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The Reincarnationist
The Reincarnationist
Author: M. J. Rose
ISBN-13: 9780778325765
ISBN-10: 0778325768
Publication Date: 10/1/2008
Pages: 464
  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.

3.5 stars, based on 63 ratings
Publisher: Mira
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 7
This book had so much potential. It could have been written to provide more tension, more mystery, more meat. Reincarnated persons crossing and re-crossing each others' paths could be so much more interesting and rewarding.

While it kept my interest enough for me to finish it, I'm disappointed (that I finished it). I literally didn't realize that the book was over until I turned the page and found the Author's Note. What?

Yes, it had a very UN-satisfying ending.

I will admit that I didn't see "the big twist" until about the time I was meant to see it, but it wasn't all that surprising. The plotting and character interactions were sloppy and fairly mechanical.

This is the author's 9th book. If this is what she's done after 8 previous attempts, I'm glad I didn't start at the beginning.

I will, however, look for other novels addressing the subject. Now that I've considered the potential for the story line, I'm interested in finding something more satisfying.
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Helpful Score: 7
Fans of Preston & Child's thrillers will find somewhat familiar turf and pacing in this thriller that weaves past lives with the quest for some historical artifacts. The rapid switching between the here and now and the past lives can be a bit tricky at first, but the payoff is worth it. An intriguing plot that is fresh and interesting in the thriller genre.
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Helpful Score: 6
What if one day you had a dream that was more real than your current reality. What if the person you were today kept flashing into someone that you really shouldn't know? What if you know things that happened 1700 years ago with the precision that astonishes the experts? What if you were reincarnated? What if the book just leaves storylines dangling? What if the authors previous writing experience in erotica appears in this book? What if the end is sudden and way too abrupt? What if when you finished the book you said, "so what"?
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Helpful Score: 3
The Reincarnationist is a novel about past suspense events which are unresolved and affect suspense events later or
present. Reading it is like reading a contemporary suspense novel layered with historical suspense elements. If
you like suspense and historical fiction, you are sure to like this layering.

I found this book slow going. The premise was interesting and the characters sympathetic, but I found it quite
drawn out and rather slow going - in addition to being fairly predictable. It wasn't awful, but certainly didn't keep me
awake with the need to finish it.

I was most impressed by the ease with which she handled transitions in time, when characters past lives invaded
their consciousness in the present. The yearning of the characters transfers to the reader, chasing answers to all the
questions raised in every chapter. Rose's sense of scene firmly grounds the reader- whether in an underground
archeological dig, a church, or an Italian grove in 391 A. D. While her style is direct and readable, there are moments of
sheer beauty in her descriptions.

While I liked this book I will choose not to read the other in the series.
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Helpful Score: 3
Exciting and rather long thriller involving reincarnation and past life regressions. Josh Ryder keeps having hallucinations about a past life as a priest to the Vestal Virgins in Rome, in 391 A.D. He tries to get proof that past lives exist and that souls are reincarnated in another body to right the ancient wrongs of their past lives. The plot gets befuddled with a secondary past life involving others in 1880s New York. I liked the book and wanted to know what was happening, but I felt that the writing was long-winded and belabored the reincarnation theme to death (no pun intended).
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Helpful Score: 3
With all the hoopla about this book I was expecting a great read. Unfortunately that didn't happen. The storyline was predictable and you don't realize the book is finished until you turn the page and see the author's notes. I'm sorry I did finish (?) it, if that's what you call this ending. About a third of the way through I did have to force myself to keep reading.

I have read several books on the subject and much preferred âGreen Darknessâ by Anya Seton.
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Helpful Score: 1
I enjoyed the book because I am interested in reincarnation and like reading the different approaches to the subject in fiction. Having said that, the writing was average, the plot was predictable, and I'd have to say although I would recommend the book, don't look for it to be one that will stand out over others. It's just a good, fun, easy read to pick up between your other books.
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This novel just didn't do it for me. I found it to be pretty tedious. The flashbacks to old Rome were often gruesome and didn't really add much to the story beyond the idea that the main character, Josh, loved this woman and she ended up buried alive. It took forever for them to finally get her in the ground. I never developed an interest in the characters. I got so bored with the whole story that towards the end I was just skimming the pages wanting it to be over. Also, the ending stinks, as the reader is left hanging when one of the main characters is shot and we are not told what happens next. I just didn't care for this book.
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As the book begins, the main character, photojournalist Josh Ryder, is in Rome to cover the meeting of a delegation of major superpowers when he is injured during a terrorist attack. The injury triggers episodes that he slowly realizes are not hallucinations, but actual memories of a past life. His attempts to discover the truth about the events that he glimpses during these episodes set the stage for the mysteries that must be solved in both the present and the past. As Josh's story unfolds, the author deftly introduces buried treasure, illicit romance, multiple villains and, finally, a surprise ending.

This is a fast-paced mystery based on events that began in the past lives of the main characters. Even if you do not believe in or accept the possibility of reincarnation, the plot of the book is still intriguing and the writing holds the reader's interest. The story switches effortlessly back and forth in time; flashbacks are handled in such a way as not to confuse the reader and past and present events are well connected. If you are looking for suspense with a twist, I can highly recommend this book.
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I enjoyed it. This book will be very interesting to believers in the concept of reincarnation and archaeology/anthropology/history enthusiasts. I felt a little bit let down by the conclusion, however, and felt that this book definitely needs a sequel. I am a neatly-wrapped-up-with-a-bow-ending kind of person, I guess.
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The first in this series, it is an excellent thriller based on fact and fiction. The reincarnation theory is well researched and it was most enjoyable. Looking forward to books 2 and 3.
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After surving critical injuries in a terrorist bombing, photographer Josh Ryder begins have frighteningly real hallucinations of a man in early Christian Rome. Are they just misfires in a damaged brain, or is Ryder actually reliving a past life? His compulsion to know leads him to an archaeological dig in Rome and pulls him into a life and death search for stolen artifacts which may hold the secret to recalling both past and future lives.
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This is a great story that kept me turning pages. I am intrigued by the thought of reincarnation and following Josh Ryder's life, past and present was very interesting.
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Ive had The Reincarnationist on my to read list for awhile. The premise in the description of The Book of Lost Fragrances was intriguing to me, and when I learned it was part of a series, I knew I had to start at the beginning. I really dislike picking up a series mid step! I was side tracked for awhile, and finally had the chance to grab this first novel from the library.

The main idea in this book is that some people, for whatever reason, experience past life regressions, essentially where they remember things from a life that isnt theirs. There may be other novels with this as a theme, but I havent read them, so from a fiction standpoint, this was new to me. I have, however, had experience with people who believe in reincarnation, and have opinions outside of this novel on the subject, so I had to do my best to set that aside to be able to enjoy this read. Once I was able to suspend my disbelief, I did like it...

To read the rest of my review, please visit my blog.
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I really enjoyed this book! It was interesting and I couldn't wait to finish it so I could know the whole story.
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Very different and fast moving. Interesting subject.
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On GoodReads, 2 stars is "it was ok" and that's how I feel about this book. IT was ok. It's also about 300 pages longer than it needs to be to tell the whole story. The author has some go-to words that she repeats all through the book, and so often, that you want to scream.
In the Author's Note, she says this was a story she's had in mind most of her life, that it took the longest for her to write. I think she tried to over-do it. And being published by Mira, there is way more sex in this book than ever needed.
I started reading this in 2013, couldn't finish it, put it aside. Came back to try again in 2015, same situation. Finally finished it in 2017. After all that, even though the later books in the series sound interesting, I'm not sure I'll go that route.
Oh, and the TV Show that is advertised on the cover? They made 7 episodes, only 5 aired. The ratings dropped so drastically that even Fox wouldn't keep it on any longer.