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Topic: Ordering books I've already read!

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Subject: Ordering books I've already read!
Date Posted: 12/5/2008 10:47 PM ET
Member Since: 6/17/2008
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When I search for books and order them, the site doesn't alert me that it's a book I've read.  And if I refer to the list, it's unsorted, so I have to literally scan the entire list to see if I've read the book.  Ridiculous!  The site used to alert me.  What changed?  Who fired the person who understands user interfaces?

Subject: everything looks normal to me.
Date Posted: 12/5/2008 11:03 PM ET
Member Since: 6/4/2007
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I'm not entirely sure the BIR list has changed as much as you think.  When I go to my Books I've Read list it's in alphabetical order, which is what I expect, as all the lists are alphabetical by default.  It can be resorted according to author or date added to the list, as well as searched.  When I click a title on my Books I've Read list, on the book's details page is a note just under the book type that says "on my: BIR".  While I'm sure this note only appears specifically on the ISBNs listed on my BIR, this is at least the warning I expect to receive. 

I can understand ordering a book that I had already gotten but hadn't read yet, but I can't imagine forgetting I had already read a particular title.  I don't know that I could blame the site in either event.  Considering that I get probably 98% of my books here there's usual some indication if I'm trying to order a second copy of something, whether it's the book being on my BIR, my TBR, or in the Transaction Archive.  Maybe subscribing to the Book Journal would help you keep track?

Subject: BIR not alphabetical
Date Posted: 12/5/2008 11:12 PM ET
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How do you get your BIR list to sort alphabetically?  Mine is not, unless 'p' comes before "d"

PS ... this site USED to warn you if you've read the book you're about to order.  At least, I think I remember that.



Date Posted: 12/5/2008 11:29 PM ET
Member Since: 6/25/2007
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When searching for books, the system will only note books that you have read if the book is the exact same edition with the same ISBN as one you have on your BIR list.

For example: If on your BIR list you have a hardcover version of a book, the paperback version will not have a notation saying it is on your BIR list.

ETA: when you look at your BIR list, is the site asking you to rate the books? When the site went through a major update a little while ago, all members had to rate the books in their BIR list in order to keep them there.  Have you done that? If not, that is probably why you are unable to sort the list.

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Subject: Ah, I get it
Date Posted: 12/5/2008 11:53 PM ET
Member Since: 6/17/2008
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I've got a hundred or so books in my BIR.  There's just no way I'm gonna go and rate them all.  Thanks for the info!



Date Posted: 12/6/2008 5:37 AM ET
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When you pull up a book that you're intersted in and you have the book on any of your lists ~ BIR, WL, RL, Transaction arcive etc, it will tell you so - as long as the ISBN # is the same

This is what you should see.

Miss Zukas and the Raven's Dance (Mis Zukas Bk 4)
Author: Jo Dereske
ISBN-13: 9780380782437 - ISBN-10: 038078243X

Rating: 11

Book Type: Paperback
Publication Date: 1996
On My: Transaction Archive
Members Wishing: 6


Publisher: Signet
Book Type: Paperback
On My: BIR, Transaction Archive
Members Wishing: 3

Rating: 212

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Date Posted: 12/6/2008 7:30 AM ET
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Yeah, as others have said, it has to be the same exact ISBN before you get an alert or before it will show up as being on one of your lists. If it's a different version, you won't see that. That's why I keep a book journal as well as a list at Library Thing. I've ordered the same darned thing before too....but not lately! LOL


Geri (geejay) -
Date Posted: 12/6/2008 8:11 AM ET
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It's easy for me to forget I've read a book or that I have a book.  I'm a voracious reader.  I have over 800 books on my TBR list.  Yes list not a pile.  I also now have a list of books I've read and another list of books on order.  It sounds like a lot of lists I know. 

First I used Microsoft database and made up my "library" list.  Title, author and other things that were important to me.  Then I made up a list of all the books TBR.  When I read one it's easy to transfer the information to my library list.  Then I found myself ordering books from Amazon like crazy and in some cases duplicating the pre-order books.  If you own the book Amazon tells you but if it's on an order but not yet delivered...too bad for you.  So, now I have a list of books on order so I can check that I don't have something on order.

While here I ordered one book from someone and was browsing their shelf to see if I wanted more from them.  Sure I did.  Many books that I had already read!  I still ended up finding five books to grab from them. 

Date Posted: 12/6/2008 8:45 AM ET
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I thought rating the books would take me forever also, as I had over 300 at the time of the change. But they aren't asking for a review just to hit how many stars you would give each book. The whole process took me ten minutes.

I agree that I wish there was a way that all versions of a title would come up as a book I've read. Maybe something they can work on in the future, but for now I just resort them under author. It's easier then it sounds.

Date Posted: 12/6/2008 9:08 AM ET
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but I can't imagine forgetting I had already read a particular title

LOL give it a few more years hon, it happens more than you think.   Age aside, publishers are notorious for putting new covers on re-issued books, I often have to stop and not only read the blurb on the back but actually scan the begining few pages to realize "Doh!" I've read this before.  More than once I've come home from Wal-mart with a book sat down to read and realize my error.  And I've ordered a few from here as well. 

To Jim the OP, I just tried to order a book that I know I've read, and it did indeed say it is on my Books I've Read list.  So that function still works.  It shows up on the next page after you click "order this book".   Now I have rated not reviewed all my books I've read so maybe that is it.  (over 100 books took me maybe 15 minutes or less when the site started requiring it).

Date Posted: 12/6/2008 9:23 AM ET
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The system also definately lets you know if you are placing a request for a book you've already requested, but that doesn't  happen until you've started the request.

Date Posted: 12/6/2008 9:54 AM ET
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Personally, I have notes on all versions of books that I've read...it didn't take long just adding them as I go along or if I have a few moments to hunt some up...plus also rating books (over 200-300) just took a few moments and was easy easy easy...now when I go to browse a book it shows me if it is somewhere on the reading cycle...

Date Posted: 12/6/2008 10:13 AM ET
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I just hit the 5th star on every BIR book. So I don't give any creedence to those start ratings.  I know many people did this. Just hit the 5th or 4th star on every one.  I have books in there that I didn't even read.  Also when I'm perusing peoples shelves and WL I'll rate a book if I see a different version and don't see the little On My BIR notice.  Even if I listened to it on audio-I'll rate the print versions that I come across.  I've sat down to read a book before and had dejavu moments before I remembered that I listened to it on audio. 

It was annoying when they did the rating thing.  I was not pleased with that.  Escpecially after hearing so many people say they just hit the same button on each book w/o giving it any thought.  So now the star ratings can't be all that accurate.  It took me about 20min to do the 300+ I had on my BIR.  I have a slow internet connection though.  Not dial up but still slow.

Subject: Thanks everyone
Date Posted: 12/6/2008 6:59 PM ET
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Sianeka - ,
Date Posted: 12/11/2008 1:36 PM ET
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Mary, I'm sooooo sorry you did that!   Some of us actually utilize the ratings listed when determining whether or not to request a book.  And I, for one, am looking forward to seeing more about the "new features" that are coming that the Site Administrators have hinted at that will utilize the Book Ratings that have been given.  These upcoming new features are the reason that the ratings were made mandatory for the BIR list.  I'd hate for a lot of people to do as you did and just hit any old star for a book.

(And I'm one of those members whose BIR list was several hundreds of books long and it still didn't take very long at all to rate all of them.  With ratings that actually meant something to me and hopefully to others as well.)  Most of my ratings are 3 stars, just 'I liked the book' or 3.5 stars "I liked the book a little better than average' but still, that's what I really thought and not just automatically clicked on one of the stars.

Date Posted: 12/11/2008 4:01 PM ET
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I hate the fact you can't review a book without rating it.

I'd rather see star-less reviews than review-less stars. 

I know some people find stars easier, so I wish you could do one or the other or both. 

I know they want to use the stars to do this or that, but I have problems rating books by stars. I do much better in reviews. I actually quit writing reviews for a while when they required the stars.  Since I started playing with FABIL I've started putting stars/reviews in again--but the stars are still mainly to get the review up.

I do find the stars useless when deciding to order a book or not.   Reviews are useful,  unattached stars just don't help me personally.  I haven't really settled into what the stars mean to me either--I wish they had a list. "Not recommended, Marginal, Neutral, Not bad, Recommended".  Then I'd know everyone was using the same rating system.

As it is, if I rank books I like as 4, and you rank books you like as 5 and someone over there ranks book she likes as 3 (leaving 4 for great and 5 for best book of the year)--the stars are hardly that useful. 

Date Posted: 12/12/2008 11:00 AM ET
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Having just gone into my BIR to try and adjust my stars, I discovered I never rated stuff from earlier (since I don't really use BIR that much for anything other than I've happened to review books).

I can't write reviews from the page? Just stars.  Sorry, what you think is irrelevant unless it can be condensed into a numerical rating? 

I am shocked that there isn't a direct way to write reviews of the books on that page.  I realize I only have to do this once, but geesh.