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Native Tongue
Native Tongue
Author: Carl Hiaasen
ISBN-13: 9780446695701
ISBN-10: 044669570X
Publication Date: 5/9/2005
Pages: 448
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 40 ratings
Publisher: Warner Books
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 5
I can't get enough of Hiaasen! This was another of his hilarious satires - full of wacky characters that inhabit South Florida. I think this is about the 6th Hiaasen I have read and I would rank this with his best. (Others I have read include Tourist Season, Double Whammy, Strip Tease, Lucky You, Skin Tight). This novel is one of his most direct assaults on developers wrecking havoc on the Florida environment. The targets include the amusement parks such as Sea World and Disney but he also takes shots at phone sex operators and their clients, steroid-pumped bodybuilders, and extreme animal lovers and birdwatchers. Hiaasen again came up with some great characters including the ex-Mafia snitch who owned a Disney-like amusement park, the bodybuilder security guard who gnawed off his own foot to free himself from a car parked on it, the senior citizen lady environmentalist who doesn't hesitate to shoot whoever disagrees with her, and the ex-Florida governor who lives in the Florida wilderness and wears a dead panther's tracking collar! The book also had a few celebrity guest appearances - I laughed out loud when Willard Scott was interviewing Robbie Raccoon at the amusement park and told him he was a little overweight. Robbie responded: "Look who's talking, lardass." Overall, a very high recommendation for this one.
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Helpful Score: 2
Fast moving and funny as ever. I love it when the ex-governor enters the picture. If you have not read any of Hiaasen's books you are in for a treat.
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Helpful Score: 2
Hiaasen writes wickedly funny environmental mysteries or adventures. He uses odd characters and plots you just have to love. I especially enjoy his former-governor-turned-swamp rat who is the ultimate recycling person - he cooks and eats road kill.
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Who let the voles out? The precious, blue-tongued mango voles have been stolen from the Amazing Kingdom theme park on North Key Largo by ruthless thugs who have much bigger-and deadlier-things in mind. On the hunt for the rare rodents is Joe Winder, a burned-out ex-muckraking reporter who now workes for the park as their PR man.
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Pure Hiaasen fluff--a great throw away read.
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Interesting plot and good read, but has too many curse words.
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Another funny, wacky, weird book from Hiaasen.
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Carl Hiaasen is a riot. I truly enjoy all of his books and this one was fun from beginning to end.
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A second-tier Disney developer takes on silver-haired green grannies with attitudes and guns. At stake -- the future of Florida's last patches of wilderness.
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Imagine you're driving a rented Chrysler LeBaron convertible to the perfect family vacation at the Amazing Kingdom of Thrills when a rat is tossed into your car by a passing pickup. The rodent in question is not a rat, but a rare blue-tongued mango vole just liberated from the Kingdom by the militant Wildlife Rescue Corps. Welcome to the world of Native Tongue , where dedicated (if somewhat demented) environmentalists battle sleazy real estate developers in the Florida Keys
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Not his best, but a fun read all the same.
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Screamingly hilarious.
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I don't quite get him; but my sister loves these
books and passes them on to me for you out there.
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A book by Hiaasen always promises a rolicking ride through South Florida, and the chance to meet its eccentric and one-of-a-kind characters. I love these books!
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I've never met a Hiaasen book I didn't like. This was no exception!
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If you want something that will make you laugh out loud, read this book. Hiassen has a wicked sense of humor.
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As always with Hiaasen, a rollicking ride through the swamps, amusement parks, with animal rights, phone sex, and a pistol-packing granny to sweeten the pot.
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This author is known for his wickedly funny books.. This is one of them.
The "hero" works as a PR man for the Amazing Kingdom theme park. The voles have beens stolen and he is quickly on the hunt for them. Book is very fast paced.
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very good
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Another wild Hiaaasen ride, featuring the usual assortment of types in new configurations, well-written, with the usual unbelievably funny riffs.
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Enjoyed this read.
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Funny,fast paced, mystery satire rolled into one Hiaasen does again what he's so good at.
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Ruthlessly Wixked...Wonderful.. His best book yet!
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Another great Carl Hiassen book.Takes place in Florida. This is his take on the amusement park tourist trap.
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The usual Carl Hiaasen insanity that somehow turns out to be a serious crime novel at the same time.
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Could not get into this book at all. I heard some good things but made it about halfway before I realized I was wasting my time. :-(
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One of the premiere humorous writers of our time. Carl Hiassen kept me guessing and pondering his wit throughout the book.
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Living in Florida, working at a theme park, Carl's work hits home for me. I love his humor, a little trashy in all the right places, definitely "R" rated. Great departure..
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Typical Hiaasen lunacy. Fun to read.
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Carl Hiaasen writes with humor and style. While some of his characters are over the top, this was a fun read. It was my first book by Hiaasen, and I do intend to read more of them.
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Great, with all the wonderful characters old and new.
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Once again Carl Hiaasen zips through a story and makes his readers laughs out loud!
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This guy is so much fun to read. I look forward to any of his books.
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Hiaasen is a marvelous author, combining eco-awareness, wit and mystery. This book is no exception. As a family of tourists find an ugly surprise tossed into their car, a plot for ecological destruction, murder and deceit unravels. Hiaasen knows who the bad guys really are, and is not afraid to point them out.
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Nice story, set in Florida, mango voles stolen from a zoo, and the trials to find them.
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One of Hiaasen's best......well developed plot....
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Another great Hiassen book!
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It is always fun to read Carl Hiaasen, and this book is no exception. Pure entertainment!
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A very enjoyable read.
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I love Carl Hiaasen, and Native Tongue did not disappoint. This book is filled with all the usual suspects you'd expect from Hiaasen: crooked land developers, wacky environmentalists, trashy phone-sex operators, and an ex-governor turned swamp person. Native Tongue is a fun read that is sure to make you laugh out loud!
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R. J. Decker, star tenant of the local trailer park and neophyte private eye is fishing for a killer. Thanks to a sportsman's scam that's anything but sportsmanlike, there's a body floating in Coon Bog, Florida - and a lot that's rotten in the murky waters of big-stakes, large-moth bass tournaments.

Carl Hiaasen's books are always a lot of fun.
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Good spoof of Disney, takes place in South Florida.
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I enjoyed this off-beat book about crooked developers, bungling crooks, and amusement parks.
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Who stole the voles? Joe Winder wants to uncover the thugs and find the Voles
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A typical Hiassen adventure with all of the usual suspects and the ex-Governor.