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Topic: It's October 2015 - What Are You Reading?

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Subject: It's October 2015 - What Are You Reading?
Date Posted: 9/30/2015 6:59 PM ET
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  1. "NEVER BEEN KISSED" by Molly O'Keefe (Boys of Bishop #2) (A+++++) As the daughter of a wealthy politician, Ashley Montgomery has had enough of her parents' expectations for her future and is going her own way, volunteering to work at a refugee camp in Africa. But her act of charity turns dangerous when she takes a boat trip and is abducted by Somali pirates. Enter Brody Baxter, who was a bodyguard for the Montgomery family ten years ago and doesn't think twice about coming to Ashley's rescue. Handsome and tough, Brody has always done what needed to be done. So he swoops in, saves Ashley and brings her to a place where she can rest and recuperate without the glare of the press and her demanding family: Brody's small hometown of Bishop, Arkansas. But Ashley soon realizes that she's not the only one in need of healing. Holed up with Ashley in a tiny apartment over his brother's bar in Bishop, Brody is tempted and torn in ways he never anticipated. Beautiful Ashley, vibrant despite her ordeal, fearless enough to love him beyond his wall of self-punishment, is now determined to save him. But with a little faith and a lot of love, they just may find happiness in each others' arms.
  2. "FATAL JUDGMENT" by Irene Hannon (Guardians of Justice #1) (A++++++) U.S. Marshal Jake Taylor has seen plenty of action during his years in law enforcement. But he'd rather go back to Iraq than face his next assignment: protection detail for federal judge Liz Michaels. His feelings toward the coldhearted workaholic haven't warmed in the five years since she drove her husband - and Jake's best friend - to despair...and possible suicide. As the danger mounts and Jake gets to know Liz better, he's forced to revise his opinion of her. And when it becomes clear that an unknown enemy may want her dead, the stakes are raised. Because now both her life - and his heart - are in danger.
  3. "BIG SKY RIVER" by Linda Lael Miller (Parable, Montana #3) (A+++++) Sheriff Boone Taylor has his job, friends, a run-down but decent ranch, two faithfull dogs and a good horse. He doesn't want romance - the widowed Montanan has loved and lost enough for a lifetime. But when a city woman buys the spread next door, Boone's peace and quiet are in serious jeopardy. With a marriage and a career painfully behind her, Tara Kendall is determined to start over in Parable. Reinventing herself and living a girlhood dream is worth the hard work. Sure, she might need help from her handsome, wary neighbor. But life along Big Sky River is full of surprises...like falling for a cowboy-lawman who just might start to believe in second chances.
  4. "BODYGUARDS IN BED" (A++++) There's just one cardinal rule when it comes to being a bodyguard: no matter how tempting it may be, never, ever get romantically involved with the person you're protecting. "WHO'S BEEN SLEEPING IN MY BROTHER'S BED" by Lucy Monroe "HOT MESS" by Jamie Denton (New Author For Me) "ACAPULCO HEAT" by Elizabeth Naughton (New Author For Me)
  5. "COLLIDE" by Juliana Stone (Barker Triplets #2) (A++++++) A second chance has never looked so good...Bobbi-Jo Barker has been in love with the wrong man for years. A man who doesn' fit into the perfect, controlled life she's created. A man who not only broke her heart but nearly destroyed her. So the fact that he's back in town shouldn't matter because he's all wrong for her, or so she thinks. Shane Gallagher, prodigal son, ex-con and all around hellion, has returned to the small town of New Waterford to mend fences and get his life back. What he doesn't count on are the feelings he still has for the one woman who can break him - the one woman who is totally wrong for him. And yet, as Bobbi and Shane are thrown together and begin to navigate a life with each other in it, neither can deny the attraction they feel, or the emotions that come with it - the good and the bad. And so the question becomes...can these two damaged souls survive a second chance at love?
  6. "ROSE HARBOR IN BLOOM" by Debbie Macomber (Rose Harbor #2) (A+++++) Since moving to Cedar Cove, ZJo Marie Rose has truly started to feel at home and her neighbors have become her closest friends. Now it's springtime and Jo Marie is eager to finish the most recent addition to her inn. In memory of her late husband, Paul, she has designed a beautiful rose garden for the property and enlisted handyman Mark Taylor to help realize it. She and Mark don't always see eye-to-eye - and at times he seems far removed - yet deep down, Jo Marie finds great comfort in his company. And while she still seeks a sense of closure, she welcomes her latest guests, who are on their own healing journeys. Annie Newton arrives in town to orchestrate her grandparents' fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration. While Annie is excited for the festivities, she's struggling to move on from her broken engagement and her grandparents seem to be having trouble getting along. Worse, Annie is forced to see Oliver Sutton, with whom she grew up and who has always mercilessly teased her. But the best parties end with a surprise and Annie is in for the biggest one of all. High-powered businesswoman Mary Smith, another Rose Harbor guest, has achieved incredible success in her field, yet serious illness has led her to face her sole, lingering regret. Almost nineteen years ago, she ended her relationship with her true love, George Hudson and now she's returned to Cedar Cove to make amends.
  7. "WALKING ON SUNSHINE" by Luann McLane (Cricket Creek, Kentucky #8) (A+++++) Cricket Creek, Kentucky, is a sweet small town. But that doesn't stop a tomboy breakfast cook and a tabloid-magnet musician from getting into a little trouble together. Mattie Mayfield is more interested in fishing, four-wheeling and mudding than being a girlie girl. But acting like one of the boys means she often gets ignored when it comes to romance - especially by Colby, her brother's best friend Maybe if she changes the game, she'll finally start getting some attention. Bad boy musician Garret Ruleman doesn't fit in with the crowd in Cricket Creek, but there's something about sweet,unassuming Mattie that catches his eye. Garret intends to ask her out, but all Mattie wants is for Garret to give her a makeover that will force Colby to see her as a real woman. Garret agrees to help in return for lessons on how to become a Southern stud. And as the local girls start falling for the newly countrified Garret, Mattie wonders if in the end, they'd actually be perfect together. 
  8. "THE MARRIAGE SEASON" by Linda Lael Miller (The Brides of Bliss County #3) (A++++++) Since Hadleigh, Melody and Bex - the best of friends - entered into a marriage pact, two of them have found (and married) the men of their hearts. But Bex doesn't think she'll be as fortunate as the others. Her own first love died years ago in a faraway war and Bex has lost hope for a happy marriage of her own. She concentrates on her business, a successful chain of fitness clubs, instead. Then, when single father Tate Calder comes to Mustang Creek with his two sons in tow, who befriend Bex's eight-year-old nephew, she and the handsome, aloof newcomer are constantly thrown together. But is the marriage season over? Or can a man with doubts about love be the right husband for a woman who wants it all?
  9. "BEACH ROSES" by Jean Stone (New Author For Me) (A++++++) The women begin as stranger: Katie, the vibrant rock star who must choose between saving her own life and the life of her unborn child; Hannah, the selfless housewife who finds herself abandoned by her friends just when she needs them most; Fay, the wealthy executive who thought she'd already survived the greatest fight of her life...and Rita, whose own past cannot stay hidden for long. Before the summer ends, these women wil form a lasting bond. It will be a season when old hurts are finally healed and love becomes rekindled as life begins anew.
  10. "RUNNING BLIND" by Cindy Gerard (One-Eyed Jacks #3) (A+++++) No commitments. No promises. No looking back. Those are her rules. They used to be his rules too. Covert counterterrorism operative and shameless playboy Jamie Cooper has gone head-to-hed with some formidible opponents, but none so quick-witted, free-spirited and smokin' hot as security analyst Rhonda Burns. She lives up to her name, all fiery passion and zero inhibitions. In the wake of a sniper attack that leaves a close friend clinging to life, the duo is pegged to undertake the One-Eyed Jacks' latest security missionalone - an assignment that leads them to a top secret desert military facility. Almost immediately, the sexual tension that has been brewing for months erupts, blindsiding Rhonda and Jamie with the intensity of their feelings They try to play it cool, but when an elite terrorist team gunning for the military's deadliest secrets surprises them, carnal desire gives way to survival instincts. With an uncertain future ahead, the lovers ask themselves: is it now or never?
  11. "A COLD CREEK CHRISTMAS SURPRISE" by RaeAnne Thayne (Cold Creek #11) (A++++) Hardened rancher Ridge Bowman has long told himself he has no need tof love - just work and his little girl are enough to get him through. But when his "cleaning lady," Sarah Whitmore, gets injured on his staircase, well, of course he has to invite her to spend the holidays with him. It's the only responsible thing to do. Only, Sarah isn't really there to work on his house. She came bearing precious artwork belonging to Ridge's late mother and possibly a secret that could devastate them both. But as Christmas draws closer, so does Ridge - and Sarah convinces herself that she will tell him what she knows as soon as the holiday is over. She might be the key to his past - if only he could be a part of her future.
  12. "SHELTER" by Ashley John (A+++++) (New Author For Me) (read on a Kindle app on my cell phone) Fresh from his fourth stint in rehab, Elias James doesn’t have much to live for. His relationship with his family has never been so strained and with no real life of his own, he has nothing to live for. His overachieving twin sister and his ruthless mother's political success as Mayor of Havenmoore has left him empty. Getting high started as an act of rebellion but the addiction soon controlled his every waking moment. Aspiring writer, Caden Walker, thought he had the perfect life until he discovered his boyfriend in bed with his best friend. Leaving everything behind in New York, he returns to Havenmoore to re-evaluate his life from his parent’s guest bedroom. When his mom offers him a job working for the charity she runs, helping people struggling with addiction, he’s not in a position to turn it down. Caden never expected to find what he did, but when he is assigned to work with Elias, a reluctant attraction quickly blossoms into something deeper. Can Elias find in Caden the one thing he’s always searched for or will his addiction drag him under once again? Is Caden ready to let go of his New York dream to take a chance on something unexpected? Both men are faced with difficult times of change, but can they make it through the storm to find the shelter?
  13. "WILDEST DREAMS" by Robyn Carr (Thunder Point #9) (A++++++) Blake Smiley searched the country for just the right place to call home. The professional triathlete has traveled the world, but Thunder Point has what he needs to put the the roots he's never had. In the quiet coastal town, he can focus onhis training without distraction. Until he meets his new neighbors and everything changes. Lin Su Simmons and her teenage son, Charlie, are fixtures at Winnie Banks's house as Lin Su nurses Winnie through the realities of ALS. A single mother, Lin Su is proud of taking charge and never showing weakness. But she has her hands full coping with a job, debt and Charlie's health issues. And Charlie is asking questions about his family history - questions she doesn't want to answer. When Charlie enlists Blake's help to escape his overprotective mother, Lin Su resents the interference in her life. But Blake is certain he can break through her barriers and be the man she and Charlie need. When faced with a terrible situation, Blake comes to the rescue and Lin Su realizes he just might be the man of her dreams. Together, they recognize that family is who you choose it to be.
  14. "FALLEN SEAL LEGACY" by Sharon Hamilton (SEAL Brotherhood #2) (New Author For Me) (A++++) (Kindle) Nebraska born and bred Navy SEAL Calvin “Coop” Cooper, after his own family has perished in a tornado, is ordered to meet the family of a prominent San Diego psychiatrist. The doctor’s brother is a fallen SEAL medic who died in Grenada. There, Cooper meets Libby Brownlee, the beautiful niece of this fallen hero. Heavily influenced by her father, “We don’t speak military here,” is her comment about the military in general, and the SEAL community in particular. What starts out as a frosty debate between two people privately dealing with their own personal grief, turns into a passionate affair neither expected. Just as Cooper realizes perhaps Libby is the woman he’s always been looking for, she is snatched out from under him by a psychopathic killer bent on revenge. Dr. Brownlee is forced to rely on Cooper’s help, along with his buddies in SEAL Team 3. Will Cooper be able to survive the loss of the woman he loves, or will his self sacrifice be enough to keep her safe?
  15. "YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW" by Lisa Jackson (unabridged audio CD) (A+++++) In Ava's dreams, he son, Noah, looks just the way she remembers him: a sweet two-year-old in rolled-up jeans and a red sweatshirt. When Ava wakes, the agonizing truth hits her all over again. Noah went missing two years ago and his body has never been found. Almost everyone, including Ava's semi-estranged husband, Wyatt, assumes the boy drowned after falling off the dock near their Church Island home. Ava has spent most of the past two years in and out of Seattle mental institutions, shattered by grief and unable to recall the details of Noah's disapppearance. Now she's back at Neptune's Gate, the family estate she once intended to restore to its former grandeur. Slowly, her strength is returning. But as Ava's mind comes back into focus, her suspicions grow. Despite their apparent concern, Ava can't  shake the feeling that her family, and her psychologist, know more than they're saying. But are they really worried for her well-being - or anxious about what she might discover? Unwilling to trust those around her, Ava decretly visits a hypnotist to try to restore her memories. But the strange visions and night terrors keep getting worse. Ava is sure she's heard Noah crying in the nursery and glimpsed him walking near the dock. Is she losing her mind, or is Noah still alive? Ava won't stop until she gets answers, but the truth is more dangerous than she can imagine. And the price may be more than she ever thought to pay.
  16. "IN YOUR DREAMS" by Kristan Higgins (Blue Heron #4) (A+++++) Everyone loves Jack Holland, but Emmaline Neal needs him. Her ex-fiance is getting married in Malibu and, obviously, she can't go to the wedding alone. In Manningsport, New York, tall, blond and gorgeous Jack Holland is practically a cottage industry when it comes to rescuing desperate women. He knows the drill, Em figures, so  he won't get the wrong idea. What Jack needs is an ex use to leave town. Ever since rescuing four teenagers from a car wreck, he's been hailed as a hero and the attention is making him itchy, especially since his too-pretty ex-wife is back, angling for a reunion., He's always liked Emmaline. She needs a weekend date? No problem. So when they wind up in bed together, Em chalks it up to red wine and chocolate, just one impulsive night not to be repeated. But Jack's pushing for more, and if she lets down her guard, either either she'll get her heart crushed again, or discover that Jack's worth more than just dreaming about. 
  17. "ONE NIGHT STAND" by Cindy Kirk (A+++++) (New Author For Me) Weddings can make a girl a little crazy...which is probably why Marcee Robbens found herself in the arms of a sexy stranger before the bouquet was even rossed at her best friend's wedding. And after a night of hot caresses and knee-weakening kisses in handsome Sam McKelvey's arms, ever happily single Marcee is humming the wedding march. So when the sun comes up and Sam hit the road, the usually tough-as-nais beauty finds herself nursing a tender heart. Sam's the not the kind of guy who would have a super-hot hook-up with a woman he barely knows. But something about Marcee had him mesmerized - enough for his usually sensible single dad to abandon his responsibilities for one unforgettable night. But Sam never thought his one night stand would turn up as his new next-door neighbor. Or that once he'd glimpsed the soft side of this captivating woman, he'd find himself falling in love.
  18. "THE WILD ONE" by Danelle Harmon (The DeMontforte Brothers #1) (A+++++) (New Author For Me) (Kindle) The bluest of blood; the blackest of rogues; the de Montforte Brothers will take your breath away - meet Lord Gareth: "They call me The Wild One, and for good reason. The devil only knows whether or not I am husband material. But I do know one thing. I will do anything to win Juliet's love...and to be the husband and father - the man - I know it is within me to be." Lord Gareth de Montforte, Blackheath Castle, Berkshire, England, 1776. Lord Gareth de Montforte is known as an irresponsible rake with a heart of gold. When he thwarts a stagecoach robbery, he is stunned to discover that the beautiful young woman he has heroically rescued, Juliet Paige, is his deceased brother's fiancee, accompanied by her infant daughter. Despite his family's refusal to acknowledge Juliet, Gareth is determined to do right by the courageous woman who crossed an ocean to give her baby the name she rightfully deserves. As a practical American woman, Juliet is wary of marrying this black sheep aristocrat, yet she is hopelessly charmed by the dashing devil. Never has she met anyone who embraces life so thoroughly, who makes her laugh, who loves her so well. And, even when it seems the odds are against them, Juliet has absolute faith that Gareth will go beyond the call of duty to give her and her daughter a home - and a love that will last a lifetime.


  1. "White Heat" by Brenda Novak (Dept. 6: Hired Gun #1) (I received a PDF copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review)
  2. "Far From Perfect" by Barbara Longeley (Perfect, Indiana #1) (New Author For Me) (reading on a Kindle application on my cell phone) 
  3. "For the Love of a Woman" by Christina James (New Author For Me)  (Kindle)
  4. "Firelight at Mustang Ridge" by Jesse Hayworth (Mustang Ridge #4)


  1. "Lord John and the Hand of Devils" by Diana Gabaldon (abridged audio CD) (Lord John and the Hellfire Club #0.5, Lord John and the Succubus #1.5, Lord John #2.5)

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The Friends of Eddie Coyle by George V Higgins.

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The Storycatcher  by Ann Hite  takes place during the depression in North Carolina and Georgia

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Every Man for Himself   Beryl Bainbridge

The Hollow Ground Natalie Harnett

Dean Smith More Than a Coach The Charlotte Observer

Beach Town       Mary Kay Andrews

Brighten the Corner Where You Are    Fred Chappell

All The Single Ladies   Dorothea Benton Frank

The Color of Water    James McBride

First Frost    Sarah Addison Allen

The Fate of Mercy Alban         Wendy Webb

Murder of a Botoxed Blonde     Denise Swanson

On the Black Hill      Bruce Chatwin

A Spool of Blue Thread     Anne Tyler

At the Waters Edge     Sara Gruen

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Finished this month:  Cat in a Flamingo Fedora by Carole Nelson Douglas--- Midnight Louie is in a cat commercial with the Divine Yvette, Temple Barr is torn between Matt Devine and Max, the disappearing magician, and then is drawn into a case involving Darren Cooke, an apparent suicide, but is it?

Judging Time by Leslie Glass --- Fourth in the April Woo series, April has been promoted to Sargent and transfered to another precinct.  She's called to invesigate the murder[s] of two prominent New Yorkers, one the wife of a well-known ex-football player and the other, his best friend.  Are they both murders and if so, by whom?  Sargent Mike Sanchez is called in to help, which doesn't make April happy, this is her case and she doesn't want him involved...in more ways than one.  Love this series.

The Deep Blue Sea For Beginners by Luanne Rice --- Pell and Lucy's mother left them when they were small and moved to Capri.  They never learned why she left and they missed her.  Pell is 16 and she decides to go to Capri, find her mother, get the truth and try to get her to come back home.  An engrossing story about depression and how it affects the lives of everyone involved.

The Hunting Wind by Steve Hamilton --- Every one of Steve Hamilton's Alex McKnight books is a winner.  After thirty years, one of Alex's old baseball teammates shows up in Michigan to ask Alex to help him find a woman he met when he played for the Detroit Tigers. What Alex doesn't know is there is someone else looking for her, for a different reason.  An absolute page-turner, I could not put this book down until I had finished it.

Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale by Lynda Rutledge --- This isn't at all like I thought it would be from the title.  Faith Bass Darling thinks God has told her that she is going to die that day, so she decides to have a garage sale and sell all of her family antiques collected over several generations.  Her estranged daughter comes home that day, to face her own demons and her mother, only to see the front yard of the mansion filled with antique furniture, china, Tiffany lamps, etc. and people buying them for $1.00, 25 cents, whatever Faith tells them.  Not only does Faith believe she's going to die, she also has an advanced case of Alzheimer's. A sad, at times funny, story about a family torn apart by tragedy.

Liberty Falling by Nevada Barr --- Anna Pigeon's sister is in ICU in a New York City hospital so Anna is bunking with another ranger on Liberty Island [home to the Statue of Liberty] to be close to her sister.  While there a young girl falls [or jumps] to her death from the statue. As Anna tries to find out why she died, other mishaps occur, all leading to a tense conclusion.  A page-turner.

Estate of Mind by Tamar Myers--- Abby Timberlake has purchased an ugly painting at a church auction to benefit the youth.  She figured the frame was worth the price.  When she takes the painting out of the frame she discovers something that blows her mind. What happens next could only happen to Abby.  A fun read.

Little Bitty Lies by Mary Kay Andrews --- I love all of Mary Kay Andrews books and this one was an especially good read.  Mary Bliss McGowan thought her marraige was just fine until she found the note her husband left telling her he was gone and not to look for him.  Then she finds out not only is he gone, but so is all their money and she's left with a pile of debts, a mortgage she can't pay and lots of questions. Along with her best friend, Katharine, she comes up with a plan...to kill him off and collect the life insurance.  Love this book!!

Currently reading:  Oh, My Stars by Lorna Landvik

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Going to start reading:

Victorian Ghost Stories - an anthology. Some authors include Elizabeth Gaskell, Charles Dickens, Henry James, Wilkie Collins, Rudyard Kipling, E. Nesbit.  There are many more I'm not sure I've heard of.

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Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich. I read this book a long time ago but she rewrote the book and added some new material. I have the sequel which is Beet Queen. I am thinking of re reading this book also. There are some other books in the sequence but I don't know the order of the others. Tracks is one of them I think.

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The City: Dean Koontz                 Not bad.

The Golem of Hollywood: Jonathan KellermanJesse Kellerman            Good, but strange.

This World We Live In: Susan Beth Pfeffer            The 3rd book in the Young Adult series.  Now waiting for the 4th.

Inherit the Dead          20 authors each writing a chapter..   I could definitely tell the different styles of writing.


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I'm about half way into "The Murder Game" by Steve Allen--yes, that Steve Allen, early Tonight Show host and popular TV panalist. Here he and his wife, Jayne Meadows, are invited to be part of a revival of their old game show "The Murder Game" and then, one by one, the participants are killed off. And so they snoop around, now and then mingling with other celebrities. Look! There's Don Rickles! Over there: Steve and Edyie! It's light fun and relaxing reading. As an aside: I find I am so jealous of this book and others like it. Not because they are vanity projects (which I believe books like these, written by celebrities, are) and not because it isn't good (I am enjoying this one very much). But it must be heaven to just write a book wherein you put yourself into whatever arena you choose--and it gets published! Ah fame. Now and then it has its perks.
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I finished the Elizabeth Gaskell story "The Old Nurse's Story" a very good, if short, ghost story in the anthology I'm reading. Now I'm into : "The Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier Street" by J.S. Le Fanu. Can't remember ever hearing of this author but so far so good.

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from wikipedia

Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu was an Irish writer of Gothic tales and mystery novels. He was the leading ghost-story writer of the nineteenth century and was central to the development of the genre in the Victorian era.

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Thanks, Charles. That's good to know. I can't believe I havent heard of him, though I love mysteries and old ghost stories.

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there's another guy in there too called Hugh Walpole. Maybe you've heard of him.

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The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

The Yuletide Bandit by Mike McIntyre

The Kingmaker's Daughter by Philippa Gregory


The Hermit King by William Cobb.  Enjoyed the title story, the other short stories not as much.

Cannery Row by John Steinbeck.  Good read, very good characters.

The Forever Boys by Peter Golenbock about the Senior Baseball League, 1989 & into 1990.  Kind of a forgotten major league type baseball league for 35+ players, catchers 32+.  I really enjoyed the book & reading about players that I had collected baseball cards of a few years earlier.

The Street Lawyer by John Grisham.  Good Grisham book, lawyer from big firm is forced to look at his life & becomes a poverty/street lawyer. Good page turner type read.

American Salvage by Bonnie Jo Campbell.  Very good short stories, really enjoyed.

Puerto Vallarta Squeeze by Robert James Waller.  First book I read by author & was really good, will have to read more by him.

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Charles, no I haven't heard of him either. But I did look him up on wikipedia. ;)

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Robert B. Parker's The Devil Wins (A Jesse Stone Novel)
Author: Reed Farrel Coleman Light and fun. a quick read but I like the character and keep seeing Tom Selleck from the tv series. A good visual.


The Murder House :: James PattersonDavid Ellis Very good. Read all of David Ellis's prior books and none have disappointed.

It has an ocean-front view, a private beach--and a deadly secret that won't stay buried. Noah Walker isn't superstitious. But there's one beach house in Bridgehampton that has a troubling history of violence and mystery: when Noah was a kid, No. 7 South Ocean burned down in a devastating fire, killing the couple trapped inside. Investigators had no explanation for what happened, and many believe it was no accident. Rebuilt after the fire, the gorgeous, ocean-front property is still known by locals as The Murder House. Now, sixteen years later, a powerful Hollywood player and his mistress are found dead in The Murder House--and the police unearth proof that the couple is undeniably linked to Noah's past. To prove his innocence, Noah must uncover the house's dark secrets--and reveal his own


My Sister's Grave - I have read his other books and enjoyed them. This is a new series and it was very good. I just ordered the next in the series
Author: Robert Dugoni

Tracy Crosswhite has spent twenty years questioning the facts surrounding her sister Sarah?s disappearance and the murder trial that followed. She doesn?t believe that Edmund House?a convicted rapist and the man condemned for Sarah?s murder?is the guilty party. Motivated by the opportunity to obtain real justice, Tracy became a homicide detective with the Seattle PD and dedicated her life to tracking down killers.When Sarah?s remains are finally discovered near their hometown in the northern Cascade mountains of Washington State, Tracy is determined to get the answers she?s been seeking. As she searches for the real killer, she unearths dark, long-kept secrets that will forever change her relationship to her past?and open the door to deadly danger

Spider Woman's Daughter: A Leaphorn & Chee Novel First in series by Tony Hillerman's daughter. I liked the original and this has much the same flavor
Author: Anne Hillerman Anne Hillerman, the talented daughter of bestselling author Tony Hillerman, continues his popular Leaphorn and Chee series with Spider Woman?s Daughter, a Navajo Country mystery, filled with captivating lore, startling suspense, bold new characters, vivid color, and rich Southwestern atmosphere.Navajo Nation Police Officer Bernadette Manualito witnesses the cold-blooded shooting of someone very close to her. With the victim fighting for his life, the entire squad and the local FBI office are hell-bent on catching the gunman. Bernie, too, wants in on the investigation, despite regulations forbidding eyewitness involvement. But that doesn't mean she's going to sit idly by, especially when her husband, Sergeant Jim Chee, is in charge of finding the shooter.Bernie and Chee discover that a cold case involving his former boss and partner, retired Inspector Joe Leaphorn, may hold the key. Digging into the old investigation, husband and wife find themselves inching closer to the truth...and closer to a killer determined to prevent justice from taking its course.

 The Fifth Profession
Author: David Morrell
Gripping adventure, suspense, and espionage are standard ingredients of Morrell's novels. Hired by wealthy and powerful clients as an executive protector, Savage is assigned to rescue Rachel Stone from her sadistic husband on the Greek island of Mykonos. Joined by Akira, his Japanese counterpart, Savage discovers this case extends far beyond merely protecting and safely delivering a client. Pursued by unknown outside forces, the threesome struggle to stay alive and solve a mystery that spans continents and brings horrifying memories to the surface. Bizarre circumstances involving psychosurgery, samurai, and CIA intrigue

It is an oldie of my husband's but I am out of reading until BN delivers so I thought I would try it.It started out strong and really liked it but found it got tiresome toward the end. I read Assumed Identity Author: David R. Morrell recently and thought is was excellent all the way through.

Just starting Her Final Breath - The Tracy Crosswhite Series
Author: Robert Dugoni
Homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite has returned to the police force after the sensational retrial of her sister?s killer. Still scarred from that ordeal, Tracy is pulled into an investigation that threatens to end her career, if not her life.A serial killer known as the Cowboy is killing young women in cheap motels in North Seattle. Even after a stalker leaves a menacing message for Crosswhite, suggesting the killer or a copycat could be targeting her personally, she is charged with bringing the murderer to justice. With clues scarce and more victims dying, Tracy realizes the key to solving the murders may lie in a decade-old homicide investigation that others, including her captain, Johnny Nolasco, would prefer to keep buried. With the Cowboy on the hunt, can Tracy find the evidence to stop him, or will she become his next victim? 

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I just started Ruth's Journey by Donald McCaig.

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read some stories from "just after sunset" by stephen king, also still occasionally reading victorian ghost stories. all pretty enjoyable

Am reading "Case Closed by Gerald Posner". This is a book that tries to prove lee harvey oswald was the lone gunman who shot JFK -  tries to debunk the conspiracy theories. Not even a quarter way thru but am liking the book so far - right now is just the backround of Lee Harvey Oswald.. It takes me a long time to read a non fiction.book- not usually my thing but i picked this one up on a whim and am interested.

I'm listening to a thriller "Delirious" by Daniel  Palmer. read by Peter Berkrot. I'm on the third disc of 11. Ok so far.

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Three Cheers for the Paraclete by Thomas Keneally. This was an engrossing read but a lot of it went over my head. The author is the guy who wrote Schindler's List. I have seen that movie but never read the book.

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Late to this month's list.  We moved and then went away to visit family for 5 days, so I haven't been reading as much.

I couldn't finish The Martian until Oct, so I am repeating it here.

Audio:  The Martian by Andy Weir

Print:  10 Happier How I Tamed the Voice in My Head Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge and Found Self-Help That Actually Works by Dan Harris

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A Place to Come To by Robert Penn Warren. this is a slow read. I have some other books I am anxious to read so I am a little frustrated with this book. Also reading A Lost Lady by Willa Cather. The story is similar to Conrad Richter's book Sea of Grass.