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Total Books: 16
Decorative Glass of the 19th and Early 20th Century A Source Book
World Population
1998 - World Population [Living for the Future S.] (Hardcover)Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780749628550
ISBN-10: 0749628553

Decorative Glass of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries A Source Book
Hong Kong
1990 - Hong Kong [World in View] (Other)Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9780811424332
ISBN-10: 0811424332
Genres: Children's Books, History, Teen & Young Adult

World in View Indonesia
World in VIew Indonesia (Hardcover)Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9780333486467
ISBN-10: 0333486463
Genre: Children's Books

Feeding the World
Feeding the World [Today's World] (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780713442649
ISBN-10: 0713442646

Growing Up in the Post-War Forties
Growing Up in the Post-war Forties [Growing Up Series] (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780713447620
ISBN-10: 0713447621

People at Work in Sri Lanka
People at Work in Sri Lanka [People at Work Series] (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780713454796
ISBN-10: 0713454792
Genres: Children's Books, History

The 1950s
The 1950s [Portrait of a Decade] (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780713460704
ISBN-10: 0713460709

Indonesia [World in View] (Other)Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9780811424356
ISBN-10: 0811424359
Genre: Children's Books

A Family in China
A Family in China [Families Around the World Series] (Other)
ISBN-13: 9780822516538
ISBN-10: 0822516535
Genres: Children's Books, Travel, Politics & Social Sciences

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka [Island Series] (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780852197295
ISBN-10: 0852197292

The development puzzle A sourcebook for teaching about the 'rich world/poor world' divide and efforts towards 'one world' development