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Secrets, Vol 9
ISBN-13: 9780964894297
ISBN-10: 0964894297
Publication Date: 12/2003
Pages: 350
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 53 ratings
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Book Type: Paperback
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Please don't request this book and then complain about too much sex. Hello, people! The subtitle is "The Best in Women's Romantic Erotica."

Some volumes of this series are better than others, so you might want to look at the admiring customer reviews on amazon as well as the complaints. In the end, enjoyment depends on the reader's attitude almost as much as the skill of the writer.

I especially liked Lisa Marie Rice's "Secluded," which starts with the cliche situation of being sold-to-rich-man-to-pay-her-father's-debts and spins a story which is erotic and romantic. The former mobster hero needs rescuing even more than the heroine. There's an unusual Tarzan fantasy which may work for you. More enjoyable to me was "Wanted" by Kimberly Dean in which has FBI Special Agent Jeff Reno hot on the trail of suspected traitor Danielle Carver.
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This anthology is a collection of four highly erotic, romantic fantasies, and because fantasies vary so drastically from person to person, not all of these worked for me. But the key word that's necessary to remember in reading these is "fantasy."

"Wild for You" by Kathryn Anne Dubois starts it out, with the story of a self-centered college student named Georgie who finds herself lost on an expedition. She gets found by a wild Tarzan-like man, who keeps her safe, and these two are very quickly getting sexual. The scenes are hot, but Georgie's egocentricity wears thin after a while. The story breaks down even more after she gets found, but for the duration of their time together, Georgie and her ape man are charming and hot.

By far, my favorite of the anthology was Kimberly Dean's "Wanted." Dani has been on the run for six months, chased by Special Agent Reno for a white collar crime she didn't commit. She is smart, sexy, and the chemistry between the two smokes. The action is nonstop as well, and if the ending seems a little rushed and convenient, I'm okay with that in light of the delight the rest of the novella gave.

Then, comes my least favorite story, "Secluded" by Lisa Marie Rice. It's the story of Nicholas, a wealthy, shady character who has been obsessed with the ethereal Isabelle for years. He blackmails her father - who owes him money - into introducing him to her, with the intention of seducing her for an affair to last a couple weeks before he cuts off all ties to her (because it's too dangerous for them to be together long-term due to his enemies). Nicholas' obsession is creepy beyond anything. I know it's meant to be this gothic romance, but his behavior from the outset bugged me far too much. Maybe if I'd had some hint of who he was before his obsession was revealed it would have been better. It doesn't help that the author's voice tends to be very passive and overwrought, two characteristics that always turn me off stories no matter how much I might like the plot or characters. In the end, I just ended up cringing through the whole thing, wishing for it to be over.

The anthology ends with Bonnie Hamre's "Flights of Fantasy." Chloe has been ordered to take a week-long cruise in order to decompress from her job as an international photographer. She doesn't expect to find two ex-boyfriends on board, or for the owner to claim to have known her in college. The romance in this is pretty much secondary to the erotic fantasy aspect of it, as Chloe's fantasy is to have sex with three men (how convenient she had two exes on board with her!). Yancy, the owner, displays the same kind of obsessive behavior as Nicholas in the previous story, but it's a bit more palatable for me because I liked Chloe far more than I liked Isabelle.

I don't consider myself a typical romance reader. I don't insist that the heroine and hero only have sex with each other; in contemporaries, I just don't think that's always realistic. Because of that, I think I was far more tolerant of Chloe's behavior in the last story than a lot of readers might be.
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I thought that "Wild for You" was an interesting story. I've always been a fan of Tarzan-like stories and this hooked me early. Granted, there were some questionable parts plot-wise, but the sex scenes were definitely hot.

"Wanted" is a story with a plot that pulls you in not only because of a good plot, but because of the great chemistry between the lead characters.

I have to admit that I was initially leary of "Secluded" due to the lead male appearing to be a stalker. I always have to find it amusing that in a story format such as this it's considered sexy but in real-life it's doubtful a stalker would be a good-looking guy who's not a mental case.

"Flights of Fantasy" was my least favorite in the book. It involved another stalker-type who once again (contrary to what the author would have you believe) proves that money matters.
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Four hot stories: a FBI agent chases a suspect by day, and fantasizes about her by night. A college girl gets lost in the jungle and is rescued by a wild man - who's never seen a girl before! A fantasy cruise where first names and occupations are the only introductions... and a man with enemies who bargains with a father for a few weeks with the woman he wants. Each story is unique and each is HOT!
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Love the volumes.
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hey PBS members- i can't post this book-loose pages!i have noticed that these books pop out their pages, can't lay the book flat or they pop out! DANG IT! the binding glue is what's the problem.

that said- loved the book! loved the story " flights of fancy", by bonnie hamre smokin'!