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Topic: Received Wrong Book

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Subject: Received Wrong Book
Date Posted: 6/15/2010 9:00 PM ET
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I'm sorry if this question has been asked in advance but I'm a little too frazzled to go searching through the archives right now which is what I usually do when I have a question that may have already been answered.

Ok. I ordered a hardback book in early June of this year. I was unfamiliar with the publisher of this book so I PMed the sender asking if the book was like a regular hardback or something else. She told me it was from a book club so that's probably why the publisher was different & that it was the standard size of BC hardcovers (which are a little smaller than regular/made with cheap paper et cetera). I went ahead & ordered the book & it was shown as mailed 6/7/10. I went outside a few minutes ago to talk to a neighbor & saw this itty bity package in my mailbox from PBS. First thought was no way was this the book I ordered but it was addressed to me from the sender of the hardcover I'd ordered. Opened it up & it was a 248 pg edition of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

My question is what do I do now? I'm a very new member & have only ordered 3 books from PBS so far & received two of them just fine. I don't know the precedure for wrong books that were sent. Maybe the sender mixed up her orders because I know you can't confused an erotic romance hardback for a paperback classic novel.

ETA: I don't know if this has any significance, but I just looked at the package & it said it was mailed June 11th, not June 7th as the sender marked it mailed.

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Date Posted: 6/15/2010 9:11 PM ET
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If you received a book you didn't request (a title you don't recognize), most likely the sender put the wrong book into the PBS wrapper with your address on it. 

If you received the wrong version of a book you requested read There is a problem with a book I received! for instructions.

If you received a book whose title you don't recognize (you did not request any version of this book), read below:

  • If this was a single-book shipment, the book you received may have been requested by another member, who may have gotten your book.    It is also possible that the sender reprinted a wrapper she or he used to send you a book in the past, and sent this book to you instead of to its proper requestor. 
  • If this is a multiple-book shipment, the sender may have sent you a book (or books) intended for another member, or may have mixed up a Box-O-Books shipment. 
  • Other possibilities include: the book did not come from PBS at all (it could have been an online purchase), it was sent as part of a Game swap, or it was sent to you as a "gift" from another member.  If a PBS wrapper was used to send the book, then the "outside PBS" possibility is not likely.  For a gift or a Game swap, the member could have used Send to a Friend or Custom DC to generate a PBS wrapper.

How to find the sender of the book to sort this out:

  • Go to the En Route to Me tab in My Account.   You can get there by clicking My Account in the toolbar at the top of the site, and then clicking the En Route to Me tab (behind the Books to mail tab).
    • Compare the state of origin on the package return address with the state of origin of each book on your  En Route to Me tab in My Account.  The state shows on the right of the transaction, in the "speech bubble" containing your address.
    • If there is a book that is listed there as coming from the same state, click on the transaction and send a Personal Message to this sender asking if she sent you this book by mistake.
      • If she did,
        • and sent your book to another requestor, she can offer each of you credit or postage to send the books to one another; the sender can provide the addresses in Personal Messages.  When each of you get the correct books, you can mark them received.
        • and she still has the book she was supposed to send you, she can offer to send the correct book to you. You are not obligated to send the extra book back to her, but it is a nice thing to do if the sender is a new member.
      • If she didn't send you this book, check your Transaction Archive, as described below.
    • If there is no "matching state" on your En Route to Me tab, go to your Transaction Archive, as described below.
  • Go to your Transaction Archive, by clicking the link at the top of the My Account page, in the yellow bar.
    • Scroll down the list of recent transactions to compare the senders' states of origin with the state of origin on the return address on your package.
      • This may be easier to do if you sort your Transaction Archive to show Completed Transactions only, in Descending order.
    • If there is a book that is listed there as coming from the same state, click on the transaction and send a Personal Message to that sender asking if she sent you this book by mistake.
      • If she did,
        • she can offer you credit or postage to send the book to the proper requestor.  The sender can provide the address in a Personal Message.
        • If this book was sent to you in place of a book you requested, then when you get the book you requested,  you can mark it received:
          • Do this from your My Account main page as usual if the correct book arrives before it is declared "lost".
          • Do this from your Transaction Archive if the correct book arrives after it has been declared "lost" (see I received a book that was 'lost in the mail' for more instructions). 
          • Be sure to remove the book from your Wish List after you have received it (it will have gone onto your Wish List if it was declared "lost").
      • If she didn't, and you are a Boxer, next check your Box-O-Books transactions.
  • Go to Box-O-Books by clicking Box-O-Books in the dropdown menu under Community in the toolbar at the top of the site.
    • Check your Pending Boxes list for a Box swap that matches the number of books you received.
    • Click your name or the other Boxer's name in the list to bring up the Swap Details.
    • Check the address of the other Boxer to see if the name/state of origin matches the book(s) you got.
    • If you find a match, click to send a PM to the other Boxer to ask if she sent you this book.
      • If she did, you can make arrangements as above to get it to the proper requestor if someone else is waiting for this book.
      • If she did not, and you are stumped, you can contact us to ask for help.
  • There is also the possibility that you ordered a book online (e.g., from Amazon.com), and this was an incorrect shipment. 
  •  There is also the possibility that you received this book from a Game swap you are playing
    • You can ask the moderator(s) of any Game swap(s) you are playing about this
  • There is also the possibility that you received this book as a "Random Act of Kindness"
    • In this case, you generally have to wait until the kind person reveals him/herself.
Date Posted: 6/15/2010 9:24 PM ET
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Ok thanks. Well I sent her a message telling her it was the wrong book I received. I guess now I'll just have to wait.

Date Posted: 6/15/2010 10:02 PM ET
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Whatever you do, you do not mark this as received until you actually receive the book you requested. If it is a case of mixed up books, hopefully the sender will provide postage and the addresses so you can swap books to the right people and then you mark the book received. If you don't ever get the book you requested, it will go lost in the system and you will get your credit back.

Do you only have one book in transit to you? Double check the package to confirm you have the correct sender.

Date Posted: 6/16/2010 2:59 PM ET
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I double checked & there's only one book coming in to me. I finally got in contact with the sender last night & she said she mixed up books when sending so someone else probably has the book I ordered. She said she'd get in contact with that person to see if we could work something out. I haven't heard back from her yet.

Date Posted: 6/16/2010 6:54 PM ET
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It's quite likely she'll ask you to go ahead and mail the book to the correct person, that's what normally happens BUT have her buddy you a credit before you mail it for her.  Since it's her error the onus is on her to fix it, hence giving you the credit to offset the cost of mailing her book out to the right person for her, first.

And it doesn't happen terribly often, but does happen, especially if you are sending out a lot of books at once.  As long as she's pleasant and gets you your book and the other person their book people are usually cool about it.