardbound unless noted, and come from a non smoking home without pets.   Thanks Dave

The Patriot Threat

The Patriot Threat
Author: Steve Berry
ISBN-13: 9781250056238  78 Wishing

The Prince of Risk  9780385535069  18 wishing

Author: Christopher Reich

No Way Back 9780061655982  1 wishing
Author: Andrew Gross

The Final Cut - Brit in the F.B.I., Bk 1  9780399164736 8 wishing
Author: Catherine Coulter, J. T. Ellison

The Keeper - Dismas Hardy, Bk 15 9781476709185 29 wishing
Author: John Lescroart

The Assassination Option - A Clandestine Operations Novel   9780399171246  21 Wishing
Author: W.E.B. Griffin, William E. Butterworth IV

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I NEED to get rid of so many books so orders of 3 or more, please.  Non smoking house, no cats, have dogs w/no access to books.  Please have on AR.  All books in great postable shape.  Feel free to combine with my shelf.



The Hangmans Daugter by Oliver Potzsch isbn 9780547745015 35 wishing.

Her Daughter's Dream by Francine Rivers isbn 9781414334103   61 wishing (signed by 

The Smart One by Jennifer Close isbn 9780307743701    7 wishing 

Full Cirlcle An EJ Pugh Mystery by Susan Rogers Cooper isbn 9780727869555   3 wishing 

Descent, The Walking Dead book 5 by Jay Bonansinga signed isbn 9781250057174   14 wishing 

Dead Man's Song by Jonathan Maberry isbn  9780786018161  7 wishing 




Not fiction

The Duggars: 20 Kids and Counting by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar isbn 9781416585633  145 wishing

Unstuff Your Life (Kick the Clutter) by Andrew J Mellen isbn 9781583333891   75 wishing 

The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper isbn 9780345533128    83 wishing 

Money Secrets of the Amish by Lorilee Craker isbn 9781595553416   32 wishing (Sticker residue)

Girl Walks into a Bar by Rachel Dratch isbn 9781592407118    35 wishing 

Yes Chef, A memoir by Marcus Samulsson isbn  9780440338819 10 wishing

Once Upon A Secret by Mimi Alford isbn 9781400069101   22 wishing 

The Joker by Andrew Hudgins isbn  9780394717845    4 wishing 

Gertrudes Oath by Ram Obren isbn 9780385527187  20 wishing 

Under a Cruel Star, A Life in Prague 1941-1968 by Heda margolius Kovaly isbn  9780841913776 5 wishin

The Exact Same Moon, Fifty Acres and A Family by Jeanne Marie Laskas isbn 9780553802634 2 wishing

Cakewalk A memoir by Kate Moses isbn  9780385342988  60 wishing 

One Year to An Organized Life by Regina Leeds isbn 9781606711705  2 wishing 

Drop Dead Healthy by AJ Jacobs isbn 9781416599074  18 wishing NO DUST COVER!!




Kids or YA

Smile by Raina Telgemeir isbn 9780545241823   3 wishing 

How To Speak Dragonese by Cressida Cowell isbn 9780316015783  4 wishing 

I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic by Lauren Tarshis isbn 9780545206945  1 wishing 

The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys by Gonn Iggulden and Hal Iggulden isbn 9780061649936   23 wishing 

Unwind by Neal Shusterman isbn 9781416912057   139 wishing 

The Legend of Zelda  Ocarina in time Part 1 by Akira Himekawa isbn 9781421523279  8 wishing 

The Adoration of Jenna fox by Mary Pearson isbn 9780312594411    1 wishing 

The Enemy (Enemy book 1) by Charlie Higson isbn 9781423133124  12 wishing

The Dead (Enemy book 2) by Charlie Higson isbn 9781423134220  7 wishing 


Lulu and the Brontosaurus by Judith Voirst isbn 9781416999621 5 wishing 


California Pizza Kitchen Pasta, Salads, Soups and Sides isbn 9780688164669 3 wishing 

Cookery of the Prairie Homesteader by Louise K nickey isbn 9780911518450  2 wishing 

The Donut book, the Whole Story in Words, Pictures and Outrageous Tales by Sally Levitt Steinberg isbn  9781580175487    7 wishing 

Sunday Soup isbn  9780811860321   25 wishing 



Unpostables free with order or 3+

Little Mercies by Heather Gudenkauf isbn 9780778316336 81 wishing (writing on flyleaf and title page - probably still postable but i dont like)

The Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas   ---   very old some staining on side isbn  9780394717845 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie Diary isbn 9780810996168   (spine opens flat in a place)

Alcatraz from inside by Jim Quillen spine Damage 

Let me Go, my Mother and the SS by Helga Schneider isbn 9780099443742  water damage








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