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Topic: Question about books not makred recieved.

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Subject: Question about books not makred recieved.
Date Posted: 9/23/2009 3:43 PM ET
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I have a book that I mailed on 9/1/09 it has never been marked mailed.  I used DC when i sent it and it says it was recieved on 9/8/09.  Should i just be assuming that they recieved it but haven't logged in to say they recieved it?  Or should I expect that on the 29th (which is the day pbs has that something can be done about this) that they are going to say they didn't recieve it?  I print my shipping adresses and DC through PBS so its the adress they have on there account. 

I did send an email some time last week becuase I was curious if they had recieved it but that is unread.  I'm assuming they have not checked into the account in a while.  Is that what you guys would assume?

What happens on the 29th if they have not marked it recieved?

Date Posted: 9/23/2009 4:04 PM ET
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If you used PBS DC, nothing happens. The book gets marked lost, but because it's been scanned, you've already received your credit. Keep in mind that because delivery confirmation is just confirming delivery SOMEWHERE, since there's no signature required, there is no real proof that it was delivered to the RIGHT person or address. I have had books delivered to my neighbor before, and fortunately he was honest and brought them to me, but if he had not been and had just kept the books, I would never have known what happened to them.

If they have not logged in to read your previous PM, there isn''t much point in PMing them again. And PBS is likely sending them reminder e-mails to their regular e-mail account too, asking if they have received the book and if so to mark it as such.

If you did NOT use the PBS-generated DC (but bought it elsewhere like PayPal or at USPS) then you are simply out your credit...UNLESS the person hasn't logged in for a long time and their account has been deactivated. In that case, PBS automatically marks the book as received.


Date Posted: 9/23/2009 4:18 PM ET
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Well since I used PBS DC I already got the credit.  So if they say they didn't receive it do i just send the credit back or wait for them to ask for the credit back.  This is the first time this has happened to me. 

I wasn't going to email her back since she didn't read the first one.  Also i didn't want to be rude and i know some of the people here have said they don't like it when people email you after you sent the book asking about it.  I didn't know if others thought it was rude to email to ask if you've recieved a book so hesitated sending the first one.  After that i didn't want to bother her plus pbs will send them to the regular adress your right.    

I already know that things could get delivered to the wrong adress this did happen to me with something for a store site and my neighbor kept it.  Untill i asked the post man and he said he droped a box off next door.  My neighbors kind of old so he kept it unitll i came looking for it.  I think it was so he would have someone come visit him or he said he knew i would come looking for it when i finally wanted it.

Date Posted: 9/23/2009 4:22 PM ET
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As Cheryl said, you don't have to do anything.  Most likely, it will be delivered eventually.  When it is marked lost by the system, the person who ordered the book will have their credit returned to them.

Date Posted: 9/23/2009 4:34 PM ET
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I had two books that were mailed to me the same day that hadn't arrived until four days ago. Well, technically they had. For some reason our mail man brought the box down to the office of the apartment building. Don't get me wrong, I would rather have a package brought there then left outside my door, as happened to two large packages with expensive contents last time we went out of town (thank god I have nice neighbors). Unfortnately, the mailman did not think to leave me any sort of note to indicate I had recieved a package, so it wasn't until the office called to ask why I hadn't picked it up that I found out it had arrived. Apparently it had been there for ten days. Stuff happens, I'd just let the system take care of it, especially since you used PBS DC.
Date Posted: 9/23/2009 5:55 PM ET
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Per the Help Center:

"If you sent the book with Delivery Confirmation and it has been recorded as delivered by USPS but hasn't been marked received yet:

  • Remember that the book could have been scanned as "delivered" at the local PO, before it went to the requestor's mailbox--the actual delivery can be a few days later Also, the book could have been misdelivered.
    • The requestor should check with her mail carrier about this package.
    • The package could also be at her local PO being held for pickup; sometimes pickup notices left by the mail carrier go astray.
  • You should FIRST contact the requestor using the PM button on the transaction on the Books I've Mailed tab in My Account when a few days have passed after delivery.
    • If the requestor does not respond to your PM within a week, and/or has not marked the book received by a week after the delivery scan, contact us. We will look into it.
    • If the requestor responds and says she or he DID get the book, she or he can mark the book received one of two ways:
      • if the book has NOT been declared lost in the mail at PBS - from his or her active transactions (on the En Route to Me tab on My Account) as described in How to Mark a Book Received.
      • if the book HAS been declared lost in the mail at PBS - from his or her Transaction Archive (linked from the top of the My Account page) as described in I received a book that was 'lost in the mail'." "



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Date Posted: 9/23/2009 6:40 PM ET
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Elizabeth, no--you do not need to return the credit. When you pay that extra fee for the PBS DC, that's what you're paying for, the credit assurance, so that if the book does go lost, you're still assured of the credit. The requestor is refunded their credit by PBS if it goes lost, so they don't lose out either.


Date Posted: 9/23/2009 7:07 PM ET
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I have a book the DC says I "received" but went lost yesterday because I have NOT gotten it. I have bugged my PO because it was scanned in somewhere in my town - but maybe a postal worker wanted to read it first before putting it in my box! :) I really wanted the book because it is an OOP so I keep hoping it will show up.... This is the first time it has happened so I can't complain.
Date Posted: 9/23/2009 7:40 PM ET
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It also depends upon where it is coming from.  My very first book I requested was coming from HI - it took a week after the book went lost.  I did get and was very happy, but I have to say it was disappointing when it was happening. 

Date Posted: 9/23/2009 9:42 PM ET
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Thanks guys that answers my question.  I was jsut making sure that come the 29th there wasn't going to be anything that I need to do.  I appreciate the help everyone.

Date Posted: 9/24/2009 2:05 AM ET
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The book could have been mis-delivered, or the receiver forgot or is out of town.  Fortunately, there's nothing you need to do at this point.